Lonnie Weyant in his editorial on Monday was correct about one thing, the majority rules. The state representatives out east far outnumber the western counties along Interstate 81. So they voted us a 7-cent gasoline tax hike to help pay for improvements along I-81 that will probably NEVER go away.

Let’s take a look out east a little, shall we? Interstate 66 expanded to eight and 10 lanes while Va. 28 was widened to eight or more lanes, and it’s not even an interstate! We have a four-lane Va. 7; Loudoun now has a Va. 7 that’s eight lanes with lots of new constructed overpasses the last few years.

Where was the gas hike to help pay for all of these road improvements and widening? Majority rules. Norfolk has an Interstate 264, a 64, a 564 and a 664 — and all are as wide and wider than I-81. Majority rules.

To recap; we have a four-lane interstate with a lot of trucks and out east they have eight- and 10-lane highways paid for without a gas tax. Majority rules. We need to be our own majority. I’d like The Winchester Star to do a FAIR article on what’s spent on counties out east versus out west. Are we usually getting the short end of the stick (funds)? Where’s the money we pay in taxes going?

As far as Charles Trump and his invitation for Frederick County to join the State of West Virginia — maybe say thank you for your consideration but we’ll pass for now. I would like to see the counties of western Virginia unite to form the new, great state of Shenandoah.

Years ago, southern New Jersey talked of breaking away from New Jersey because the money always seemed to be going to North Jersey. At the bottom of a New Jersey license plate you’ll see “Garden State”. It’s certainly not a garden state up north.

Thank God, we in the Shenandoah Valley aren’t a part of overgrown suburbia. We’re totally different from Loudoun County eastward. I’m pretty sure The Star readers could come up with a nice slogan for the bottom of a Shenandoah license plate.

Scott Miller is a resident of Frederick County.

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Ping is correct!


We'd probably still get flooded with liberal yankees and immigrants and be turned into a snowflake nanny state.


But by then we may be in Heaven and not have to worry about it.

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