Our Frederick County Board of Supervisors as of late are doing more personal verbal sparring as opposed to working for the good of the 85,000 residents of Frederick County.

As elected officials of our county, I believe their personal feelings towards each other need to be left at the door, and they need to concentrate on doing what's right and good for all of the voters who put them in this seat of power.

No matter what political party they are affiliated with, they must represent all voters and residents of Frederick County.

A former manager of mine said it best back in 1986 — Hired for your potential, retained by your performance! In this case, it’s voted in for your potential, and retained by your performance.

With that said, how about conducting business on behalf of Frederick County and its residents and stop the infighting, bickering, finger pointing and childish behavior!

Its time to think outside the box! Our tax bills are increasing in Fredrick County because appraisal values are up and the tax base per $100 of value was not reduced.

If you didn’t notice, your homeowners insurance also increased 20% this year due to inflated materials costs due to the COVID-19 employment issues.

Excess revenue is being generated at county residents' expense. How about a working session of these Supervisors to brainstorm ways to reduce our taxes?

When's the last time that the property taxes for businesses and corporations in Frederick Co. was revamped?

Do the depreciation schedules for property and equipment need to be changed for businesses being taxed only on 30% of original value when the machinery is still in use for 10-plus years?

Could an occupational tax be enacted on non-residents of Frederick County working in Frederick County?

Could Route 37 be converted to a toll road for non-residents of Winchester and Frederick County for additional revenue?

Are there excess employees in Frederick County's government offices that may not be needed anymore due to technological changes and improvements?

Are there jobs in Frederick County's government that could be combined to reduce the total number of employees?

Are there programs that have little or no public value that are still being funded by Frederick County tax dollars?

I am not saying that current Frederick County employees should be let go from employment, but as people retire or leave for other locations or jobs, is anyone looking at restructuring?

The Board of Supervisors has potential and needs to use it for the good of all Frederick County residents.

I’m hoping for a brighter future and lower taxes for all Frederick County residents with a Board of Supervisors working together!

Rich Sankovich is a resident of Frederick County. 

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john brown

Frederick County: "You hire a bunch of clowns, you get a circus" ...it really is as simple as that.


My homeowners’ insurance didn’t increase. It appears Mr. Sankovickh wants lower taxes by taxing lots of other people.

Good organization can save money. Our county BOS prefers standing with Trump’s Lie and not with the needs of the people of Frederick County. No wonder little gets done.

Doc Samson

Good questions! And yes, the current BOS needs to cut the immaturity and melodrama...


Golly, immaturity and melodrama: it would be wonderful to end that nationwide by elected Republicans stopping their childish tantrums and doing their job. They take an oath to the Constitution, protect our democracy, and answer to the law. They don’t serve the executive branch present or past. Now they prefer sniveling around the feet of a traitorous former president and Not doing their job.

Don’t let Frederick County go go down that path.

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