If I want your opinion, I’ll give it to you!

— “G.I. Jane,” 1997

It was on a Saturday, June 1, during a Big Ideas Forum in San Francisco when Elizabeth Warren stated abruptly that the United States had “serious problems” prior to President Trump’s victory because of the people who voted for him.

A lot of people want to talk about this guy in the White House, she said, but we need to talk about an America that was broken long before he arrived there, the America that elected him, that is a broken country, that is a country with serious problems.

Harsh words from Liz to the American voter and much akin to Hillary Clinton’s rants about a basket of deplorable Trump supporters during her 2016 presidential election campaign. But if a broken America voted to elect Mr. Trump, then the same broken America voted not to elect Hillary Clinton.

That political lesson should have been a boon for Liz, but apparently it escaped her on June 1. She seemed less concerned about the will and intent of the American voter than her intent to force her political will regardless of the American voter.

But maybe it’s not too late. Hillary’s exhaustive struggle to find a scapegoat for her loss should harken Liz to an obvious reality. American voters prefer not to be labeled as deplorable for their support or wrong for their voting decision. And if she’s taking reminders, perhaps she should also avoid bragging about closing down coal mines and steel mills!

Contrary to Mrs. Warren’s understanding of our election process, all power comes from the people through duly elected representatives decided by the American voting process. Passing judgment on those who vote their choice may discount her chances of earning their vote. Maybe she should rethink the roll of prudence.

Americans cast their votes for the leader they feel is best able to represent them with the governing principles they support. Mrs. Warren’s condemnation of the voters based on their voting preference may very well cost her the voter support she hopes to gain.

Politicians like Elizabeth Warren who pledge to avenge Hillary Clinton’s loss by doing away with America’s electoral college and replacing it with a popular vote count make the case for radical leadership and opposition to our constitutional laws. She knows that a popular vote would override vital Middle American votes that helped elect President Trump. She knows that a popular vote count would result in states on the East and west coasts controlling future elections without regard for Middle America. She should know that constitutional law prevents that.

The lessons for Mrs. Warren from Hillary’s presidential campaign botch still stand if she can think clearly enough through her clouds of radical bias and social equality. American presidents are elected by American voters through the electoral process and according to voter choice, not political pressure. It would be wise not to tread on those principles.

Leroy Donald is a resident of Stephens City.

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Spock Here

Leroy, you sound almost lucid today. But, I do not think Senator Warren was repeating Sec. State Clinton's deplorables comment. She is repeating what I see often here by the cultists: The nasty in chief was elected because problems have been ignored too long by both parties and people were fed up. That our problems go beyond Trump. So, that was pretty en pointe I thought. And fancy someone closing filthy coal mines and replacing them with renewable energy sources (and JOBS). What's wrong with that, afraid of windmill cancer?


Get serious, Hillary and Liz are both saying that American voters are the problem! But American voters set the standards for progress in our country and thank goodness they believe in the American worker. Think beyond Europe to something much better!

Spock Here

Hillary no longer matters so you should stop your love affair with her. Warren is saying it differently Leroy, but I think to you a democratic woman is just someone named "Liz", someone to be not taken seriously like your hero the obese racist homophobe serial liar and adulterer con man and mentally deteriorating before our eyes "thing" Speaking of the American worker, I don't think they are very happy right now, and quit bringing up Europe, I didn't.


Unaware of your own destruction. The middle class has be nearly destroyed by Republican policies, and tax breaks for the rich. Our president is an oligarch and. Is creating an oligarchy of rich individuals and corporations. The middle class seems to be unaware of this and indeed assisting in their own demise.

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