Juxtaposed against our nation’s ongoing societal horrors and increasing moral decadence under which our nation groans, several Star Open Forum contributors recently have expressed reason and emotion, albeit from different perspectives, aiming for the vastly elusive remedy that might fix it all.

We want healing, but along with all Americans, are swept along with the self-evident tide of national depravity. While we don’t align with America’s general fallenness, nonetheless we’re caught up in the quagmire largely started in the ‘60s, proportionally worsening as our societal fabric increasingly rips and tears.

Each mass shooting— each daily Chicago single shooting; each family disintegration; each newly publicized gender perversion— these highlight the rabid effect of our moral disintegration, causing the many swept along with it all scrambling for answers. There are specific conditions that can make reversal, but meeting them as a nation is unlikely because we won’t look in the right places.

Not many decades ago, although “the way things used to be” wasn’t anywhere near personal or societal utopia, we knew something cohesive held us together: an often unstated, subliminal yet undergirding moral baseline of personal parameters that, when in effect, did result for the most part in “life as it should be”. A different world it was.

Today, however, central to American life deterioration is a synthesis of personal departure from God-reliance coupled with the logical extension of ousting godly presence from the public square, and all replaced by an age of arrogant technological, scientific, and academic sophistication deeming God irrelevant.

Regardless of how this is intellectually/academically sliced, our problem isn’t social, political, racial or legislative— at core we have a MORAL problem which, reduced to its least common denominator, bottoms out in the spiritual.

Does that make you nervous or sound too archaic, maybe something only simple-minded “deplorables” would embrace? Don’t believe there are absolutes set down in Holy Writ, or in general it’s about a population doing things God’s way?

You decide.

Paraphrasing Scripture, below is what God has to say. Think on these things, and see if the proverbial shoe doesn’t fit our national climate.

John Lewandoski is a resident of Winchester.

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Morality is possible without gods. Consider Humanism: a moral philosophy without supernatural agents. Gods are for people who need a parental overseer to guide, reward and punish them. Adults should not need that. We can be good without god.


Yes, subjective morality is possible without a belief in God. What you get is a malformed conscience, that some people are less valuable than others, and that enslaving and / or killing them is "moral". As usual, your logic is fatally flawed as it can't account for the fair treatment of all human beings. Your definition of what is "good" or "bad" changes with your opinion on the subject matter. Stop lying to yourself and making excuses for living a sinful life. I don't want you to suffer no more and I pray you conform your mind to the reality that there is an end to this earthly life, you will be judged in the eternal life and you will have to atone, just as we all will. It's never too late to repent.

Spock Here

Oh to be a fly on the heavenly wall when you meet your god and she looks at you and tells you not to let the heavenly door hit you on the way out and down because you were way out of line with your definition of sinful


Judging yourself, a bit much, oh not so knowing Spock.


I've never seen anyone as full of them self as you.[blink]


The rate you're going, you might not see Heaven's gates. Change your heart, repent, and stop pretending there isn't a judgement coming after your life on earth passes. We will all be subjected to the 4 final things, no matter how vigorously you try to deny them. I'll keep trying to help Mr. Lowe and pray for his heart to change.

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