As I sat down to write this Open Forum letter, I considered compiling a list of some of the lies, illegal actions, and immoral attacks on our democracy promulgated by the president of this country, and by his enablers, in just the last few weeks. But then I thought, why waste the words? Everyone who values unifying our country vs. dividing it and who believes in empathy vs. cruelty already knows the outrages being committed by the Trump administration and their Republican cronies.

Instead, then, I’ll focus on the single action we can all take, soon, that will give us the power to make the pendulum swing back towards decency and compassion, towards valuing, once again, the constructs of our Constitution, and towards re-establishing the true meanings of justice and law and order — OUR VOTE!

If you believe that equality under the law — with decency, empathy, and compassion — are the bedrock of our democracy, it’s completely clear who we in the Winchester/Frederick County area should elect and re-elect.

At the national level, vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, Senator Mark Warner, and Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton. At the state level, vote for Irina Khanin (Virginia House of Delegates 29th District). If you live in the Shawnee District of Frederick County, vote for Richard Kennedy for Board of Supervisors. There are also a host of fantastic candidates in Winchester and Stephens City; their information is available at

Finally, the Trump administration has made it crystal clear that they will cheat in order to win re-election in November, and the Republicans will do all they can to suppress legitimate votes by those of us who are likely to support Democratic candidates. They have already attacked the postal service. So it’s EXTREMELY important that we make sure that ALL of our votes are counted. The best way to do that is to vote early and in-person, which started Sept. 18 and continues until Oct. 31. You can get all the information you need about the voting process from these websites: and

Mark Zimmerman is a resident of Frederick County.

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Meanwhile, in Chicago, another weekend of bloody violence and black on black murder. It appears that a lot of folks seem to think that black lives don't matter, and a lot of them are black. Sad.

Spock Here

When will people learn that "black on black crime" is crime? Just like white on white crime is crime. Black on white crime is crime, white on black crime is crime. I can tell you if your life hadn't mattered for 400 years because you were just a black person, you might understand what it means.


As soon as they start acknowledging it. Doesn't matter the color of your skin. All lives matter. Doing what they're doing is only reinforcing stereotypes, just like the knuckleheads that like to wear the white hoods. Killing innocent people because you're mad about something makes about as much sense as throwing gasoline on a fire.

Ken Kovach


Well said. It's nice to read something from a voice of reason.

john brown

Excellent write up and even better voting advice Mr. Zimmerman

Whistle Dixie

There is an enormous amount of declassified Federal documentation that PROVES how corrupt Obama and many of his administrators have been. To learn the truth about our government and politics, refer to the actual government documents, and pay attention to the current events such as firings. Federal employees are not usually fired without serious cause, such as criminal activity.

During President Trump's first presidency, he has been challenged repeatedly, and yet none of the Left's allegations have been true. However, during Trump's presidency, it is now known that President Obama and his administration willfully utilized Federal agencies and security procedures to place surveillance on him and many others through lies and omissions with FISA procedures. As more and more documents are declassified, it is obvious that Obama and his select group actually did conspire against Donald J. Trump and other individuals.

At this time, US Attorney and Special Prosecutor John Durham is investigating the FBI's alleged criminal activities. These activities are inter-connected and they involve the 2016 Presidential Election. Illegal surveillance, money laundering, election fraud, and other crimes are being investigated. Just this past week, we learned that John Durham is also investigating the way that the FBI mishandled the Clinton Foundation involvement.

These crimes involve members of the Democrat Party and past government agents and officials in the Obama administration. The crimes do not involve President Trump or his administration.

During Obama's presidency, Obama weaponized a number of Federal agencies, among them the IRS, DOJ, NSA, and the FBI. The entire 7th floor of elite FBI employees has been wiped out because the crimes of these employees led to their dismissals. All of them are involved in the criminal activities being investigated by John Durham. From FBI Director James Comey, to the Deputy Director, Andrew McCabe, down to a number of analysts such as Peter Strzok and Lisa Page -- these FBI employees were part of a secret coup to take down Donald J. Trump. They have ALL been relieved of their employment because of their criminal behaviors.

There is one declassified document, the “Intelligence Community Assessment on Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent Elections" (ICA) which was edited by CIA Director, John Brennan, because the intel gathered showed that Russia's leader, Putin, actually favored Hillary Clinton as the next US President. Since John Brennan also had extreme bias towards Hillary Clinton, Brennan actually modified this government document because it did not provide the needed intel to use against Donald Trump. This document, by the way, is important enough that Special Attorney John Durham is using it in his investigation involving Obama and his administration.

The entire FISA Court documents are also part of Durham's investigation, and enough of the declassified documentation has been released to see that those Federal employees, along with several Obama administrators, were complicit in illegal surveillance activities against US citizens.

IRS was weaponized during Obama's 8 years, too. IRS Commissioner, John Koskinen, was fired, as was Lois Lerner, an IRS Unit Director. They were both fired for criminal behavior.

All of these crimes involve Obama administration employees or officials within his administration. All of these people harbor strong bias against Donald J. Trump. The crimes that were taking place during Obama's 8 years should frighten every American -- it is NOT how America's government was established, and the crimes affect our Nation.

