Will the Trump ‘Resistance’ ever let up?


After news reports about ISIS leader Baghdadi’s death during a commando raid ordered by President Trump, I was confident that all in America would welcome the news, including the news media and both parties. NOT SO! Mainstream news media spew denouncing the victory was billowing out over the air waves within minutes.

This undertaking by our president was no cakewalk. It was a complicated and dangerous operation carried out by U.S. forces requiring a massive gathering of intelligence and mutual cooperation from Iraq, Russia, Turkey, and the Kurds, to name a few. It also required the withdrawal of American troops from Syria and other precise strategic planning to increase the chance of success.

All sensible and non-biased reporting portrays the raid as very successful.The goal was accomplished with no US. casualties and only one minor injury to a U.S. service dog named Conan. By all reasonable accounts, America and the entire world is a safer place to live as a result of this critical blow to terrorism.

But due to political demand for Trump resistance bias from some news-media sources in America, it becomes obvious that news reporting must include some degree of hatred and disdain for this president that precludes accurate and fair reporting. The Resistance refuses to applaud or accept anything this president does for America regardless of merit or national acclaim. They denounce him for winning the presidential election and for all he has done for America since the election.

Hours after honest reports released the true account of success, mainstream news media outlets were denouncing and condemning Mr. Trump for the language he used to describe the raid. The biased outlets prefer politically correct beltway swamp talk over Mr. Trump’s honest and straightforward language that defines him and annoys the swamp crowd.

News media mouthpieces from CNN and MSNBC along with presidential hopeful Joe Biden referred to the raid as something that happened in spite of the president rather than because of him and other fire-breathing Trump haters attempted to spin the victory as ill-advised, poorly done, or unfortunate.

I can still recall the death of al Qaeda leader, Osama Bin Laden. in May 2011 and the joyful reaction from both parties and the news media celebrating Barack Obama’s great victory for America. The nation rejoiced! Joe Biden’s favorite line was “Bin Laden is dead and General Motors is still alive.” But nearly 8 1/2 years later President Trump leads a successful attempt to kill the ISIS leader and his successor in less than 48 hours only to be chastised and denounced by the news media and political pundits who feel obligated to downplay the success.

This baseless and shoddy make-it-up-as-you-go nonsense from the news media and the Trump Resistance weakens our political structure and our collective confidence in America. Votes should decide political fate, not the opposition party!

Leroy Donald is a resident of Stephens City.

Leroy Donald is a resident

of Stephens City.

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Required withdrawal from Syria?? My goodness, you people are nuts. Trump's erratic policy shifting almost made the raid an impossibility. By the way, after the killing of Bin Laden, Trump did not rejoice. He whined for years that Obama took undeserved credit for the raid, even though Obama did not such thing in his announcement right after the killing. Trump, on the other hand, couldn't help but add false embellishments to his story. Sad!


You’re quite the spinner! SAD

Spock Here

Oh Leroy, what was spin in what CRT said? He also blabbed classified info during his babbling presser, such as how long it took helicopters to get there, possibly giving the location of the team away putting them in danger. Your righteous outrage can stuff itself right up the place where all cultists' noses reside these days.


No one is wimpering, spock. When potus does something you dont agree with, you whine. Why cant the liberals see the good in this. Give credit where credit is due.

Spock Here

As with Bin Laden, I give credit where it's due: To the brave men and women who participated in the raid, who studied the intelligence data that made it possible, and to the brave Kurdish informer who infiltrated the inner circle of the ISIS leader and provided a wealth of info. Trump and Obama gave the order. The demeanor and discussion by each afterwards are, to put it mildly, quite different.




What's that got to do with how credit should be divvied out? And didn't Trump have something like that happen in Niger.?


I don't think liberals were whining that the ISIS leader was dead, but instead how Trump handled the release of the news. Not to mention: the ISIS leader wasn't as well known as Bin Laden.



Spock Here

Oh for petesake Leroy, stop whimpering and whining like a dog.

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