As Blue Cross Blue Shield employer-provided health policyholders, we too received Valley Health’s lobbying circular asking us to contact and pressure BCBS as Valley Health negotiates a new coverage contract. Noticeably lacking in the circular was any information about what Valley Health is doing to reduce costs and negotiate effectively with BCBS. It was a purely one-sided affair and very thin on any facts or useful information.

I understand Valley Health has a newly minted CEO. Sorry but if this is his “first 90 days” strategy to stamp his imprimatur on the organization, we’re not impressed. In fact, this appears to be a dangerous and speculative game being played with policyholders and their families as the cannon-fodder stuck in the middle.

Advice to Mr. Nantz and his leadership team, cut your costs and recognize the elephant in the room is BCBS’s negotiating position as the preferred plan for tens of thousands of area families, as provided by their employers. What choice do we have if your weak negotiating hand results in lapse of coverage on January 1? Answer: Higher costs for those with no choice for out of network, lost revenue to Valley Health for those with a choice that opt to go elsewhere, and a major fail for Valley Health and its new leadership.

By the way, while we are talking about costs, let’s have a little transparency. Mr. Nantz, please respond to the public through this newspaper with what it cost Valley Health, to include any hired vendors and consultants, to design, develop, print and mail said circulars. It would also be helpful to know how you intend to calculate the return to Valley Health on this investment of time and treasure in a weak lobbying campaign designed to ride on the back of BCBS policyholders. Note too that we are not your foot soldiers to direct, though we do expect you to earn your no doubt significant salary and benefits through competent management.

Ian Macoy is a resident of Bluemont.

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Sad that my health premiums are dictated by the slip fees for the health care CEO's yacht.


Lucrative life of a not-for-profit ...



Valley Health is trying to create a monopoly and doing a good job by buying every Hospital around. This takes an enormous amount of money that i do not understand why this business is a not for profit. They have salary increase every year and board member increases every year. plus bonuses. These people are being paid a BIG salaries. What should happen is to make them pay taxes like others Hospitals in same bracket instead of our city and county letting them slide. From what they showed the other year of what their real taxes should be would run Winchester and Frederick County and make it a lot easier on the taxpayers on all of the changes they want to make that cost us the taxpayers. Get the real taxes owed so we can pay our high priced city and county employees salaries also.Who in this City or County gets paid $18,000 a month. and all benefits paid?


Sunlight was shined on Valley Health System back in 2008-2010 timeframe but the community basically kept quiet about it ...



I hope a deal is reached before 1 January! That being said, creepy little man child wants all private health insurance replaced with socialist government run health care! Universal health care for all even illegal immigrants.....


How do you like having your level of healthcare determined by the dividends for the shareholders?

Oh, right... You're not thinking that far ahead, are you? Explains so much.


Imagine having healthcare decisions made for you based on profits to the shareholders... How's the self-regulated, for-profit healthcare working out for you?


Right on, Bryan. Makes about as much sense as our for-profit prison system...and the consequences are as bad or worse. This is where capitalism and morality collide often with devastating results for the powerless.


These are the parts of capitalism that they don't like to talk about. Our lives are dependent on someone's profit margin.


Winchester Medical Center Profits:

2000 $11,917,127

2001 $ 4,262,944

2002 $25,868,766

2003 $35,113,921

2004 $46,711,931

2005 $54,346,679

2006 $57,422,789

2007 $66,617,961

2008 $ 9,500,911

2009 $53,757,390

2010 $53,104,420

2011 $62,029,246

2012 $50,522,325



2015 $71,439,119

2016 $58,416,060


2018 $78,884,579

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