Suppose you are someone who regards him/herself as a "good person," maybe also as a religious person. Suppose, at the same time, that you plan to support Republican candidates in the coming election. Consider what you would be endorsing if you do that:

1. A party led by a pathological liar who cares for no one;

2. A party leader who rallied a mob to take over the Capitol, so that he could remain in power;

3. A party whose members support, actively or passively, the Jan. 6 insurrectionists, rather than the police who protected the government (at the cost of their own lives in several cases);

4. A party which promotes and enacts laws across the country to restrict voting rights;

5. A party whose national and state leaders routinely bow to the wishes of the disgraced ex-president, especially his instructions to continue to try to find (non-existent) evidence that the election held 10 months ago was invalid ("rigged");

6. A party which promotes, actively or passively, violence against election workers who are doing their jobs;

7. A party whose leaders and followers actively resist getting vaccines and wearing masks, putting everyone else at risk and hurting the recovery of the economy;

8. A party in which most of its members still refuse to believe the reality of climate change and who, actively or passively, support actions which degrade the natural environment;

9. A party which continues to push for the denial of a woman's right to choose under any and all circumstances;

10. A party which drums out any members who significantly disagree with any of the above trends;

11. A party whose leaders support (or refuse to challenge) statements from fellow office-holders or from public commentators which are clearly false (or even made up) — or which are cruel or racist or demeaning towards others.

Do we call the above "American values?" No. Are they values which reflect Christian precepts? Absolutely not. This Party, which once reliably stood for certain principles, does not recognizably stand for them any longer. It is so dominated by those above matters that it has no time or energy for its once traditional values.

And yet, there will probably be readers who, against all the evidence, will deny that the above points are valid. It can be breathtaking to read some of the profoundly hateful, distorted things that some people write about Democrats in the paper.

Democrats are not the enemies of the country. Democrats stand for things — things such as health care, environment, racial justice, working people, the rule of law, and more. They are not perfect, but, at this time, they are the only party that tries to work for the common good and that is trying to bring the country back together.

These days it is not safe to vote for anyone with an "R" by their name — unless, perhaps, he/she publicly repudiates Trump and all that he stands for. He is the driving force behind the degradation of the Republican party. Are any of the current candidates free of his control?

Kevin Kennedy is a resident of Frederick County. 

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Kevin Kennedy exemplifies the ol' saying " Biden is who you all thought Trump was "

Doc Samson

@Greater - [lol][lol][lol] Oh, man! Made me seriously LOL because that is THE TRUTH! [thumbup]


Hey where's all the praise for our oh so dynamic and always truthful president, who now speaks his prepared words from his new tiny tots set away from the White House. Why? Come on man! Because there's little room for reporters to disrupt the flow with questions. And how about our hands on break the ceiling vice president? Look at all the progress she's made with the hundreds of thousands pouring across our closed border, some looking cool in their Biden t-shirts. Why today we see her hard at work in Mexico, laughing with kids while telling them someday they too will walk on the moon! Isn't it inspiring how we're once again buying our petroleum from other countries after shutting down some of our resources? Gas now over $3 in Virginia? Gladly, as we become more energy "responsible" while the other mega powers snicker. Now we could bring up the 300,000 Covid deaths since Jan 20, but as several contributors to these pages have pointed out, every past, present, and presumably future Covid death here is the former president's fault, who also somehow managed to produce over 30,000 (verifiable?) lies during his time in office.


This paper has no problem with publishing political dribble statements and unsubstantiated claims by the Kennedys (Kevin and Pam) and Kate Simpson on a regular basis. But, when letters are written challenging these claims, those letters aren't published. This paper has sadly taken a turn to the extreme left and certainly doesn't present a fair and objective view on issues. If this continues, I will join the 1000s of other subscribers who have already terminated their subscriptions.

Doc Samson

"This paper has sadly taken a turn to the extreme left..."

I know, right? And yet the Pr0g-Leftists whine about how "radically right wing" it is! [lol]


In their comments, no one has refuted a single item in Mr. Kennedy's essay. I agree with him 100%. No candidate-whether for local, state or national office-who supports Trump will get my vote.


