Mr. Bill Fuller wants The Winchester Star to use a “modicum of discretion” and put certain letters to the editor in a “bottom drawer” of the editorial page editor’s desk — just for a little while. “Until the dying is done,” he says. An interesting idea from a seemingly ordinary citizen of our fair city.

But the name “Bill Fuller” rang a bell with me so I did a Google search and discovered that Bill Fuller is the Chair of the Winchester and Frederick County Democrats. Well, well. This gives Mr. Fuller’s letter a slightly different wrinkle, doesn’t it? The chair of the local Democrat Party is openly advocating for the censorship of certain letters to our local newspaper that he doesn’t like. Hmmm ...

In this particular instance, Mr. Fuller didn’t like a letter written by Donovan Quimby about COVID-19. But we have been treated to other recent letters that have advanced “nonsensical theories blaming everything and everybody for whatever evil the author wants to champion.” That’s the very definition of Larry Yates’ monthly “dribble.” (Love the malaprop!) Poor, sad Kevin Kennedy didn’t wait “until the dying is done” to submit his latest “half-baked conspiracy theory” that denigrates the president. Greg Kujala got another “overwhelmingly painful” letter published recounting his latest mythical conversation with his little buddy Phineas that didn’t show any “respect for those suffering from the menace of this moment.” The “frightfully shocking, terrifying and revolting” ramblings of Donald Sears continue to be printed, including one on the day of Mr. Fuller’s request.

I think it’s great that all these letters are published. They are a window into the soul of the writer and give us a chance to challenge and refute differing views. That’s what Mr. Fuller could have done with Mr. Quimby’s letter. But instead he wants to silence views with which he doesn’t agree. By what authority? As a fair-minded member of our community or as Chair of the Democrats of Winchester and Frederick County?

I believe the editorial page editor has a pretty good sense of what should (and should not) be published every day on Page A4 of The Star. That’s their job. Mr. Fuller should appreciate that and encourage the free flow of ideas. Let Freedom (of thought) Ring and Let the Drivel Continue!

Robert Anderson is a resident of Winchester.

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Doc Samson

Pointing out the hypocrisy of the Left is like shooting fish in a barrel. Now, getting them to acknowledge said hypocrisy, that's the tough part, like trying to catch fish with your hands.

Ken Kovach

Robert Anderson did a fine job of pointing out the hypocrisy and we all get it. Hypocrisy however, is typically a republican thing but it can cross the isle. I am curious as to what the alt-right will do with their “free money” checks that will be mailed out soon. We all know its socialism! Will they return to sender? Donate to charity?


Everybody will be taxed higher to compensate for a bit of money now.


No censorship. Free speech forever.

Ken Kovach

You’re right about the drivel, but wrong about two other points.

#1 What does Mr. Fuller being the chair of the Democratic party have to do with anything? He signed his letter as a resident of Winchester period, and why are you pointing a finger at the fact that, in his part-time, he volunteers for the common good and does a fine job presiding over meetings.

#2 The Winchester Star is partisan conservative and it is especially notable in the Open Forum.


Great letter Robert

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