Where in the world would someone get the idea that Obama's presidency gave us 8 years of "decency, empathy, and compassion"?

And, the United States is a Republic. We are not a "democracy" -- that is little more than the Democrat Party's attempt to usher in mob rule. Check our Founding Documents and stop listening to CNN. Get your talking points from actual, legitimate sources -- look directly at government documents being released, not through re-written nonsense from Democracy Alliance and other Leftist garbage.

Spock Here

"actual, legitimate sources" You QAnon guys are a riot n a half. Here's an "original legitimate source from last week's super spreader event: President Donald Trump: (10:19)

I do this every night and a lot of times it’s a waste. I did it last night. We were … Did you see the crowd we had last night? We were in a great place, Ohio. We had a crowd. We had a crowd. You couldn’t see the end of it. I said, “Turn around camera, turn around.” But, they never liked doing that, you know? They don’t like spinning those cameras. They don’t want to show the crowd.

Crowd: (10:47)


john brown

crimes during President Obama's terms ... who was charged, who went to jail? No one

Now the tRump criminal enterprise and crimes, from his personal attorney to his campaign manager, they have all been charged, convicted and jailed

I encourage the writer to read more and stop watching faux news and other right wing networks for his information exclusively ...

john brown

tRump did say he loves the uneducated .... his cult


Dear ShawFamilt, can you write this up in an Open Forum?




Catherine Giovannoni

Our vote is the best hope we have to turn our country around. Over 200,000 dead. Many unemployed. Division and insults instead of governing. Grift as a way of life. It's time for a change and voting for Biden/Harris, Warner, Wexton, and Khanin is the way to do it.

john brown

Excellent ad honest assessment Ms. Giovannoni

Bernie Mac

Mark, what are you talking about????? There has been absolutely ZERO decency coming from the Democrats these last four years. Watching too much CNN will make you stupid.


Oh poor baby... IT must hurt when people lash back like you did for 8 years, huh, Goat Boy?

Spock Here

And do not listen to those that tell you to vote twice (but only if you are republican)

john brown

republiclans are a very un-American and confused gaggle.. they say vote twice and if we lose, we ain't leaving

you,tRump, will lose and you are leaving the white house and going to jail


The Kenyan Muslim and his entire organization belong in jail.


And why are we seeing the Bronx Don scramble so hard to start a civil war? Because he knows well and good that when he’s shown the door he and his entire crime family will be convicted and jailed. First up- looks like Eric has some questions to answer 😬

john brown

"kenyan muslim" ... tRump does love his uneducated cult members

Doc Samson

@Con - Yes, but not before the Clintons. Unfortunately, when you have the power of the MSM in your corner, you can get away with quite a lot...


Wow... And I thought this bigoted line would end in 2016...

Bernie Mac

Obama as raised a Muslim and his family is from Kenya. Where is the bigotry? Words matter.

Spock Here

Of course, having Kenyan heritage or being muslim is not a crime....but for all those still parading this nothingburger.....

"Barack Hussein Obama II was born on August 4, 1961, in Hawaii. His parents, who met as students at the University of Hawaii, were Ann Dunham, a white American from Kansas, and Barack Obama Sr., a black Kenyan studying in the United States. Obama's father left the family when Obama was two and, after further studies at Harvard University, returned to Kenya, where he died in an automobile accident nineteen years later. After his parents divorced, Obama's mother married another foreign student at the University of Hawaii, Lolo Soetoro of Indonesia. From age six through ten, Obama lived with his mother and stepfather in Indonesia, where he attended Catholic and Muslim schools. “I was raised as an Indonesian child and a Hawaiian child and as a black child and as a white child,” Obama later recalled. “And so what I benefited from is a multiplicity of cultures that all fed me.”

Concerned for his education, Obama’s mother sent him back to Hawaii to live with her parents, Stanley and Madelyn Dunham, and to attend Hawaii’s prestigious Punahou School from fifth grade through graduation from high school. While Obama was in school, his mother divorced Soetoro, returned to Hawaii to study cultural anthropology at the university, and then went back to Indonesia to do field research. Living with his grandparents, Obama was a good but not outstanding student at Punahou. He played varsity basketball and, as he later admitted, “dabbled in drugs and alcohol,” including marijuana and cocaine. As for religion, Obama later wrote, because his parents and grandparents were nonbelievers, “I was not raised in a religious household.” "

Spock Here

It was the MSM who handed up all those indictments and guilty verdicts to 25+ people in the current administration? And did not find anything about the previous administration plus Hilruy? Wow. I gotta get a job with them...

john brown

English must not be berniemac's primary language .. but those old racist birther comments about President Obama never worked with anyone with an IQ greater than 70. tRump on the other hand is married to an "illegal alien" (hate that term for people) who had an anchor baby and brought her communist family members to this country..all orchestrated by putin ... how's that for truth


@Goat Boy, the bigotry is assuming that rumors about the black man with the weird name must not be a natural-born American. Being the first sitting President whose citizenship was actively challenged is more telling about the people challenging it and not Goldwater or McCain's as well.

But we get it. This is why your anonymity is important. Wouldn't want to get outed, would ya?

Bernie Mac

The only bigots I see here are all Democrats.

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