Attention! Do not change the channel. Oops, this is a newspaper, not a TV.

While I have your attention, I’d like to make a point. Do you have time to attend School Board meetings? Do you possess the inclination to attend these meetings and make your voice heard? ... I thought not. I don’t either.

Well, there is a solution for us. It’s a simple one that’s always been there. Let’s pick someone we trust and put them into a position to do right things on our behalf. This applies to all levels of government, but none more important than the School Board.

But you say you don’t have kids in school? Not even grandchildren? It matters not. The current shape and nature of our country and our culture comes from the children learnings in schools during the last three decades.

Does this sound weird? Think about it. If you were born after 1980, you likely don’t believe me. You may well have been taught that corporations are bad and the government is the best way to achieve freedom, justice and democracy.

No doubt there exists misbehaving corporations because there are always some bad people doing bad things. However the same is true in government. We need to be wary, always. Be especially wary when they choose not to listen to parents and other concerned citizens.

We need to have watchmen on the wall by having good people pay attention and work towards preserving the culture, Constitution, and ethos of a citizen-run country.

We are dependent on the voting process to elect the right people to represent “we the people” and not ones who are there to line their pockets with our money and the power it can buy.

Why connect this to the School Board? Schools are where new voters come from. Their ethos is formed by what they have been taught. Yes, we can trust the vast majority of teachers, administrators, and board members. However, it only takes a few to change course and intimidate others to acquiesce to their “off course” ideologies that encourage massively increased control over the citizenry of this fine country. Currently, that equates to convincing us to surrender our freedoms and individual independence in order to protect us from fears both real and imagined.

So let’s take the “longview” like the enemies of America have done in the past and are doing now. We need to elect School Board members who have the right ethos and ethics to properly build the next generations that will eventually make choices that benefit all Americans. We need to defend ourselves from those interested in transforming America into the average country that will allow the rise of tyrannical bullies “because they know what’s best for you and me”.

Please elect Tim Stowe to the Frederick County School Board and you will worry less about needing to go to protest at the School Board meetings.

Charles Markert is a resident of Frederick County.

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Doc Samson

Nicely put, sir!

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