Watching our elected officials create a state of emergency to repel citizens’ attempts to voice their disagreement with all the new proposed gun laws severely weakening our collective Second Amendment rights as spelled out in our U.S. Constitution as well as our Virginia State Constitution gives me a heightened concern for the future of our Republic.

Following Saul Alinsky’s guide to take over a nation is one thing as we’ve seen evidence of his rules being employed throughout our schools, media, and leadership trends but disarming our citizenship through subtle gun legislation is a step too far. Using governmental powers to block protests against issues affecting the masses is on full display in today’s response to concerned citizens seeking to lobby their legislators in Richmond.

Declaring a state of emergency may be the governor’s right under law but it has a malodorous smell to it. Closing off streets and locking out citizens by only opening one doorway to the building for all those who are lawfully attempting to lobby their legislators on a day traditionally designated to visit their representatives in their offices is agitating the crowds, not controlling them. It’s one thing to increase police presence to stem any radical behavior by extremists but treating all other citizens like troublemakers who are simply trying to express legitimate concerns is simply treating us all like criminals.

Declaring a list of banned items the protesters may have in the prescribed controlled area coupled with funneling visitors to their legislators through a single door in the building seems to be creating a situation where citizens could become angry demonstrators. What comes next, a standoff like in Tiananmen Square in China where the state police could bring in an armored car and masses of riot-clad police to manage the angry crowds?

It appears to me that our state administration is trying to reimpose disarming gun legislation that has been tried and rejected in the recent past by creating a scene in our Capitol that can be played out across the nation to bolster implementation of laws that can be used to make hidden felons out of the millions of gun owners nationwide by enacting vague laws too numerous to understand.

All this in the face of nearly all of Virginia’s counties and towns across the state that have passed legislative statements that they won’t enforce state laws that are counter to our sate and U.S. constitutions. And then in response to that news, our attorney general stated the governor could utilize the National Guard to enforce reluctant jurisdictions. Good luck with that. That could really result in national news.

John Mallery is a resident of Berryville.

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Lou Knapp

This Governor and his henchmen have set out on such a divisive course that they are virtually ensuring the dissolution of the once proud Commonwealth of Virginia. they are the extremists here. Citizens of Frederick County - rid yourselves of their pestilence, bitterness, and arrogance by supporting the move to join West Virginia!


Low Octane, one man started World War I when he shot Archduke Ferdinand.


Botch-Neinspine, your analogy is not only simplistic but preposterous. Perhaps you need more than pop-up books for your history lessons.


Da Dims even built a "border wall" around the state capital.....A chain link fence.....[lol][lol][lol][lol]


Northam and crew are malodorous in general....not just in this matter.


Enforce the laws already on the books. What happened to first ammendment rights. Oh thats right, it only applies to illegals, black life matter, me 2, and criminals ie baltimore recent riots. The left is so biased its nauseating. Guess all the deplorables have no rights.

Spock Here

It's temporary. Take a chill pill. "Reports of out-of-state militia groups and hate groups planning to travel from across the country to disrupt our democratic process with acts of violence." He said they "are coming to intimidate and to cause harm."


Three white supremacists were arrested yesterday by the FBI for plotting to try to start a race war in Richmond next Monday.


Three guys. Three guys gonna start a race war. Well, we have to shut down the entire nation and suspend all rights for three guys (who probably couldn't even tie their own shoe laces much less "cause a race war.")


One of them was illegally brought in from Canada and made their own version of an automatic weapon. I can't believe he didn't apply for a class 3 FFL or get his visa papers! Laws are for peasants, not the criminals, or their enablers.


The first ten amendments commonly known as our Bill of Rights specifically says in the 2nd Amendment that the rights of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Furthermore Article 6 of the US Constitution states that all federal laws and treaties of the United States shall be the Supreme Law of the land and all judges in every state shall be bound thereby.

Stand fast folks and keep writing your constituents, we shall prevail in the end with the Judicial system.


More “wolf” crying, but there is not wolf. The proposed new gun laws are not un-constitutional. You can challenge them in court if you think they are after they are passed.


Don't need any more gun laws, just enforcement of the ones already on the books.


No, no, conservative. Liberals ALWAYS want more and more rules on everything (except their own sacraments like abortion). They are statists, after all.


Liberals are socialist idiots.

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