I think we can all agree that one of the most sacred gifts we have been endowed with as parents is a child. From birth they captivate us with a sense of wonder as to how this miracle could be possible through the union of a man and a woman.

Now imagine that you have awakened in a whack-a-doodle world where politicians and our own government are now telling us that we have no say in the education of that precious gift. Welcome to the world of Terry McAuliffe and Joe Biden, who boldly proclaim that the education of your child is best left in the hands of the education experts.

Yes, Virginia parents and grandparents, Terry McAuliffe insinuated as much when he infamously proclaimed: “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

I don’t know about you, but from years of personal experience I know that parents matter in the education of their children. History backs us up on this, and what is ever more galling is the very education experts who told us this in countless teacher conferences are now telling us just the opposite. All because it does not fit the political narrative and progressive change they want our country to make.

And now to grandparents, of whom I am one, I am proud to say that my grandchildren’s parents want their grandmother and I to be a part of their lives because they know how much parents matter.

Let’s show Terry now much we matter by voting for Glenn Youngkin on Nov. 2!

Bill Thomasson is a resident of Lake Frederick.

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@ Wthomasson – Well Bill, I know you can count and read, so I suggest you read #6 in the POWERS AND DUTIES OF SCHOOL BOARDS (from the Code of Virginia) Excerpts from § 22.1-79 Powers and duties

Just in case you can't find it I copied it from your above post: Operate and maintain the publics schools in the school division and determine the length of the school term, “the studies to be pursued,” “the methods of teaching” and the government to be employed in the schools consistent with state statutes and regulations.

Five Pinochios on your FALSE statement: “No, local school boards are not established to determine what our children should be taught.” It usually pays to read something and make sure you understand it, before you copy and paste it. I know that is a challenge for you, because as you said and have shown, you are no expert.

As for name calling, I guess you can't take your own words thrown back at you.


@JonLF aka John Toliver, as one of my bosses used to say, every now and then, a blind squirrel finds an acorn! Perhaps you can show it to Terry McAuliffe since he’s the guy that who famously said, : “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach,” The joke is on you John!

As to you, it’s sad that your hatred for Trump clouds your world view on everything. Now that you have pored every word on one of my posts, perhaps you can now go back to answering the one where you touted “the intelligent Chinese people and their communist government.” That post is quite revealing of your true feelings about this country.


Bill Thomasson, I am a grandfather and have two of those sacred gifts, a granddaughter age 12 and & grandson 14, who live in Herndon, Va. Their entire education has been in Virginia schools. They are both excellent students, and really nice kids according to their neighbors. Why, because their parents taught them that all people are equal and should be treated with respect, just as my parents taught me, and I taught my son. If I recall correctly, Terry McAuliffe and Ralph Northam, have been governors of this state for 12 years and Virginia schools are ranked a high #12 among the 50 states. My grandchildren have had an excellent education because their Virginia schools are controlled by a “School Board,” one that consists of experts in education and “parents.” Local School Boards are established to determine what our children and grandchildren should be taught. You and candidate Youngkin are conflating the issue purely for political reasons. You know parents can and should go to school board meetings, and express their opinions in a calm and concerned manner, but not in a exteme life-threatening. That is why the FBI has warned, (quieted them as you and Youngkin falsely say), because irate parents were threatening board members, pretty much like storming the Capitol to threaten Congress. Like Terry McAuliffe, I don’t believe that “irate parents should be telling schools what they should teach.” It should be the School Board, educated experts, teachers and educated parents that collectively determine what should be taught, not political whack-a-doodles like you. I know you don't believe in experts. That is a very dimicratic view of life in today's world. One must assume that neither you nor Youngkin care about what School Boards do. You are using this issue as one more way to purposely create division to support your fanatical view. You both would have far right-wing conservatives control everything. Now that is a real threat to my grandchildren. A vote for Terry McAuliffe will not let that happen.


