“How’s the children’s book coming along?”

“The pictures are wonderful and capture the story very well. Katie is an amazing artist.”

“You don’t seem very excited. What’s wrong?”

“I wrote this story with the best of intentions, Phineas. I was very excited on that boat ride to the Alaskan glaciers. The idea for the story and the pictures just flowed from my brain to the page so easily.”

“Sounds very gratifying. I’d love to read it.”

“I will show it to you, but I will be changing the homeless family that Charlie’s family takes in.”

“Why would you do that at this late date with the pictures already completed?”

“I wanted to translate the story to Spanish as the homeless family is Mexican and I thought there would be an audience for this warm and fuzzy tale among the Hispanics in town.”

“Sounds good. What happened?”

“I gave the story to my wife, and a friend who is a Spanish Professor to review, and then a Shenandoah student from El Salvador to do the translation.”


“Almost to a word they all said it was insulting to Hispanics. Hispanic immigrants have not come to the U.S. to be rescued by white people, they come to make a better, safer life for themselves.”

“You didn’t intend to insult anyone. I guess you were floored.”

“I doubted the veracity of the first two, but I had to believe them after the third negative review was almost word for word a condemnation of my story.”

“So, you now realize your white family wanting to rescue a homeless Hispanic family, bringing them into their home would be insulting. In reality the Hispanic family would not have wanted to be rescued by a rich white family.”

“I am still confused about having received negative blow back about our conversation concerning Mexican children sent across the bridge in Texas then housed in deplorable conditions ... ”

“That we as a nation should not be involved in caring for these children?” replied Phineas.

“I must admit, I have never seen a Hispanic man nor family on the street corner or at the entrance to the mall asking for help, Phineas.”

“Come to think about it, neither have I. Is the message of your story still worthwhile? Would it work if the family was white?” asked Phineas.

“That is where I have to go.”

“Do you think you’d have the same problem with a homeless black family?”

“I do not know. In fact, I really question my ability to read situations like this at all.”

“The cultural sensitivity pendulum is swinging wildly away from allowing for random acts of kindness.”

“I have fallen into the trap, suspected of having nasty, ulterior motives, like wanting to ‘save’ people, when I thought it was a Good Samaritan sort of thing, regardless of the nationality of the homeless family.”

“Can I read the story?”

“Thanks. Maybe you would have a different take on the story, Phineas.”

“Hang in there, bro.”

Greg Kujala is a resident of Winchester. 

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Doc Samson

[lol] Anecdotal imaginary evidence? Well, if that's all ya got... [rolleyes]

Never ceases to amaze that the Pr0g-Left refuses to acknowledge ANYTHING that doesn't fit with how they think reality should be. Is there a single Leftie out there able to acknowledge that some very bad people take advantage of our Swiss Cheese border security to come here illegally to do bad things? I know that my white nationalist, super spreader, gun strutting, xeno-, homo-, and coulrophobic friends CAN acknowledge that, yes, there are good people who come over illegally. Doesn't change the FACT that it's... illegal. Refusing to acknowledge a problem doesn't make it NOT a problem... [rolleyes]

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