Last week, the House of Delegates voted down HJR 5002, which called on the Virginia Health Commissioner to repeal his ban of "…chloroquine, hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), mefloquine and azithromycin... in the outpatient setting…".

Del. Dave LaRock said, "This is a sad day for all Virginians. The Northam Administration should repeal this policy which violates the rights of Virginians to make informed healthcare choices regarding treatment for COVID-19, an uncurable life-threatening disease. The Virginia House of Delegates is now complicit in future COVID-19 deaths in Virginia as they refused to support action to rescind this policy. My only objective in introducing this resolution was to save Virginians' lives by removing a Northam-administration-imposed ban on HCQ. Democrats chose to politicize this, and I believe thousands more Virginians will die unnecessarily as a result."

In stark contrast to the safe HCQ therapy Virginia Health Commissioner Dr. Oliver opposes, he has stated his intentions to force Virginians to be injected with largely experimental, hastily-formulated vaccine/ mixture of potentially harmful chemicals and tissue derived from unborn babies. It is mind-boggling to be rejecting HCQ, which easily could bring the end of this health crisis.

Every Democrat Delegate sided with money interests who have orchestrated a relentless smear campaign against the benefits of HCQ, in a deceitful attempt to overshadow the opinions and experience of thousands of practicing physicians who dare to use this 70-year-old and widely used drug as a COVID-19 treatment.

Ironically, the vote was taken after hearing a passionate speech from Del. Delores McQuinn relating her and her family's personal battle with this horrible illness, yet every Democrat voted to kill this resolution, which only attempted to allow COVID-19 victims better access to this treatment.

As the COVID-19 death toll and collateral deaths from suicide and drug overdoses mount, Virginia’s official position is to discourage an inexpensive proven treatment that has saved millions of lives worldwide. A long list of credible studies and reputable physicians support the efficacy of early HCQ therapy against Covid-19.

Back on March 25th, 18 Virginians had died with COVID-19. On that day, the Virginia Health Commissioner issued a ban on use of "…chloroquine, hydroxychloroquine, mefloquine and azithromycin... in the outpatient setting…". Evidence of the effectiveness of these treatments for COVID-19 has continued to mount for the 169 days since that "clinician letter" was issued, while another 2,690+ Virginia deaths have been attributed to the virus.

Del. Marcus Simon, the only Democrat speaker against the resolution, presumably speaking for his entire caucus, ignored the vast evidence supporting successful use of HCQ, instead mocking the resolution and the patron, and saying the resolution was all about President Trump.

Del. Dave LaRock represents the 33rd House District, including parts of Loudoun, Clarke and Frederick Counties.

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Mr. LaRock again has given us delusion. The legislation is designed to weed out dubious and unsafe items from medical care. He is endangering Virginia citizes with this twattle. Here is an actual scientific article explaining why the legislation is valid and enhances the common good.


The scientific explanation that Tony is totally clueless about is that HCQ increases the diffusion rate (scientific term) of zinc from the blood into the cell. Zinc in turn, greatly slows the ability of the virus to multiply (math term). This in turn allows the immune system to overcome and destroy the virus. The conditions required for HCQ to be effective is that it be administered with zinc and in the early stages of the infection. It can also be administered as a preventive allowing the human body to quickly reject the initial infection. All this was discovered and documented during the first SARS epidemic more than 10 years ago. The ban on prescribing HCQ is just a political move to keep the pandemic going and help elect Dimocrats (the dim unscientific ones). It has lead to more hospitalizations and therefore more deaths. The unscientific studies being quoted did not use the medication properly. No Zinc included, too late in the infection and improper dosages. Any scientist having read the prior research of 10 years past would have recognized the deliberate sabotage of that recent study. And why? So the Dimocrats could win elections? That is EVIL.

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Sparky, evil is knowing that "Houston, we got a problem" and not communicating that "we got a problem". You support evil, why?


So exactly what is your pharmacological expertise, Sparky? "Imma herd Trump sed it"?

Good try, dimwit.


Yet another brilliantly vapid commentary from David LaRock and Daniel Davies...

Most of this is coming from the Right to Try movement. "Right to try" assumes that people know better which ones of the tens of millions of different medications are out there will work for their ailments; basically they look it up on Wikipedia for five minutes. Doctors and pharmacists go to school for a long time for a reason: bad advice can kill. Medicines interact with each other, I wonder how many of these junior pharmacists will know which ones?

David LaRock is not a doctor. He just owns a contracting company. Not to say that contracting labor is a bad job, it's not medicine. Maybe he could try staying in his lane?


Why is LaRock so worked up? Lysol is still OTC.


and sunlight is free.

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LaRock is full of mixed messages today. If Covid is an uncurable life-threatening disease. that's news to many cultists here. And if it is, why did your Russian asset leader not tell us the truth when he knew it? (let's not use the "not to cause panic" line, great leaders don't do that.) I do believe doctors can still prescribe this drug, if not, do correct me. If you believe the data and science that this is indeed an "uncurable life-threatening disease" why not believe the studies and data that these drugs are not useful and potentially harmful? Do you own stock? Someone must. I also must add that we don't have polio, measles, smallpox, etc etc because of vaccines, no matter how you wish to spin your spew.

It's "incurable" by the way. Check your spelling as well as your facts.


From the FDA website: "Recent results from a large randomized clinical trial in hospitalized patients, a population similar to the population for which chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine were authorized for emergency use, demonstrated that hydroxychloroquine showed no benefit on mortality or in speeding recovery. This outcome was consistent with other new data, including data showing that the suggested dosing regimens for chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine are unlikely to kill or inhibit the virus that causes COVID-19. The totality of scientific evidence currently available indicate a lack of benefit."

Though we all wish for a cheap, easy and effective remedy for this horrific virus, the evidence for hydroxy is clearly lacking. Such is the rational, dispassionate way of science. Reliance on the 'benefits' of hydroxychloroquine is wishful thinking at its worst.


As someone who is on hydroxychloroquine (as prescribed by a doctor), I can tell you it's no picnic. I have to get my heart and kidneys checked annually to see what kind of damage it might have caused treating my condition. My doctors roll their eyes when this kind of off-label use is suggested.

Good thing we have an unqualified president and an unqualified state delegate touting the efficacy of an unproven medication! I wonder which one actually has stock in the production?

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