According to Corwyn Garman “claims of significant election fraud have been disproven repeatedly”. Really? Depending on where you look 50-70% of Americans polled don’t think the 2020 election was free and fair.

Health concerns surrounding COVID-19 provided the perfect pretext for changes to how people are allowed to vote, including the expansion of mail-in voting (16 states automatically sent absentee/mail-in ballot applications to all eligible voters and 12 states expanded absentee/mail-in voting eligibility ), which are associated with problems such as ballots being lost in the mail, people voting for others and ballot harvesting taking place.

On election night itself, there was an abrupt stop in the vote-counting in Georgia after a mysterious “water main break” and Republican observers were sent home. As captured on surveillance video, hidden boxes of ballots were pulled out from under tables and run through counting machines without observers present.

The morning after the election there were mail-in ballot dumps of hundreds of thousands of ballots in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. These ballot dumps favored Joe Biden by suspiciously wide margins and lessened President Trump’s leads in those states.

In Michigan, windows of a ballot counting center were papered over so that counting could not be observed. There were also examples of dead voters, non-resident voters, and those who voted multiple times in the states being contested. Hundreds of sworn affidavits recounting witnessed irregularities and allegations of fraud have been provided by those directly involved in all aspects of the election, its process, and its infrastructure.

Then there is the campaigns themselves that put a Biden victory into question. Trump regularly brought in tens of thousands of supporters at his campaign events, won 18 of 19 bellwether counties across the country, and received more votes than any sitting president in history. Joe Biden, despite a remarkably light campaign schedule, small campaign event crowd sizes, and the absence of a down-ballot “blue wave” on election night, received more legal votes than Trump, and more votes than President Barack Obama did in both 2008 and 2012. Forgive me if there are many people scratching their heads about this.

A Gallup poll released on February 11th showed that a majority (59%) of Americans feel there is no basis for faith in fair processes and outcomes in future elections.

The claim that lawsuits that were filed by former President Donald Trump’s campaign and Republicans were universally dismissed by the courts is untrue.

Of the 22 cases that have been heard by the courts and decided on their merits, Trump and Republicans have prevailed in 15 (2/3 of the cases)

This leaves 25 lawsuits that have yet to be finally disposed of. The results of the election will not change. But the integrity of our electoral system is in the balance. Telling people to shut up about the election and refusing to look at the proven irregularities that took place will do nothing to advance faith in U.S. elections.

Lisa Callanan is a resident of Stephens City.

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It appears that Conservative doesn’t want to answer my question: Does he understand where these fake videos come from? The poor young man in Georgia was terrified for his life because the Trump Trash elects to believe the lies and conspiracies Trump and his toadies spews and act on those lies. There was no stolen election. Trump’s AG and Chief of Cyber Security said there was no stolen election and it was fair and secure.

What more needs to be said?


"The Evidence" ...


Yeah--about that . . .

Rumble is an online video platform launched by a Canadian named Chris Pavlovski and based in Toronto. It gained attention after the post insurrection demise of Parler when other media platforms created (however languidly) standards for veracity in the turmoil of post election events. It's a favorite playground for the likes of Greene, Nunes, Matt Gaetz, aspiring insurrectionists, Fox News propaganda talking heads and such. In the words of one reviewer, "If you’d like a channel to the right of Fox News in an app format, you’ve come to the correct place." Other than proscribing immoral submissions and the like Rumble is on record for it's lack of any kind of content censorship.

SFGate's Brian Parker describes the service thusly: "Rumble seems to primarily exist to generate revenue for content creators. Users upload videos that are then licensed to Rumble’s partners such as Yahoo! and MSN, and money is deposited directly into your account on Rumble." Thus, the concept seems more than a little vulnerable to a kind of reverse-image Darwinism designed to attract the most outrageous and paranoia-feeding conspiracy tripe as political clickbait, regardless of any annoying research or facts. According to Slate's Aaron Mark, "For years now, some conservative pundits have called on their supporters to decamp from mainstream social networks to newer websites with looser moderation standards. None of the options has taken off—except, sometimes, with far-right trolls and SS wannabes. But after platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube put their feet down, to various extents, over misinformation surrounding voter fraud during the 2020 election, some right-leaning users began responding to this call en masse."

Pavlovski is now trying to recruit more big-name political figures, and is now presenting Rumble as a site that won’t ever fact-check or “censor political discussion, opinion or act like the arbiters of truth,”

I even managed to watch a few minutes of the link, including the thoroughly debunked guano regarding 'video evidence' of normal, regular election worker activities as proof of fraud. And it included presentation of election night statistical anomalies which would certainly have caused an uproar in any of the (sixty?) federal court cases -- if any of it had been true or even remotely possible.

