As a plague of woke politics from Washington’s political swamp continues to infest nearby Northern Virginia, the last thing we need is a woke Governor seemingly anxious to stoke the fires of division. Virginia needs a governor who will reject the wokeness lunacy in favor of policies that protect personal freedoms, parental rights, family values and a sustainable government of, by, and for the people as you would expect in America.

With each new waking day, there seems to be some outlandish new progressive game plan to diminish personal freedoms and safety in favor of authoritarianism, critical race theory, defunding the police, the proper use of pronouns, personal equity, diversity, higher taxes and other half-baked theories that encroach on personal freedoms and equal opportunity.

Based on debates between Glenn Youngkin and Terry McAuliffe — party opposites who are running for Virginia’s Governorship — the latter stands ready, it seems, to support some or all of the woke policies that favor radical concepts which open the door to socialism and ignore time-tested political decisions and economic norms that have always worked in Virginia.

Mr. McAuliffe made his authoritarian leanings very clear during his second debate with Mr. Youngkin on Sept. 28th when he suggested that parents should have no say in what their children are being taught in school: “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

Pursuant to heated discussions between parents and school board members in Loudoun county, and requests from the Teachers Union, U.S Attorney General Merrick Garland, directed the FBI to support school board members and Teacher’s Unions by investigating parents who make threats during meetings.

Mr. McAuliffe touts endorsements from left-wing groups that want to defund the police and abolish prisons, and accepts endorsements from pro-abortion groups that back defunding the police. He did not attend the Virginia Police Benevolent Association’s meeting even though the murder rate in Virginia went up by 43% during his prior term as Governor. Based on that record, it’s clear to me that Mr. McAuliffe would further divide our state if elected.

Unlike Terry McAuliffe, who was born and raised in Syracuse, N.Y., Mr Youngkin is a homegrown Virginian who grew up in Richmond and Virginia Beach. He said he would ban critical race theory, which is not part of the state’s education curriculum. He also vows to keep communities safe and criminals off the streets.

Virginia doesn’t need a radical woke agenda that divides its citizens. In spite of Mr. McAuliffe’s statement to the contrary, parents in Virginia have every right to speak out for what they feel their children should be taught in school. Vote against progressive demands to shut up and obey. Vote for an end to the woke lunacy that portends an America that never was and should never be. Vote for Glenn Youngkin to restore Virginia to common sense policies that restore freedom and opportunity.

Leroy Donald is a resident of Stephens City.

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Spock Here

I guess "woke" is the new "libtard"? Once again, Leroy presents the failed Tea Party midterm election playbook. So much crazy billionaire money, so many rubes with brains ripe for pickling.

Doc Samson

Translation: Support a candidate whose party passes laws allowing sexual assaults on minors to go unreported. Support a candidate whose party elects a dementia-riddled, racist, kid toucher to run the country. Support a candidate walks out of an interview when the questions aren't soft enough for his thin, tender skin. Support a candidate who... well, the list could go on, but it's clear that, once again, the Pr0g-Left will allow ANY behavior from their own as long as it furthers the cause.

Prove me wrong.

john brown

or support your party/cult who's God (tRump) is a proud sexual assaulter charged by dozens of women.

Doc Samson

@lesLie - Translation: Doc is right, I can't refute, so I'll just deflect... [lol] [thumbup]

Very excited for Trump 2024!


Please to show us where the law allows an administrator to ignore a sexual assault.

Doc Samson

Please? Hmmm, nah. [lol]

Translation: I'll ignore what's going on in LCPS AND the many articles discussing how the Democrats passed the policy allowing sexual assaults to go unreported. I'll pretend I'm incapable of using the interwebz to find "things" and just "Socratic method" anyone who doesn't follow the fascist narrative! That way, I'm never wrong!

Poor little potato-brain...


So you never read the bill or the law, you're just riding the bandwagon?

Thanks for confirming that.


What a litany of right wing blather. "Prove me wrong"? How about you prove yourself right.

Doc Samson

[lol] Translation: I can't prove Doc wrong, so I won't even try, just make a pathetic attempt to denigrate. Pr0g-Left tactics 101... sad. [lol]


Leroy, I would love to hear your explanation of what exactly CRT is- and what “woke” means to you- - your ignorance is alarming!

john brown

That would be sadly humerous


Let’s see Leroy, you say that CRT is NOT part of Virginia’s school curriculum, but that Youngkin would ban it anyway! Teaching kids to jump off of high places into a vat of fire is also not part of the curriculum in Virginia’s schools. Is he going to ban the teaching of death defying circus tricks as well? Is he really going to expend energy, time and resources banning the teaching of subjects not taught in schools. Shouldn’t’t we elect someone governor who is going to address real problems rather than those dreamed up by paranoids?

john brown


Stop it with the truth and logic .... LOL

john brown

On what day this year will you white nationalist switch from the War on "woke" to the War on Christmas .....


When Target and Starbucks roll out the "Happy Holidays" merch.

Lou Knapp

A well written piece. Isn't it interesting that Mr McAwful and his supporters insist on trying to run against people who aren't even on the ballot. At lease here in Virginia. Maybe they are confusing Election Day with Halloween, running against imaginary ghosts and goblins?

For me, the thought of "Tired OLD Terry" back in the Governors office is far more frightening and a very real and credible threat. I will vote for Youngkin to begin the restoration of sensible government to the Commonwealth.

john brown

"mr mcawful"? are you really this childish lou? really?




Youngkin has been endorsed by Trump and Bannon. That's reason enough to vote McAuliffe.

john brown


The traitors who tried to stage a coup on January 6, 2021.....now the Big Lie

Vote Blue to save Democracy in America!

Old Western Man

Well stated Mr. Donald!


Great article. We need to protect our freedoms and Youngkin is the man to do that!

Doc Samson

Well said, Leroy!

Can't wait for the intellectually stunted to strut on in here and start proudly parading their ignorance about... [lol]

john brown

spoken like the "victim" you propose to be ....LOL

john brown

poor white "guys" ...LOL


Got to agree here. We are a family orientated county, and mandates are not laws but dictates that avoid the legislative process. We don't need more shutdowns or mask or vax mandates. We are fed up with the incompetency of the left.

john brown

So "fed up" you white nationalist traitors attempted a coup on January 6, 2021 but your incompetence and that of your God (tRump) screwed up yet again. Your incompetent God (tRump) contributed to the deaths of 600,000 Americans from Covid. So go sit down and let the adults clean up yet another of your messes.


His own stepchildren turned him in to the FBI.



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