With the passing Adrian O’Connor, The Star's former editorial page editor, our community lost a colorful and passionate soul. Adrian had boundless passion for many things, but probably his greatest passion was for the Valley and people who resided within its borders. He loved the history and the culture of the Valley and it showed it just about everything he did.

For many years Adrian would hold court at Swirls Cafe on countless mornings. A dedicated group of friends would gather to debate and discuss the day’s topics of interest. The gathered group was a varied band of regulars, friends and passerby’s who loved the banter that transpired. No matter who was in attendance, the discussions were not to be missed. The discussions included everything from baseball (especially Adrian’s beloved Red Sox) to the happenings in Washington to the commotions at City Hall. Adrian was never afraid to insert his thoughts into the discussion. Adrian was a great listener and took note of what the gathered had to say. He never missed an opportunity to pull out his reporter’s notebook (he was always a reporter at heart) and jot down an observation that most likely would be used later in one of his editorials or Valley Pikes.

During 10 of those years, I was on Winchester City Council and Adrian’s views of what was going in the city were always respected and considered. His ability to process the various elements of an issue was admired. Because of this insight, I would often consider his observations when matters came before council.

Adrian will be missed. It was a great pleasure to have known Adrian and to have been a part of the days at Swirls when Adrian ruled the court. The fond memories of those days will always be with me. Thanks, Adrian.

Michael L. Butler is a resident of Winchester.

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Colt Woodsman

Indeed, we lost a "colorful and passionate soul." Thank you for this tribute to a great man.

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