The 1940 presidential campaign was every bit as fraught and divisive as that of 2020, with one important difference: the Republican contender was a man of principle, unafraid to act on his convictions.

Much of the world was already at war, with most of Western Europe in German hands. Only Great Britain remained unconquered, and its only hope of continued survival was assistance from America. Although Franklin Roosevelt wanted to provide that assistance, many Americans remained strongly isolationist, and his hope for reelection rested on keeping their support. It was his Republican rival, Wendell Willkie, who made it possible for him to both provide Britain the support it so desperately needed and win reelection.

Willkie’s first assistance was his tacit support for Roosevelt’s plan to provide Britain with U.S. destroyers to protect its strategic shipping lanes from German submarines. Willkie informed FDR that, because of his need to keep the impression of unity within his party, he would not make a public statement, but neither would he attack the deal once it was announced.

Second was his emphatic support for legislation to create America’s first peacetime draft, which he announced publicly in his hometown of Elwood, Indiana. This provided Republicans in Congress the freedom to vote their conscience and Roosevelt the political cover he needed to urge immediate passage of the bill.

President Biden only needs ten similarly principled, patriotic Republican senators to support his For the People act, which would provide the free, fair, and secure elections the GOP claims it wants. Unfortunately, “only ten” seems to be entirely out of reach of a party still in thrall of Trump.

Kathryn Uphaus is a resident of Frederick County.

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Minorities use ID or a daily basis, but to ask for ID to vote is White Supremacy and racist. Crawl back under your rock nasty socialist. Go read your bible called CRT.

Catherine Giovannoni

It's time for the Winchester Star to start enforcing its rules. These are clearly printed below. They read, in part, "Be Nice. No racism, sexism or any sort of -ism that is degrading to another person." Telling someone to "crawl back under your rock nasty socialist" is an obvious violation.




You’re right, Catherine, but they know nothing else. They can’t defend their position with real facts because there aren’t any facts to support their position.

No facts to support a stolen election

No facts to support “reinstating” a loser president in August

No facts to support a military coup

No facts that an attack on the Capital could overthrow a legal election

No facts that necessitated the outrageous racist voter suppression laws and changes of state law meant to give Republicans an opportunity to steal elections they can’t win honestly

Real Americans who love their country, love democracy, love the Constitution (please remember the hundreds of thousands from the Revolution to the present who have shed blood and died for just these ideas) should be in total outrage over so called Americans pushing these traitorous ideas.

They aren’t outraged

They don’t care

They support tRump’s lies and conspiracies

They best they can do is get their bloomers in a twist over Biden’s spending bills from which they profited if they received the $1400 Covid relief check.

Catherine, don’t waste your breath. I’m considering to stop engaging them at all as the best they can do is rage about Obama or Clinton or something that happened years ago.

They are caught in the nightmarish fantasy of a cult. We should feel sorry for them.

I don’t

They’re boring and dull.

Chris 22602

I read the Holy Bible (not CRT) and it supports socialist policies that put others before oneself and tells us to take care of the poor and widows. Jesus was a socialist, not a Trumper. For proof, look up the verses about lying, adultery, stealing, and welcoming immigrants. Spoiler alert - Trump always did the opposite of what Jesus said.


Yes, Chris, that is true and Jesus was no pacifist. In fact, caring for the hungry and homeless, the widow and orphan, and welcoming the foreigners is all over the Old Testament, as well.

Trump is no Christian. In fact, behind closed doors, he made fun of them.

Old Western Man


Charity, Mercy, Compassion, etc., come through an individual's free will, not from government coercion. Try it, you may find it rewarding.



john brown

Who mentioned the government...Chris was speaking of Jesus and the Bible and Christianity.... today's republiclans have nothing in common with Christianity. They are merely kkkhristians of the church of tRump.




We can tell. Your lip service to an Iron Age text shows that you would never exhibit those traits without some reward waiting for you. Pity that some people are still too emotionally immature to be able to self-motivate but still able to make crappy comments anonymously.

john brown



Yikes...so much nonsense to unpack.

Suffice it to say that no, minorities quite often dont have easy access to an ID every day. Sorry that you have such a limited field of view from Gore Mountains, but we cant excuse your tunnel vision forever. Change can be scary, but it is inevitable. When systems were put in place to restrict easy access to necessary voting materials, yes, that is voter suppression.

Tell ya what, pup, come on down to the next Board of Supervisors meeting. Even better, go down to Kent Street and sign up to be an elections officer. You're being called out. Its time to put up or...well...you know the rest.


Simmer down, coward.

See how it feels?

Old Western Man

[lol] the Democrat Party needs more JFKs.

Catherine Giovannoni

It's time for the Winchester Star to start enforcing its rules, which are clearly printed below. They include, "Don't Threaten. Threats of harming another person will not be tolerated. Saying that the Democrats need more JFKs -- a president who was assassinated -- is a threat of harming another person, potentially the current Democratic President. Further, calling it the "Democrat Party" instead of the "Democratic Party" is a slur.

Old Western Man

[rolleyes] You are a rather absurd person. Only a hate-filled juvenile mind would gravitate to such an assertion. JFK said and did more than just serve as victim to an assassin's bullet. Maybe you should read up on him and see how far the Marxi... er... Democrat Party has diverged from his political philosophy.

How's Jackass Party grab you, since their symbol is well ... a jackass.[lol]

john brown

the republiclan party needs sane people ... they have more than their share of deplorables


Mr. Man who has the emotional maturity of a 13 year old only says these things to upset you. Catherine, he isn’t worth our time. We can be the adults in the room.


Unfortunately, you used the words principled and patriot. Their jobs are more important than any principals or patriotism and they will vote to save those jobs.

Republicans have staked their tent peg on a liar, con man, and grifter. The false shrieks of a “stolen” election have set up a Republican Party passing laws so they can steal elections they can’t honestly win.

“Honestly win.” That phrase is no longer in the Republican playbook. The stench of Trump’s lies will cling to Republicans for a long time.

john brown


Catherine Giovannoni


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