No need for a second Empire State


Kevin Kennedy’s “Building bridges” (Oct. 10) commentary implied we’re all emotional loony tunes — possibly needing anger management classes — because of President Trump. Kennedy asks, “Could we also agree that (Trump) has promoted division as a personal strategy?” No, we couldn’t. Informed, freedom-loving people know better. Remember Barack Obama’s divisive directive, “Argue with neighbors, get in their face.”

Kennedy begins, “I believe that virtually everyone would say that (they’re unhappy) with the state of our country.” Not I. Trump is the first president since Ronald Reagan to put America’s interests first, plus re-emphasize America’s Judeo-Christian values. Trump’s leadership has grown and invigorated a previously stagnant Democrat command economy.

Trump strengthens our borders; Democrats cry, “Open borders.” Trump rebuilds our military; Democrats ignore national security. Trump’s policies create jobs that reduce welfare dependency; Democrats relish dependency. Trump appoints conservative Supreme Court justices to adjudicate our Constitution, as written, not activist justices who legislate our morality. Unlike his three misguided or cowardly predecessors, Trump confronts China’s economic theft. Trump rekindles our “Spirit of Hope” by reasserting our identity — a free people, if we remain “under God.”

Kennedy’s commentary progressed from division to “building bridges.” He used this positive connotation and feel-good emotionalism to advocate for ineffective gun controls and trick the gullible into voting Democrat. We’re to believe only Democrats are good “bridge-builders.”

But like “roads to hell being paved with good intentions,” so too, “bridge builders” can also build bridges to human misery. Kennedy doesn’t state the purpose of Democrat “bridges”, but it’s obvious. Virginia’s Democrat “bridges” mirror the national Democrat Party’s socialist ideology, with millions flowing into Democrat coffers from globalist billionaires like Soros, Bloomberg, and Steyer. This ideology governs New York, California, New Jersey, Illinois, etc. with their baby killing, suffocating governments, filth, extreme taxes, unpayable pensions, and a decreasing middle class fleeing decrepit cities. What hardworking, productive, freedom-loving person tolerates such government abuse?

Recent legislative sessions also portend dire Democrat legislative initiatives. If Democrat “bridge-builders” win majorities in Virginia’s Senate and House of Delegates, be prepared for legalized late-term — in the birth canal — baby-killing abortion, run-ups to gun confiscation, LGBTQ promotion, more identity politics, increased taxes, election fraud, and harmful business dictates. Virginia’s “Right to Work” laws will be attacked. The Washington Post article (Oct. 10), “Democrats promise new Virginia if they win control of state legislature,” is right on.

We don’t need “new Virginia.” We need to retain Virginia’s way of life — our morality, individual freedoms, and financial stability. Virginia’s values are Republican Party values. We can retain a Virginia based on reasonableness and common decency, not Democrats’ “we know what’s best for you” duplicity, by re-electing honest and competent Jill Vogel for Senate and Randy Minchew (10th District), Chris Collins (29th), and Dave LaRock (33rd) as delegates; and for Frederick County Board of Supervisors, we need Charles DeHaven (Chairman), David Stegmaier (At Large), Shawn Graber (Back Creek), Doug McCarthy (Gainesboro), and Bob Wells (Opequon).

New York once shipped garbage to Virginia landfills. Accepting trash is one thing, but accepting New York values and policy garbage now advocated by Virginia’s Democrats is demonically transformational. America is blessed to have our current Old Dominion. America doesn’t need a second decrepit Empire State.

Donovan (Mark) Quimby resides in Frederick County.

Donovan (Mark) Quimby resides

in Frederick County.

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The bumper sticker, “Building Bridges Uniting Us All,” is a message of hope that encompassed equality, tolerance, and true American values.

I don’t think the republicans have built any bridges for the good of humanity. They collaborate with tyrants for power and profit. You can’t demand money to build a wall and then say you are building bridges. Border walls and guns provide no security today. Our threats are home grown terrorists, white supremist, cyber-attacks on infrastructure, and all kinds of religious fanatics.

Why are we the one nation under God? Isn’t everyone? To think we are the only ones blessed by God is pompous.

America’s Judeo-Christian values came to an end after the last witch was burned alive. Fifteen centuries of Christians in control of government produced pride, and indolence, ignorance and servility, superstition, bigotry, and persecution. These are the paraphrased words of James Madison, the author of the first amendment which includes Freedom for all Religions.


"Trump is the first president since Ronald Reagan to put America’s interests first"

Sure, it is in America's interest to hold the next G7 at Trump Doral Resort.


Virginia as we knew it is gone. We are a colony of DC and whatever states up north our new blue residents moved from.

Spock Here

"Moral values"????? Let us hear about the "moral values" of our potus…..


Are the only moral values the ones that match your specific criteria?

Spock Here

Donovan Mark states that his specific criteria has been met: that Potus "re-emphasize America’s Judeo-Christian values" I thought those values condemned these "sins", but perhaps I am mistaken ….pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth


My moral compass is simple and it is based on the same principals of our founding fathers. Not on the lives they lived, but on the words, they aspirated too and laid out for us.

First and foremost is EQUALITY. In the very first sentence of the Declaration of Independence our founders demanded “the God given right to equal station.” The British were treating them like subordinates, like the republicans treat everyone. Anytime people are treated poorly there has always been, and will always be, an intervention. Look at Hong Kong today? Equality Builds Bridges and Unites us all.

The rest is easy. In order of priority. #1 Protect all life, #2 defend and expand liberty, and #3 pursue a virtuous pursuit of happiness.

Also, consenting adults are free to do what ever they want as long as there are no victims. Four billion human genes can make an endless diversity of interesting people. Judge not least ye be judged. Laissez-faire. Mind my own business.


Sheriff Millholland says he is an Independent but he quickly endorsed Democrat Mark Herring for Attorney General in 2013 & 2017 and Ralph Northam for Governor in 2017.

I hope every voter realizes Mr. Millholland must agree with their policies or he wouldn’t have endorsed them. I do not think their views are consistent with the majority of Frederick County voter’s views, especially in reference to our gun rights, Sanctuary Counties (there are 3 already in Va. – Fairfax, Arlington & Chesterfield) Especially since Millholland said he’s confident most sheriffs would need to hear a good reason before aiding in ICE operations. Local law enforcement isn’t going to help round up people who haven’t broken any local laws. “It’s not going to happen in Frederick County,” he said. “Not so long as I’m sheriff.” (so I guess someone has to be victimized before he might act)

I personally believe if an elected official uses the weight of his office to endorse candidates and influence voters then the candidates need to have views most aligned to his constituents. I can no longer trust Millholland because he says Sheriff’s should not be involved in politics but Actions speak louder than words.

When you endorse someone and help them get in top office you are partially responsible for their decisions. Mr. Millholland should remember Virginia Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam is facing backlash after he voiced his support for a state measure that would significantly loosen restrictions on late-term abortions.

I am supporting Mr. Sibert this time – Learn more about him on Facebook “Sibert for Frederick County Sheriff” and I am sure you will agree with me.


I think we all understand that you will not support Mr. Millholland. Do you post these over in the sports section too?

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