Trump a toady of Putin? Try Obama

One of the most difficult situations to be around in this life is to watch someone in denial. When a liberal starts spewing absurd nonsense about President Trump being an agent of Vladimir Putin, I feel bad knowing that the person can breed and continue to pollute the already damaged gene pool.

Liberals who demand rock-solid “evidence” when accused of misdeeds, can produce nothing to support their Russian collusion claims against Trump. On the other hand, Putin never had life so good as when Barack Obama was his pal. With Obama in office, Putin brutally solidified his grip on Dagestan, Azerbaijan, and the Ossetia province of Georgia. Next came Ukraine.

When Putin snatched the entire Donbass region, the Ukrainians begged us for weapons. Obama, doing Putin’s bidding, would not even send a Red Rider BB gun. You have to wonder what Putin has on Obama. Why did Obama do nothing when Putin snatched Crimea, then annexed it? What was said between the two men that assured Putin we would not intervene in Syria when Putin began to develop a huge base at Latakia, Syria?

When Putin began an indiscriminate aerial bombing campaign from that very base, Obama drew his infamous red line in the sand. Putin kicked sand in Obama’s face, then Obama gave Putin the nod to massacre civilians.

Knowing that Putin’s only real source of cash is oil and natural gas, Obama did everything he could to gut America’s energy producing capabilities to keep oil prices high for Putin. Putin dreams of the old Obama days of “No fracking” and meager U.S. oil exports.

Obama even scrapped a missile deployment in Poland, just for his pal, Putin. With Obama by his side, Putin was able to occupy almost 30,000 square miles of Ukrainian territory, and maintain a war chest flush with oil revenues. It was all very cozy. Putin took what he wanted and Obama slobbered along behind him like Igor — “Yeth masther.”

Enter Trump. Sanctions on Russia and lots of them. US Marines in Syria, 100 to 400 dead Russian contractors in one brief engagement verified by the State Department. The wretched, pathetic slobs we call allies, NATO, are now paying their way, or at least saying they will, much to Putin’s displeasure.

How much territory has Putin been able to steal with Trump in office? How about zero! Liberals, can you say, “Z-E-R-O territorial gains under Trump”?

So let’s review. Under Obama, Russia was free to hack American institutions with no penalty. Liberals even say our elections were hacked on Obama’s watch. Obama allowed Putin to slice and dice Ukraine, and annex Crimea and parts of Georgia. Obama cut U.S. oil and energy production, keeping Putin flush with cash. Obama withdrew a missile defense system for Poland after Putin barked at him, and Obama, desperate to please Putin, slashed our defense budget to dangerous levels.

Obama, the little toady, did everything humanly possible to assist his alpha-dog buddy Putin, at the rest of the world’s expense. You poor, poor fools who call Trump an agent of Putin really do have issues with reality.

B.J. Evans is a resident of Winchester.

B.J. Evans is a resident

of Winchester.

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B.J. Evans, you begin your essay claiming, "One of the most difficult situations to be around in this life is to watch someone in denial." You seem to speak from experience, and I think I know the reason why, based on the rest of your commentary, which is probably the most absurd claim I've read since the last time you wrote to the Star. I suggest you do, as the rest of us do when we encounter someone who has "issues with reality"--laugh! That's what the rest of us do when we read your latest.


Obama didn't go into a closed, undocumented meeting with Putin and then come out and bash our entire intelligence community.

Spock Here

Yes, BJ, we know you aren't going to vote for Obama next time and we know you adore the narcissist in chief. But this is inexcusable: "The wretched, pathetic slobs we call allies". You are a bitter sad person. I already knew that, but that phrase says it all. Pathetic


If you can't beat the message....beat the messenger?


Again spock you csm only anseer with name calling instead of facts not theory anout the trump putin bromance. Noe thats sad and pathetic

Spock Here

Sorry, I call anyone out who bashes allies. I guess you don't. Sad


BJ, Rattler and Ping are part of Cult 45.


"Allies" who wouldn't pay their fair share until Trump took office.


The only cult I’m a part of, CRT, is the United States if America. My fellow cultists are Americans. Our charter is the Constitution.

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