Thanks, 'Coach'--Great Job!

Spock Here

"reverse-image Darwinism" [beam][beam]


Skill with a pen doesn’t make it true. Lisa is wallowing in the same lies and conspiracies as the rest of the Trump Cult of Lies and Conspiracy members. If these people had even a half of brain cell, they’d realize they’ve been duped by a pathological liar, con man, grifter, and childish poor loser. Because they still wallow in the disgusting mess they created, we can assume there is no half a brain cell.


Very well written. In fact, this is at the level of nationally syndicated columns.


"On the level of nationally syndicated columns" : Which ones? Are you referring to the outrageous climate denial antics of the late Walter Williams, or perhaps the vehement anti-progressive 'pull yourself up' nonsense of Star Parker? Face it-- many if not most STAR columns are deeply ultra-conservative and never give even a hint of the obvious concerns and rationale of progressives today. True to form, Callanan's Forum fits that mold exactly. Callanan may be a lovely, intelligent, and articulate lady, but on the topic of embezzled elections, she's just dead wrong.


The letter i read was like a debbie boone song from yesteryear. Heavy on the feelings....whoa, whoa, whoa...feelings. But lacking altogether in fact.


Forbes, the New York Times, New York Post, CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, USAToday, Newsweek and local media along with Politifact and Snopes all reported that the restroom water leak did not compromise ballot counting at the State Farm Arena. The "suitcases full of ballots" narrative is totally false.


Remember, a young contract worker doing his legal and appropriate job was filmed by one of the ignorant idiots with an iPhone “doing his job” and accused of fraud. He had his life threatened.

This is the kind of “stupid” these Trump Cult Members are willing to believe. “Poor loser” will become a whole new chapter in psychology text books. This is not a video game or TV show. This is real life with real consequences.

The good news is that we have President Biden for 4 years. Let’s hope these conspiracy theorists burn themselves out.


Someone took a video of the young man-an election contractor-doing his job. His job was appropriate and legal. Taking a video and shrieking “fraud” is dishonest, ignorant. and sleazy. That’s how I will call the video taker: ignorant, dishonest, and sleazy. Can’t find real evidence so you create it.

And this is what you cling to for your so called conspiracies? This was an honest young man doing an honest job. He didn’t deserve to have death threats from people such as yourself, Mr. Conservative. Please don’t start yelling you threatened no one and it’s not what we do, blah, blah. You embrace this garbage, the lies, the conspiracies, the man. It’s exactly who you are.


FYI, this was the one in Georgia. The young man had to hide in fear of his life. Georgia “Republican” election officials had to have armed body guards for doing their job honestly and then receiving death threats.

You Trump Cultists are a sick bunch. Don’t start whining “that’s not who we are!” Well, it’s exactly who you are.


So the video of it happening is false? Hmmmm.

Doc Samson

@Con - Dems are programmed to see, hear, and speak no evil when faced with reality. No cultish behavior though, amiright?


Someone took a video of the young man doing his job. What he did was honest, appropriate, and what he was trained for. To claim there was fraudulent activity is what was false. Mr. Conservative, are you understanding what was done here?

Spock Here

Judges didn't find wrongdoing


The only wrong doing was the one who filmed the young man doing his job. Anyone can take pictures, put them out on whatever, and lie. That’s saying they are this and not that or they are showing fraud, or whatever lie you wish to spread.

The poor contract worker had no protection against that and had to hide in fear of his life. Idiots who are so stupid they will believe anything threatened him.

This is Trump’s doing and the fact that he attracts people of such low intelligence that they’re will to believe any lie or conspiracy that come down the pike or spews from Trump’s mouth.


I also see no mention of Attorney General Bill Barr (Trump loyalist to the core) or the Election Security guy (forget exact title) who both said there was no evidence. Trump fired the one guy (any guess why?) and Barr resigned - perhaps in anticipation of what was to come... Those are facts...

Spock Here

Even the former guy's 2nd impeachment lawyer knows his nonpaying client lost: "The American people just spoke and they just changed administrations. They’re smart enough to pick a new administration if they don’t like the old one and they just did" He also acknowledges the former guy might just be in a lot of legal trouble: "There is no opportunity where the president of the United States can run rampant in January at the end of his term and just go away scot-free,” Castor said. “The Department of Justice does know what to do with such people. After he’s out of office, you go and arrest him,” he said.


