“Phineas, what do you think of Trump’s executive orders to deploy federal forces to our cities?”

“You mean into the protests in Portland, where they were supposed to be protecting federal courthouses, but have made the situation worse by their presence and techniques?”

“U.S. citizens have the right to peaceful assembly and protest improper actions by our government, in this case unnecessarily violent police actions resulting in the suffocation deaths of many, such as Eric Garner, Elijah McLain, or George Floyd.”

“Someone did spray graffiti, broke windows, and start fires in Portland. The protests have not always been so peaceful. Richmond, Virginia has seen terrible violence,” countered Phineas.

“Granted. But now Trump has sent his private army into Oklahoma City, Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland, and in at least one case did not have the courtesy to inform city officials he had done so.”

“I wonder how the local police view the incursion of untrained agents into their jurisdictions.”

“These federal agents do not identify themselves or follow basic police protocols. They have snatched peaceful protestors from the street, bagged their heads, then spirited them to secret locations where they were interrogated without the benefit of counsel,” I said.“Protestors are not mirandized, or even arrested on any charges by these agents. Their Constitutional Rights have been trounced by these secret police. We pay their salaries but have no control over their actions. I heard the interim Director of Homeland Security defend their actions.”

“To make matters even more frightening, I suspect Trump will promote himself as the only one who can be effective against such criminals. Come election time he will claim that his secret army is waging a domestic war that needs to be continued under his direction. Other sitting Presidents have made similar claims about foreign wars that they must be re-elected to ensure the success of their war efforts.”

“I heard Trump claim he knew more than anyone about COVID-19 and wondered out loud why he did not pursue a career fighting the virus instead of going into politics,” added Phineas.

“His megalomania knows no bounds.”

“I wonder why there are always men, and I suppose women, ready to join such secret police.”

“Is this how the 20,000 to 30,000 disappearances started in Argentina, first abductions, then helicopter flights over the ocean where the Federalies threw innocent men to their watery deaths?”

“My God, I hope it does not come to that,” shuddered a horror-stricken Phineas.

“Last time I checked we were not a banana republic terrorized by a President with the Justice Department and most of the Congressional Republicans in his pocket, afraid to even speak out against the madness, or pass a law or court restraining order.”

“November third is the day of reckoning. We all need to cast our votes to protect our country.”

Greg Kujala lives in Winchester.

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The protesters are the ones attempting to turn us into a Banana Republic. They are well on their way. Perhaps you and your imaginary friend could offer a solution?


Oh Lord, what a load of Tripe!!! Loud or peaceful protesters have nothing to fear. Rioters intent on violence and mayhem however, should be dealt with swiftly. If you can't teargas the violent rioters to disperse them, what else can the police do?

Doc Samson

Kujala seems to be very proud of his TDS. I guess it's a badge of honor amongst the mentally ill these days...

Irreconcilable differences are irreconcilable...


Phineas, very good defense of your perversion of Liberty. The only comment would be you misspelled RIOT and violence is not spelled "protest". Nor do your spoiled children have the right to burn down and rob the life's work of a businessman or intimidate others into letting your "useful idiots" get away with crime.


@Greg Kujala - written like a professional Marxist.

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