We are in the fifth month of the Joe Biden presidency. Four-plus months of healing, both of the body (the rapid implementation of the vaccine roll-out) and of the spirit (compassion, decency, respect modeled everywhere). Hasn’t it felt good again to call oneself “an American”?

Now our President is visiting with allies to reassure them that America is “back.” They can again count on the United States’ support, and we will provide leadership when needed. An example of that leadership is Biden’s announcement that we will supply 500 million vaccine doses to countries still suffering under the pandemic.

A survey in allied countries shows that their citizens recognize the changes which the US has undergone. In 2020 only 34% of those surveyed had a favorable view of the US. Now 62% report a favorable opinion of us. Another question in the survey (“Do you have confidence in the United States to do the right thing?”) elicited an even more dramatic improvement. 75% now say that they do. (Only 17% felt that way last year.)

A critical question for all of us: “Do you have confidence in the Republican Party to do the right thing?” Tragically, the answer to that question has become a resounding NO.

We’ve all witnessed how the obedience of elected Republicans to their “leader” became, over four years, an attitude of complete servility. Because of their active and passive support of this dangerous charlatan, Republicans are now fully ensnared by his will. He can do whatever he wants, and they must follow his direction. If they resist or refuse, he will turn his “base” against them, and they will lose their next election.

When an authoritarian is given power, he will never willingly give it up. Those trapped under his grip have few choices. If they continue to “go along,” they sacrifice whatever moral sense they once had. If they fight back against the authoritarian, he will use his power against them, and they will surely lose something that is important to them. Will they give up their sense of themselves in order to not lose this other “something”?

The rest of us are not just observers to this tawdry contest. The future of our democracy could be at stake. Witness: An impeachment for misusing his power; An election defeat which he refuses to accept; Inciting an insurrection against the government; Refusals by most elected Republicans to certify the results of the election; A second impeachment; Laws passed by Republican state legislatures across the country to “protect the purity of the ballot” by restricting voting rights of minorities; A former Trump advisor advocates for an armed coup; Gerrymandering plans in Republican-controlled states to manipulate results in future elections. What’s next?

From a recent Star letter writer: “Truth and reality are right in front of all of us, but few can see it.”

Some see the danger all too clearly. The “Party of Trump” is under the control of a dangerous authoritarian. That Party has lost all connection to what was formerly “The Republican Party.” Anyone choosing to run as a “Republican” these days must be very closely questioned and examined. This person may be a “Trumpster” and we cannot have those in ANY level of government.

Kevin Kennedy is a resident of Frederick County.

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Well stated Mr. Kennedy!


Biden has quickly sent America reeling with inflation, higher gas prices, higher food prices, a border crisis, etc. Joe Biden is Jimmy Carter the Second. He is a disgrace.


Biden inherited this nightmare from tRump the Incompetent and Criminal. Takes more that 6 months to undo 4 years which was a thriving prosperous economy when it started. TRump lucked out some one had done the work before he came to office.


Actually, Chris, your information is wrong. The stimulus package went to all Americans who qualified rather employed or not. You must separate unemployment with the stimulus payment.

Infusing the economy with these programs is short lived. Eventually, it will even out. Unemployment is winding down with the $300 per week gone in September.

Stop your hysterics and give it a chance.

Chris 22602

The Republicans and Trump put together the first stimulus package that started this mess. Their idea of giving all unemployed people a bonus to pay them more than they made at their job was the dumbest possible move for controlling inflation. This is their fault, Biden just went along with their stupidity.


As I began to read Mr. Kennedy's letter I thought surely it was 'tongue in cheek'. I quickly realized that he was dead serious. I am always interested in what my fellow Americans think and believe. It also interests me to realize that I agree with some of what Mr. Kennedy says and totally disagree with some other of it. Oh, odd!


What? I can't hear...too much socialist noise.


You still dont know what socialism is.

How cute.


No, Journey. That’s only you making noise that no one listens to.

john brown

frederick county schools have failed this little fella gore....he ain't very bright to begin with

Spock Here

Eisenhower said a political party must be dedicated to the advancement of a moral cause, otherwise it is just a conspiracy to seize power.


hvacread, the issue here is you Republicans, Conservatives, and Trump toadies wail on about policies and platforms. We “liberals” are discussing lies, conspiracies, threats to our democracy, and idiots who are shrieking for military coups.

You Trump followers need to defend your position on the lies of stolen elections, conspiracies for “reinstating” tRump in August, racially suppressing voting laws so Republicans can steal elections they can’t honestly win, and tRump’s responsibility for inciting an insurrection to overthrow a fair and legal election, destroy our

Capital to the tune of $30,000,000, and threaten to murder the Vice President.

