The old adage that misery loves company just became a reality for Virginia residents Tuesday with the outcome of the elections turning the state totally BLUE.

Virginians just voted for: higher taxation of your wages, sponsorship and personal financing of third-trimester abortions, confiscation of your privately owned firearms, stripping away tax exemptions status for religious institutions that view abortion as a sin, promoting indoctrination vs. education in our public school systems, Medicare for all (Socialized medicine that is REGULATED) that will cost more than Americans can afford, open borders, and the list goes on.

Having lived in this country my entire life (64 years) and serving in the Army for 32 of those years, I experienced immense opportunities to support disadvantaged nations in the Baltic, Ukraine, and African countries. Due to these experiences, I have a profound appreciation for the freedom and liberties that many Americans presumably take for granted. Since I have three precious daughters, I pray my prediction for America’s future is wrong, and, if so, I will gladly eat my words.

Due to the immense polarization of ideologies within, an increase in individual and group victimhood status, knowingly electing politicians who are unethical, immoral and the true definition of hypocrites, realizing that conservative discussions are deliberately squashed within the public and private school systems, and social media platforms’ absolute rule to push their collective and paid-for agenda to control humanity, I predict our country will become a Third World nation within 30 to 40 years.

I guess the point is not really relevant since we only have 11 years to live on planet earth.

But the real question is: Are you morally strong enough to take credit for this demise, or will you declare yourself a victim and blame others for your decisions?

In case you are not aware, Third World nations are not poor because of their citizenry, but because of their corrupt political leaders. This unfortunately is one of the many consequences of one-party rule, which WILL lead to tyrannical dictatorship, because in the end it is all about individual greed/control, vs. the ideals that created this great nation built on the concept of “Pay it forward.” The founders of this nation and our Constitution understood human behaviors, unlike the ideologues of today.

America the beautiful will resemble California as we know it today — e.g. high taxation, sanctuary city policies that cater to those in the country illegally, a neutered police force, rampant drug use, increased homelessness, and increased crime. Even though I will not be here to witness the rapid deterioration of civility, I am deeply saddened for the catastrophic conditions my daughters will endure.

God Bless the America our Founding Fathers envisioned.

David A. Eddy is a resident of Middletown.

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Spock Here

My utmost condolences, thoughts and prayers for you sir. I shudder at the nightmares you must be having about the millions of term feti being ripped out of the womb, about millions of guns being ripped out of your hands, millions of people with health insurance, and millions of socialists taxing religious institutions. Sounds pretty dismal, what's in your mind.


To all the crybabies in case you forgot three years ago today your darling Killary LOST!!!!

Spock Here

Yes we know, but how ever so funny you are. I hadn't heard "Killary" before, so original


Sounds like the crybabies are Republicans.


Us conservatives do not need to go to doctor for sore loser syndrome. Maybe we actually care about our country and where it is headed. Funny how until the Trump haters got aboard, the country was not complained about by y'all like today. Be careful what you wish for. And like the author, I hope that is not the case and I will apologize. Something I don't know if the left knows how to do anymore about anything. Its all TDS and to h...l with everything else in country


Your children need to take you to the doctor, stat! You're suffering from a profound case of delusion aggravated by chronic loser Sore Loser Syndrome. By the way, the late term abortion caravan is comin' soon! They will park outside of OB offices and scream at women who are considering taking their pregnancies to full term, begging them to abort. All the churches will close and be replaced by late term abortion arenas! Staffed by gays!


That coming from a member of the impeachment cult


I am a little sad that you are so WRONG! Crying wolf, but it is only a kitten. You have been watching and believing FOX news too much and too long. The sky is NOT falling, in fact, the storm clouds are clearing and the sun is coming out!

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