Dave LaRock is an ineffective legislator lacking good judgment or a code of conduct. He is unworthy of reelection, as exemplified by his actions and public records. His conduct has resulted in criminal arrest warrants in 2012 and 2020 for destruction of signs. As House Delegate for the 33rd District, he has pursued personal agendas and financial gain versus constituents’ issues.

He sponsored a House of Delegates bill in 2018 that would repeal a ban against weapons in a house of worship while religious services are being held. In 2020, he sponsored a bill that prohibited employer restrictions against concealed handguns in their own businesses/work places. Both bills failed. He arrogantly dismissed the rights of churches and employers.

In 2021, LaRock opposed and voted against public safety, political rights, and anti-discrimination legislation that 1) made a firearm or explosive material in a Virginia state government building a misdemeanor; 2) granted former felons political rights; and 3) prohibited discrimination with any voting qualification, any elections administration, and any voting standard or practice. These bills were passed and enacted into Virginia law.

LaRock urged Vice President Mike Pence in 2021 to nullify Virginia’s certified election results of the 2020 U.S. presidential election. Sixty-plus state and federal court decisions and numerous and repeated individual state election audits have validated the election results.

LaRock participated in the Stop the Steal rally in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 6, the day of the siege/insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. He stated on his Facebook page that it was not Trump supporters who participated in the siege and later backtracked from this false statement. LaRock attacked critics of his participation to include stating that the NAACP had failed to focus on “the needs of the colored community” — a derogatory comment. He had also used the racist term “colored community” on his website.

LaRock’s ignorance, fears, prejudices and bigotry has extended to LGBTQ people with divisive remarks as an elected representative against their rights to equality and protection.

LaRock has personally benefited at the expense of his constituents with support for a 2016 law that limited proffer agreements of developers/builders with local jurisdictions. This dramatically reduced the developer/builder contributions to public services associated with new residential development, such as schools, roads, public safety needs, and conservation easements.

The average cash proffer amount per each new detached single-family home was $19,583 in Frederick County and $45,930 in Loudoun County in 2013. Today, it is much less and means a greater financial burden on jurisdictions/taxpayers and greater profits for developers/builders (to include LaRock Builders) … not lower-priced homes.

It is time to elect Paul Siker because Frederick, Clarke, and western Loudoun County residents deserve significantly better than a rogue politician. Paul is a proven entrepreneur, small business owner, and engaged community volunteer who will represent and serve all the citizens of the 33rd District with solutions and results to real issues.

Phyllis Book is a resident of Lake Frederick.

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Aren't these family hating leftists embarrassing? They simply cannot stand morality and family values. I say keep the good guy, the trash can move to some failed country that enjoys crime.



Doc Samson

All reasons why I'm voting for him... more than once if I can! [lol]

Let's go, Brandon!


Good thing you're anonymous here... wouldn't want to have posted that you plan to commit voter fraud with your real name, huh?

Frank Murphy

Well stated Phyllis!

Shirley Hottot


Catherine Giovannoni

As Ms. Book so clearly documents, Dave LaRock needs to go. He is only effective at lining his own pockets and stirring up Fox-inspired culture war nonsense. Paul Siker would be a great representative for our area. Please vote McAuliffe, Ayala, Herring, and Siker.

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