Instead you bunch whine about Democrats spending too much which happens every time there’s a Democratic president. Stand for your principles if you have any.

Defend your stand on the fantasy of a “stolen “ elections, reinstating a loser president, crying for military coups, and racially motivated voting laws so an election can be stolen. Come on, stand up and defend these positions. These are the positions of the Trump party.

The only thing you’re good at is deflect, deflect, deflect. I guess that makes you as much of a sniveling coward as the rest of Trump’s Toadies.


The real problem here is people like you are rude. I discussed my viewpoint, and you resort to disrespectful name calling, much like the part of Trump I didn’t like! I am intelligent enough and old enough to form opinions all by my little self!! Yes in my opinion, I don’t believe Biden received more votes than Obama or Hillary, both of whom were very well liked. If you truly loved America, you would just discuss topics without the nasty name calling. I will pray for you!

john brown

You are just wrong hvac. You have an opinion but there are facts that dispute it. Like tRump, you don't like facts. President Biden received 181 million votes. More than President Obama and Senator/Secretary Clinton but more improtant than that, more than tRump.


Need to disagree. The real threat to democracy is the Democrats continued desire to bloat government. I guess I am who you are talking about being a dangerous Trump follower! I want smaller government, I want less crime, I want America to have free speech, (not just what the left feel is appropriate). I want a strong economy, I want ALL criminals prosecuted, I want Americans (Vets, homeless) taken care of before the world. Trump as impeached for Quid Pro quo, but it was okay for Biden to do it? Personal responsibility caused Jan 6. Prosecute the offenders, and while you are at it, those during the “summer of love” and other rioting, burning, looting need to be prosecuted. Trump didn’t tear America apart, it is the intolerant of others left. I endured listening for 8 years, Obama’s hatred of police, and now have to endure the killing of innocent police officers, whose only crime is wearing blue. Trump loves America and so do I. Quit trashing your countrymen.


No he doesn’t. Trump loves himself. If you are supporting Trump’s lies, neither do you love America. People who truly love the United States, do not support lies which threaten our democracy, attack the Capital to overthrow an fair and secure election, and cheer to bring on a military coop.


🥱. Best you can do?


All you can focus on is Trump. There's a bigger picture involved. Take off you blinders.

john brown

Change the channel and get off of faux news. It has made you ignorant beyond belief.


👍. Thank you, Shiny. Well said! 🥳


The only America Trump loves is the one where he’s in charge. He is a dangerous and petty man leading a cult over a cliff. You are a cult follower. Seek help deprogramming from the authoritarian you blindly follow. He serves no one but himself.


Thank you, Mr. Brown. Those of us who live in reality know that Trump is a total narcissist. He’s, also, a pathetic, delusional old man with the emotional maturity of a 7 year old. He’s desperation to get “back in office” and protect himself from criminal prosecution.

And now we hear he tried to turn the Department of Justice into his personal henchmen. Trump’s entire 4 years reeks with corruption. Just talking about this makes me want to go take a shower.

And the Trumpsters? They live and breath his lies, “pray” for a military coup, and wait anxiously for the orange pumpkin 🎃 to “return” in August. They and Linus will be real disappointed.

john brown

Someone has been inhaling far too much freon when they say tRump "love" this country. tRump loves no one and nothing but tRump. he never talks to or touches his young son or any of his grandkids...that tells you who this excuse for a man really is.


Same boring song 🎶and unoriginal second verse. 🥱. Continue on in the fantasy land of cowards who cannot defend their positions. Who spew lies because they would’ve know truth if it stood in front of them. After all, truth is based on real verified facts and trumpsters prefer to embrace lies as it keeps the fantasy land going.

Old Western Man

Well said hvacread. Sadly, hate has a home in America and it flies a Democrat banner.




Man, as usual, the cowardly deflect, deflect, deflect. Defend your stand on “stolen” elections, military coups, racially suppressive voting laws. You know, the platform of the Trump party.

Defend your position or stop wasting our time with a flapping mouth saying nothing.


Share your thoughts in an Open Forum.

Catherine Giovannoni



If Trump were the only wolf, it wouldn’t be so bad. However, we now have hundreds if not thousands of sniveling elected officials howling at the moon.

Trump has misled, lied to, and grifted his millions of followers. The size of this wolf pack is dangerous and a threat to our democracy.


All true. THis is not “crying wolf”, Because there really was and still is a wolf: Trump. And he doesn’t even bother to wear sheep’s clothing.

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