The author of an Open Forum published in The Star on April 6th provided a classic example of how an oversized federal government can be effective in suppressing personal freedoms and initiatives. The Forum title, “Equity training in schools is important,” seems to set the stage for a modern lesson in social correctness.

After three lengthy paragraphs extolling the virtues of progressive politics over conservative failures, paragraph No. 4 gave me the needed insight for some problems with equity. True to form, that paragraph begins with, “So why is equity training important?” and then offered the following Google scenario:

Lacking the price of admission, three kids went to the ballpark hoping to see the game from outside the fence. The tallest was able to see over the fence without standing on a box. The next tallest was able to see the game standing on one box, but the shortest needed to stand on two boxes to peek over the fence. If treated equally, each would have to been GIVEN a box to stand on, but that would have meant two could see the game, but one could not. Since one’s height is a fate left to the gods, the equitable solution would have been for the boxes to be ALLOCATED in a way that all three boys got to see the game.

Note the words “given” and “allocated” (highlighted by me) suggesting that the boxes should be supplied by some other member or class of humanity, possibly by a federal government or a ruling class. Obviously, if the boys were big enough and old enough to watch and understand the game, they were also wise enough to devise their own plan to see the game without paying admission, rather than depending on others for total control of the process.

Left to their own devices, they might have found their own boxes, apple crates, chairs or ladders or they might have climbed a nearby tree to see over the fence. Some determined young fellows may have found a place to look through the fence or use binoculars, but they could have found a way without a need for the proper supply of government approved equity boxes.

Less the confusion and bureaucracy of self-righteous decisions through politics, the boys may have chosen a better, safer, and more enjoyable method to accomplish the same thing and enjoy the freedom to control their own lives in the process. And by the way, one box each would have worked fine if the tall boy was willing to give his to shorty.

My point is that oversized governing bodies and ruling classes may regard their need for equity as your marching orders. This limits constitutional freedoms for individuals and gives the ruling class a free hand to force their sense of equity using working class tax dollars. And don’t confuse their definition of equity with your definition of equality.

Ruling class radicals see equity as a sense of fairness that results in GIVING and ALLOCATING for the sake of human sameness and equality of outcome. Our, Constitution, Mr. Sears, supports individual freedoms and incentives based on equality of opportunity.

Leroy Donald is a resident of Stephens City.

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Spock Here

So there is an apple picking assignment at school. Who picks the most apples gets an A. Most of the students are tall enough to reach the lower branches and complete the assignment. Should the shorter students be given an automatic failing grade, or should they be "GIVEN" stools so they can reach the same branches? I imagine some of you think those short students should simply pull themselves up by their bootstraps.....


There is a math assignment in school. Kids who aren't good in math are allowed to use calculators provided by the school. That way, they can get the same grade as the kids who are good at math and don't need calculators. You are setting these kids up for failure in the real world. The real world does not operate that way at all.

Doc Samson

@Chupa - [thumbup]


So, because I want to play Major League Baseball, I should be allowed to and given preferential treatment because I'm not as good as the other players?[huh]

Spock Here

No but you are given the same quality bat and ball, on the same field, to try out.


And these kids get the same quality education. What they choose to do with it, however, is on them.

Doc Samson

@Chupa - Exactly!


Plus, the kids could, you know, do some extra chores around the house or cut the neighbor's grass to earn a little extra spending money. Then they might be able to actually get into the ball game legitimately, rather than doing it like the mass invasion on the Southern border.

The Node

A little off. The original letter discussed education equity and the boxes represent education offered to students. The students who don’t “need” education received nothing, those that need a little, get a little and those who need the most get most of the education resources. I don’t approve of any plans that demand equitable outcomes by not providing resources to our best students.


Equality - Everyone gets a chance, but not everybody wins.

Equity - Everyone wins, nobody tries.



Spock Here

Leroy has turned "missing the point" into an art form.

john brown


Doc Samson

Excellent assessment of the difference between "equal opportunity" vs. "equal outcome". This will be totally lost on the prog-left. Some might find a universe of irony in the socialist minded Vonnegut story "Harrison Bergeron" regarding his take on gov't enforcement of "equity"...


Spoken like a truly, perpetually, privileged selfish white straight male who has never experienced or can empathize with the reality of any minority class in his society: non-whites, non-straights, non-males, non-English speakers, non-Christians, etc.


Wholeheartedly disagree! His analogy was spot on.



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