John Toliver (does not take an expert to figure out who you are) – I’m sure you have some fine grandchildren. Yes, you are correct that Virginia schools are controlled by a school board but school boards consist of parents who in most jurisdictions are elected by taxpayers. No, local school boards are not established to determine what our children should be taught. Here are the responsibilities of school boards as enumerated in the Code of Virginia.

POWERS AND DUTIES OF SCHOOL BOARDS (from the Code of Virginia) Excerpts from § 22.1-79 Powers and duties

• See that school laws are properly explained, enforced and observed.

• Secure as full information as possible about the conduct of the public schools in the school division and take care that they are conducted according to law and with the utmost efficiency.

• Care for, manage and control the property of the school division.

• Provide for the consolidation of schools or redistricting of school boundaries or adopt pupil assignment plans whenever such procedure will contribute to the efficiency of the school division.

• Obtain public comment through a public hearing in certain instances.

• Operate and maintain the publics schools in the school division and determine the length of the school term, the studies to be pursued, the methods of teaching and the government to be employed in the schools consistent with state statutes and regulations.

• Establish and administer a grievance procedure for certain employees in accordance with state law.

• Perform such other duties as shall be prescribed by the Board of Education or as imposed by law.

• Survey the school division to identify critical shortages of teachers and administrative personnel by subject matter.

• Ensure that the schools in the division are registered with the Department of State Police to receive electronic notification of registration of sex offenders in the division.

No John, Glenn Youngkin is not conflating the situation. Evidently you are not well informed – the facts are now coming out on the situation in Loudon County to which I’m sure you are referring. It’s the incident in Loudon County where a father attended a school board meeting and was tackled to the ground by Police while there. First, the father was there to get answers about the sexual assault of his 15 year old daughter while at Stone Bridge High school. The School Board members and the School Superintendent feigned ignorance of the incident and to add insult to injury, the father was goaded by a Democrat activist in an attempt to get him and his wife to recant the allegation because his daughter was lying.

As it turns out, the School Board and the School Superintendent were lying about their knowledge of the incident. See:

The accused transgender student was transferred to another school where he did the same thing to another student. He was found guilty of all counts on the first assault and now will be tried for the second assault in November. See:

I am not going to dignify your name calling with a response other than to say that you seem to be operating under the delusion that you are an expert in all matters. I have never professed to be an expert – the need for oversight of the so-called experts is amply illustrated in the case cited. Wake up before it’s too late for your grandchildren!

Doc Samson

Notice how the Pr0g-Left viciously defends keeping (grand)parents "in their place"? Only so-called "experts", as defined by the Left, are allowed to determine what children should be taught. Totalitarianism much?


You may well be a loving grandparent - and so am I- but Mr Thomason, you are wrong! While you are entitled to your opinion, it is only that- your opinion- please leave education, curriculum and teaching to those who are experts in their field- and you, sir, are no expert!

john brown


You put it so nicely to grandpa, hopefully he'll understand your advice.


I’ll defer to the opinion of one of the experts I know reference to yourcomments:

Great column, Bill! For years teachers and administrators have worked to have involved parents in our school districts. This has been so, because having everyone involved, children come out the winners.

I have never professed to be an expert but I am brave enough to question the so-called experts and those who profess blind allegiance to them. You need to look no further than Loudon County to see the disastrous result of such blind allegiance.


Keep the peons in their place, right?


There is a reason that there are degrees in education. My car mechanic is an expert, but I don't want him dictating the education of my child.


Be especially afraid of the outspoken Grandparent! They are not so easily silenced..

john brown

Like the treasonous confused "grandparents" that stormed the Capitol on January 6, 2021 in an attempted coup of Democracy for your God (tRump) sparky?


Your words belie the moral bankruptcy of you and your party.

Doc Samson

@Wthomasson - The Pr0g-Left truly believes they are the chosen ones. Anyone who defies their "gospel" is a heretic, to be dealt with in the ways favored by religious zealots the world over.

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