Americans across the country said words to that effect last Wednesday when a mob stormed into the Capitol with their Trump flags, Confederate regalia, and weapons.

This attack, which had the appearance of an attempted coup, was set into action by an individual who refuses to accept the reality that he can no longer be president.

“We will never accept defeat!” the defeated candidate had told hundreds of his supporters. Then he told them to march on the Capitol with him. This was just as the Senate and House were beginning the process of officially certifying the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as president and vice president. This losing candidate did NOT march with his angry supporters, as he said he would, but he later told the rioters via video, “We love you. You’re very special.”

We have all been saying, “I don’t believe it,” ever since the election, as the loser has continuously declared that he won.

I don’t (want to) believe what I saw Wednesday. This whole sordid sequence looks more like a South American dictatorship than the country which is supposed to be the “leader of the Free World”.

But yesterday’s actions should not be surprising. How many times have you said, over the past year — or over the past 5 years — “That’s unbelievable” or “Who would have ever thought we would see a president doing ______?” Hundreds of times?

He has made the never-before-seen — the “unbelievable” — so commonplace that we have reached the point where nothing he says or does should truly surprises us at this point. We are still sad or disgusted or angry over his degradations and depredations, but we are no longer shocked or even surprised by the depths to which he so easily goes.

Bragging about grabbing women? Lying more than 30,000 times? Disrespecting leaders of allied countries? Direct attacks on environmental protections? Pandering to white supremacists and Nazis? Viciously attacking anyone who crosses him? Why would anyone think of — even revere — such a person as a leader?? Remember, he bragged that he could shoot someone in the middle of 5th Avenue? (Wait! Has he done that yet?)

Bill Fuller (Star, 1-5-21) called him an “embarrassment.” Mr. Fuller also used the words “shameful” and “traitor.” This defeated president is all those, and he is also a disgrace. But he is much more than that. He is DANGEROUS. He has somehow drawn millions of people under his spell. Most of them are otherwise decent people. But too many of them are NOT.

Wednesday was shocking, horrifying, and frightening. This man thinks of no one but himself. He will not accept any reality which he does not like. He believes that his “self” has been rejected and attacked. He cannot tolerate that, and he knows only one way to react. He must be removed before he commits his next act.

Kevin Kennedy is a resident of Frederick County.

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Spock Here

The insurrectionist mob that showed up at the president’s behest and stormed the U.S. Capitol was overwhelmingly made up of longtime Trump supporters, including Republican Party officials, GOP political donors, far-right militants, white supremacists, members of the military and adherents of the QAnon myth that the government is secretly controlled by a cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophile cannibals. Records show that some were heavily armed and included convicted criminals, such as a Florida man recently released from prison for attempted murder.

Spock Here

GOP Sen. Portman:

"I call on Pres. Trump to address the nation and explicitly urge his supporters to remain peaceful and refrain from violence. If our nation experiences additional violence ... and he does not directly and unambiguously speak out ... he will bear responsibility."


They are Democrooks not Democrats!

Spock Here

Showing us that "witty" side are you oh "independent one"?


This is def Nuri posing as Spock. Its illegal. I ah e plenty of screen shots nuri. Please keep going please


Independent is not a party it is someone who votes for the best most qualified person in their opinion. This last election I voted again for the lesser of two evils because I do not want to be a socialist or a communist. Thus far I cannot find anything in the liberal agenda that I think would be good for our country. I have in the past voted Democrat for Obama as again the lesser of two evils at that time. I believe the liberal agenda will be a disaster for our country, one of which other countries will take full advantage and more jobs will be lost. As with Obama the country will become more divided which may lead to civil strife inside our country. I want what is good for our country as I am sure you do so will will agree to disagree. At least you are interested enough to follow politics and our government representatives which is more than I can say for most folks. I respect you, your opinions and your right to express them. I served in the military for over thirty years so you could have your freedom of speech. Have a great day Spock.

john brown lie like tRump...middle of the road my ask


8 days. 8 days. 8 days. Be patient good folks, January 20th will get here.

john brown

he needs to be impeached and jailed by the 20th.

Spock Here

From the Daily Mail, a memo:

"As of 5 January 2021, FBI Norfolk received information indicating calls for violence in response to ‘unlawful lockdowns’ to begin on 6 January 2021 in Washington. D.C.

An online thread discussed specific calls for violence to include stating:

"Be ready to fight. Congress needs to hear glass breaking, doors being kicked in, and blood from their BLM and Pantifa slave soldiers being spilled.

"Get violent. Stop calling this a march, or rally, or a protest. Go there ready for war. We get our President or we die. NOTHING else will achieve this goal."