"No candidate-whether for local, state or national office-who supports Trump will get my vote."


Old Western Man

[rolleyes] "No candidate-whether for local, state or national office-who supports Trump will get my vote."

See, nobody cares. [lol]

Let's Go Brandon! [lol][lol]

Doc Samson

Gee! Gosh & Golly! Um, maybe because it's rather pointless. It's not like any of you are going to change your mind when presented with facts, is it? Also, coming from another mindless Pr0g-Leftie, your complaint is utterly irrelevant... [yawn]


And neither did Mr. Kennedy provide any facts to support his claims. All he has are statements.

Mr Incredible

"American values" huh? What political strip burns American flags at protests on a regular basis? What political party advocates subtly doing away with basic tenants of our country, like say the police, with "Defund the police" movements? What party is it that wants to "fundamentally transform" the country? What party, by it's own inaction, secretly smiles as our border is overrun, savoring the all the possible future democrats that are illegally coming over the border in record numbers? What party will fight for the life of some scum bag child rapist on death row so that they don't get the needle they so richly deserve, but couldn't care less about the lives of the unborn? What political stripe is it in charge of the filth coming out of hollywood onto your TV's and into movie theaters? What political stripe are the people in the media, the same media that helped fool half the country into thinking that a demented old man (who has a crackhead son that our corrupt FBI will not investigate) was a better choice than someone who had the country firing on all cylinders just two years ago? What party was it here in Va that shut down your businesses and made you take the government cheese over a virus that has a 98% survival rate? What party kisses the butts of the CHICOMs, the government that gifted the world cobid? The list goes on and on and on, but my fingers grow weary. While both parties pretty much suck, I'd choose republican values and polices over the anti American democrats any day of the week. Wanna see who is tearing America apart Mr Kennedy? Look in the mirror. Happy Columbus Day.

Old Western Man

@Mr. I - Outstanding! [thumbup][thumbup][thumbup][thumbup]


"American Values" of the radical right Republicans today reflect the dictatorial power grabs in Germany after the Reichstag fire and Enabling Act of 1933.

Miles Taylor and Christine Todd Williams, two prominent Republicans, are quoted today in the NY Times as supporters of the Democratic party: "Rational Republicans are losing the G.O.P. civil war. And the only near-term way to battle pro-Trump extremists is for all of us to team up on key races and overarching political goals with our longtime political opponents: the Democratic Party."

" . . .for now, the best hope for the rational remnants of the G.O.P. is for us to form an alliance with Democrats to defend American institutions, defeat far-right candidates, and elect honorable representatives next year — including a strong contingent of moderate Democrats."

It's the opportunity of a lifetime to support democracy and defeat tyranny. Vote for your Democratic candidates in the upcoming Nov. 2 election.

Mr Incredible

They've been democrats with an "R" beside their names for a long time. Might as well complete the journey. Oh, and it hasn't been republican governors that have mandate shuttering of businesses, nor mandating shots. Note the word "MANDATE". Democrats sure looooooooooooooves them some mandates. Kinda tyrannical, huh?


Nope, we don’t say they have American values. We call them liars and those living in fantasies and conspiracies. They are a danger to our democracy.

Mr Incredible

You mean like when the democrats tell the American people, with a straight face no less, that the border is closed? Talk about lies and fantasies

Old Western Man

Happy Columbus Day! [beam]

Doc Samson

@OWM - Awwww! I'm telling! You CAN'T SAY THAT!!! [lol][lol][lol] [thumbup]

The country is now divided, not between R and D, but rather between those who dare think for themselves vs. those who will not believe anything unless it comes from their Chinese funded, DNC propaganda peddlers...

Mr Incredible

To wit, Southwest Airlines just cancelled over a thousand flights this past weekend. The official response that the new media passes on to the lemmings? "Bad weather" ( of which there was very little in the area), "military exercises" (which happen every day of the week) and "ATC issues". Wanna know the real reason, which the media has decided you don't need to know? A bunch of controllers and pilots walked off the job due to the bidens vaccine mandate. Think it's bad now? Wait a few weeks until Thanksgiving.

Old Western Man

[lol] "news media"

"Let's Go Brandon!" - NBC reporter [lol][lol]

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