As a father and grandfather of young adults, I want to acknowledge the millennial generation for their contribution to society.

Conservative media is giving them a bum rap with misleading propaganda in a story called “Thoughts from a Hipster coffee shop” that has gone viral. Written by Alyssa Ahlgren, it is about the time she was hanging out with other millennials when she had an epiphany. “She suddenly realized her generation has an entitlement problem, and an ungratefulness problem, that is spreading like a plague.”

She claims they have been indoctrinated by the mainstream narrative and ends her story with fear that we could relapse into restrictive socialist destitution.

Fact checking reveals Alyssa is a conservative writer and a regular contributor to a few media platforms. If you believe this story to be true, take a good look around you.

Today, millennials are 18 to 35 years old and it is time to acknowledge their contribution. They are filling all the jobs in America from services to military, and doing a fine job while raising families. They are intelligent, hardworking, polite, respectable, and don’t seem to complain.

Millennials are fiercely independent and determined to succeed despite many unfair burdens above and beyond those we had to bear. They are so strapped with debt from education that many will still be paying on it when their children are in college. An affordable home used to cost twice our annual salary but, today millennials are paying four to 10 times.

Today, essentials like medical, child care, and fuel costs require a higher percentage of their income. This year, our government added trillions to the federal debt that millennials will get stuck paying for later. They are the first generation to have attended school in fear of being shot.

As parents, we enabled millennials through their adolescence but, now as young adults, we are oblivious to their needs. Our government needs to be focusing on policies to help them.

Ken Kovach is a resident of Frederick County.

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And whose fault might it be that these people grew up being "enabled" as you so admit? Certainly not mine. As a baby boomer, I too experienced paying off student loans with ultimate success, (perhaps try a state school as opposed to private institutions you prefer but obviously cannot afford) buying a STARTER home with a sizable mortgage (stop expecting to live as your parents/grandparents do after decades of home buying/selling & accumulating wealth) without believing the "government" owed me anything. And perhaps the next generation of parents ought to attempt instilling some old-fashioned lessons of personal responsibility & accountability as opposed to "enabling". No more living in mommy's basement until 35. Want to have children of your own? Get married first and have a steady independent income. Eventually per chance we wouldn't be witness to the chronic complaining, whining, & sense of helplessness that we hear & see amongst so many of the individuals of the aforementioned generation. Social programs were meant as a temporary hand-up for emergencies --- not as a lifestyle.


From one baby boomer to another, take another look at the majority of millennials. Kids that were enabled are doing well as young adults. The future looks bright.


Gosh, Mr. Kovach and I must not know the same millenials. Most of those I know have a well-developed sense of entitlement, and demand their "rights" without recognizing their responsibilities...and "help from the government" they want is called socialism.

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