If you are like me, you’re tired of hearing about the upcoming Virginia election.

But as an informed citizen, I hope you’ll take just a minute to read this message which is very close to my heart. I’ve never publicly endorsed a candidate via the newspaper, but these are extraordinary times. I personally know the candidate, Paul Siker, and he is a superb choice to represent us in Richmond.

The 2021 race for the the Virginia House of Delegates 33rd District could not be more important or more urgent than it is this time around.

Here’s why: The incumbent, Dave LaRock, has made a mockery of democracy instead of working hard for his constituents — you and I.

He has consistently spread COVID misinformation, voter fraud conspiracy theories, and attended the Jan. 6 "Save America" rally. He has become a total laughingstock throughout both Virginia and the country.

My husband, son, and I enthusiastically endorse Democratic challenger, Paul Siker, for delegate — a fantastic alternative to the incumbent.

I have personally known and worked closely with Paul for over 20 years, as an elder in my church, as a fellow member of the board of directors for a Loudoun-county based non-profit, and as a good friend and neighbor. Through these and other organizations, Paul has shown a generous and philanthropic heart for our community.

Paul is an experienced, seasoned, and highly successful business executive who focuses on what really matters, brings level-headed thinking to crucial decision making, is extraordinarily competent and accomplished, and will represent us well at the state level.

This election matters.

So many crucial issues come before the state legislators — voting rights, women’s health rights, COVID safety, affordable housing, economic recovery, gun safety, immigration laws, capital punishment ... to name only a few.

Please join us in voting for Paul Siker. To learn more, visit paulsiker.com.

Connie Moore is a resident of Waterford.

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If you're like Ms. Moore, she seems to be fine voting with a party that passed legislation that condones rape cover-ups in our govt schools. Of course, this is the same party the promotes perverts and deviancy anywhere it can, so it's par for the course. If you want more of this, vote for Siker.

john brown

this from a member of the sexual offender tRump's cult is just too precious


You need to understand the difference between "accused" and "convicted". You're making excuses for a party that caters to rapists to the point of writing laws to protect them.


You need to understand that the kid was an alleged rapist until he was convicted.


Nuri fails to understand what is actually happening because he spends more time being a low-rent troll on social media than he does keeping up with recent crimes that were allowed to happen because of Democrats passing a law allowing mentally ill perverts to assault girls and the ensuing coverup by the school board.


Ah, yes, "mentally ill" "perverts"... right.

No wonder you hide your name.


Are you talking about HB 257? Which section allows administrators leave to opt out of reporting a sex crime on school grounds?

I'll wait.

Doc Samson

Aw, so trite! [lol]

Nuri: Ignores any and every piece of news re: LCPS and Blackface Northam's policy that helped allow Pr0g-Leftist admin to put children in harm's way, willingly.

Also Nuri: PROVE IT!

There is something fundamentally wrong with you (and the rest of your mob), dude, and it goes way deeper than meds...

Doc Samson

Wha? Where'd you go? Oh, that's right, facts are your kryptonite... [whistling]


Didn't bother to read the bill, Doc? How typical.

Catherine Giovannoni

Our community has a wonderful opportunity to replace an embarrassing, ineffective, conspiracy theorist with a competent business man, involved church member, and committed citizen. Please vote for Paul Siker.



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