My goodness - where did this woman get her “facts” (news). Whew... 15 court cases that were decided in favor of Republicans? That’s a new one and if it’s in FACT true surely she could provide some evidence to back that up???

Catherine Giovannoni

It's time for Republicans to stop repeating Trump's Big Lie. The author says that mail-in voting -- which has been used ever since the Civil War -- is associated with problems such as "ballots being lost in the mail, people voting for others and ballot harvesting," but the author is wrong. The Brennan Center for Justice studied voting by mail and reported that "Historically, studies show that the level of malfeasance related to mail balloting is infinitesimally small. Numerous analyses show it remains less likely than being struck by lightning." Simply making up accusations does nothing to change that fact.




So it still happens. Eliminate the opportunity. After all, it's what you anti gun folks are calling for, right?[rolleyes][whistling]


81 million voters say otherwise. It is truly sad you need these lies and conspiracies to fill your life. How easily you were duped by a pathological liar and grifter.


The election was stolen PERIOD! Welcome to the Divided States of America. Buy a gun!

john brown

I bought

john brown

To fight the terrorists that attempted a coup on January 6th.


Don't brag. You claim you hunt birds with long rifles. You shouldn't own a gun. Just sayin.


Ah, Lisa, are you wearing your tinfoil hat? Let’s wade into some of the slime of your conspiracies. Oops! Let me go slip on my Wellingtons first as the slime is deep:

All these so called affidavits were questionable from the start. Official Republican observers were known not to attend the training classes for all observers. The purpose of the classes was to teach all observers what is correct procedure for that jurisdiction. What we ended up with is idiots with iPhones filming correct procedure they didn’t understand and shrieking fraud.

The windows were covered because the large number of Republican protesters pressing to the windows upset those counting votes because the counters feared the personal information of all voters was threatened.

Lisa is just another member of the Trump Cult of Conspiracies and Lies. It would be far more positive to her life to spend time talking to a mental health professional and less time watching Fox News.

Spock Here

I think you need to call Rudy and tell him all of this right away. I hear you can reach him at Four Seasons Landscaping, located in la la land. Seriously, this ship sailed back to N Korea long ago.....


Lisa, it is unfortunate that you have not done your due diligence, and embarrassingly for you, it is not up to the Winchester Star to fact check your letter to the editor prior to printing it, as it is your opinion and not to be taken as fact. This is a good thing, because there is NOTHING at all that is remotely factual in the information or statistics you cited. Nothing you stated is true, as much as you cite how others "feel" or "think" that the words are true. While no where near a majority, many Republicans likely do believe the lies their elected officials are repeating, but that repetition of the lies, again, does not make them correct. Republicans have NOT won ANY lawsuits regarding this last election, and all of those "secret" videos that you believe to be smoking-gun evidence showing election theft in process are ALL fake. Every last one of them. They are not what you purport they are.

I ask you or anyone who posts here in your defense, please list two of the 15 cases that Republicans have won regarding the 2/3rds election lawsuits that you have mentioned. One would suffice, but two of those 15 would really prove your point. Of course, feel free to list all fifteen. All I am asking is for one or two. Just to show, in good faith, that you know of what you speak.

I care about election irregularities, when they exist, and I also care about truth and facts. Respectfully, I think it's time to go or get off the pot. If you cannot produce the facts that you use to support your reasons, if you cannot cite the lawsuits that you say have prevailed or any other verifiable details, then perhaps it will be time for you to sit down and indeed, shut up. Listen, I get it. I FEEL that I'm witty and likable, but that does not make my feelings true. Which is EXACTLY what my feelings have in common with yours. And feelings are simply not the same thing as facts.


Thank you shiny for stating exactly what came to mind as I read kool-aid-drinking Lisa’s letter. I dare her to back up with facts her claims.


She did, but you just reject them anyway. No convincing you Biden cultists otherwise.

john brown

"Biden cultists... this from tRump2024 is beyond laughable.. are you that thick headed and delusional

Spock Here

"Trump 2024": he’s not running again. Easy money. The easiest scam of his life. Maybe one of the "coke" brothers, Jr. or Eric, aka dumb and dumber.

john brown

you mean beavis and butthead tRump, they are both too stupid...the smart money is that the brattish ice princess ivanka will continue the best scam tRump has ever set up... separating the idiot tRump cultists from their funds


Documentation for her 'facts' is a requirement, else it is just bloviating.

BTW, 50-70% of the American public do not believe the election was rigged.

50-70% of Republicans, maybe.

Trump/GOP prevailing in 66% of the lawsuits...I don't think so; as I said documentation is required.

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