The way politicians act these days


As a citizen of the United States of America I know there are so many things that make me wonder whats happening in and to our country

I have been sitting in my favorite chair as usual reading, watching some TV, checking my e-mails all the while glancing over at my legally owned Smith and Wesson 38 Special, sad, and so far it has not gone out and shot anyone.

Therefore it puzzles me when I see on TV. that some severely psychologically challenged individual has used his weapon to kill and wound people that so many people think I should my not be able to keep my weapon for protection of my home, self, and family.

Having been born in 1942 while my father and uncles were off fighting for the world’s freedom I was taught for years when it came to war that “Loose lips sink ships.” That makes me wonder why all of our presidents have tried to run the 10-year-plus-year-plus Middle Eastern war from the Oval Office and constantly tell the enemy when our military is going to change or withdraw operations. Especially for a war that was questionable about us being in to begin with, unless maybe clandestinely.

While neither my wife nor my primary care physician have accused me of advanced dementia thus far I’m sure some folks reading this will jump to that conclusion. It is very difficult for me to understand why so many political leaders and citizens alike spend more time, effort, and money helping people already in our country illegally and those forcing themselves in daily than they do trying to help our own citizens who are shut in due to medical conditions, mental conditions, the homeless (including veterans), the legally disabled,. or so many other types of legal citizens who need help.

So many actions in the past 12 years leads me to believe that Barack Obama did more to set back race relations in his eight years than any president since the President of the Confederate States of America, Jefferson Davis. How will changing names, removing monuments, and erasing history because it offends you help do anything to bring the country together?

Seams to me that it will only create a stronger, wider divide. You can’t change history by getting angry about horrible events that happened over 100 years ago to ancestors. We all need to learn from this history like the Jewish people did the Holocaust to help make sure it never happens again in our country.

The last two questions I can think of at the moment are why have politicians gotten so nasty making false accusations with no proof or explanation and what makes them think they know how to spend my money better than I do?

They must be some special kind of stupid.

Howard Sharp is a resident of Frederick County.

Howard Sharp is a resident

of Frederick County.

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I don't think many people question your right to your 38 Special. However, I don't think the founding fathers, when crafting the 2nd Amendment, had in mind 3000 fps ammo and 100 round clips. If that is what you need for hunting, then you must be a really lousy shot.


Thanks for a sensible open forum, a lot of people think rationally, like you, & wonder what is wrong with all of these irrational folks in our country today. Always condemning someone for something, but behaving just as badly themselves, doesn't make sense, never will.

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