It's unclear what the bureau did to raise the alarm to other agencies afterwards."

john brown

Yes! Lock tRump up! for his failed coup d etat.... one thing consistent with tRump is his incompetency...tRump is as ffffd up as a soup sandwich

Bernie Mac

Are all Democrats hypocrites? Weren’t these the same Democrats that were backing the violent protests during the Black Live Matters movement just months ago? Funny to see liberals suddenly so against protesting. But for liberals to act like they are suddenly so appalled & disgusted by chaos & protest is the biggest load of BS. Y'all loved this kind of thing (and worse) all summer. Save your crocodile tears! We aren’t falling for it. Y'all passed off your BS as “justice” for 3 months plus. And I'm sure there were some antifa and BLM agitators mixed in out there, too.

Spock Here

Bernie refuses to see the difference between staying in the streets and marching up, and breaking into, our national capitol building, chanting hang Pence, ..... Time for Bernie to go back where he came from.

Bernie Mac

Stupid Spock doesn't remember BLM/antifa trying to break into the White House.

Spock Here

Yeh, thanks for reminding me about all those hundreds of people who climbed over the fence, broke the windows and went inside, throwing heavy objects at police and wanting to hang "someone" on the new gallows they'd built outside. Was that what you were referring to Bern? Or was that something Vlad told you when you were in the vodka a bit too much?

john brown

Black Lives Matter!


All lives matter.

john brown

goat boy is a traitor to my country. like there is no evidence of fraud in the election, there is no evidence of Black Lives Matter or Antifa having participated in the treasonous coup of last Wednesday. Just more lies from goat and the desperate right wing

Spock Here

We must protect this country from future wannabe dictators, in either party. Setting an example would help. Setting an example with republican cooperation would help even more. Perhaps we should ask Vlad to let them cooperate?

Bernie Mac

Experts Have Warned For Years US Voting Systems Highly Vulnerable To Fraud

GA | PBS NEWS WARNED Before Election That GA Voting Was Highly Vulnerable to Fraud

GA | Tech Expert Shocks Fraud Investigators By Hacking Into Voting System LIVE DURING HEARING

US | Voting system used in MI, GA, turned down THREE TIMES by TX due to vulnerability to fraud

OR | Oregon Elections Director FIRED After Warning Public About Vulnerable Voting Software

US | Flashback: In 2019, Three Democrat Senators Warned Voting Machines Were Faulty

US | Symantec: We Bought Two Voting Machines Online and Easily Hacked Them, Here’s How

US | USA Today: Experts Have Long Warned US Voting Machines Vulnerable to Fraud

US | Hackers Challenged to Break Into 100 Different US Voting Machines — The Hacked Into All 100

US | 2019 NBC: Voting Machine Parts Made in China, No Security Controls

US | Fraud Friendly: Dominion Software “Allows Staff to Adjust Tally” (Their Words)

US | Flashback: In 2007, Biden Said Only Paper Ballots Are Safe, Doubted Election Integrity

john brown

I would suggest you have a cup of coffee before you start typing stupid

Bernie Mac

US | Why Does Biden Have So Many More Votes Than Democrats Senators Only In Swing States?

US | Pollster: Curious That Biden Underperformed Hillary In Every City Except These Four

US | Five Reasons Why Biden Win Defies Historical Odds

US | Statistical Challenge: What You Have to Believe In Order to Believe Biden Actually Won

US | If You Wanted to Rig an Election, What Would You Do? Just What Was Done

US | Dept. Of Justice Statistical Study: Massive Fraud Likely In PA, GA

WI | Voter Participation of 88% Wildly Unprecedented, Statistically Unlikely

WI | UNLIKELY: Five Milwaukee Wards Report 89% Turnout, Many Wards Vote 97%+ For Biden

WI | Analysis: Wisconsin Voter Turnout Defies Probability

PA | Coincidence: 25,000 Nursing Home Patients in PA Requested Absentee Ballots AT SAME TIME

NV | Authorities Stymie Any Attempt To Gather Voter Fraud Evidence. Why?

Bernie Mac

Stop the Steal!


I'm not a big Lindsey Graham fan, but this could be his finest moment: "for conservatives who believe in the Constitution, now is your chance to stand up and be counted."

"It is over. Count me out"

Spock Here

And then he got on the plane to Alamo with trump to help lie that the wall is built. What does he have on Lindsey?


The steal WAS stopped...didn’t ya hear???Sadly five people died and several are injured, but it was stopped. God is good. Now get your popcorn ready and your tv turned on, because the first Russian asset US President is about to get impeached for a SECOND time, and his wannabe third reich cohorts are being rounded up and readied for long stays in prison.


He is ill and dangerous. We are his victims. Before we can heal, the infections must be removed, like training a boil before it can heal.


You shouldn't talk about Biden like that.

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