I love reading true stories of courage. Daniel of ancient days is one of my favorite brave souls — who lived faithfully and truly as a Jew in exile in a pagan land. Familiar is his willingness to be thrown to the lions rather than pray to King Darius. What is not as well known is that he was in his 90s and still willing to obey the God of his youth as a captive in Babylon. Daniel also saw visions of future events and was given ability to interpret dreams. I wonder if he saw what is happening in our country, when he wrote, “it prospered in everything it did and truth was thrown to the ground.” (8:12)

It seems that Truth is the very last priority of the radical agendas facing our country’s schools, universities, military, political spheres, and businesses. What is encouraging is that many are willing to be courageous and take a stand against lies and deception that undermine our nation’s rule of Law, codes of conduct, and all that makes for a civil and orderly society. Take CRT for example. I never heard of the Frankfurt School or the German social scientist Max Horkheimer until a few weeks ago. In 1940, he moved to Los Angeles and taught there, as well as at the University of Chicago. His own words are a chilling testament to the goal of CRT — The Long March through Institutions:

“The revolution won’t happen with guns, rather it will happen incrementally, year by year, generation by generation. We will gradually infiltrate their educational institutions and their political offices, transforming them slowly into Marxist entities as we move towards universal egalitarianism.”

Truth is being sacrificed on the altar by many pediatricians as well by the “transgender” movement, an insidious, diabolical socio-trend that seeks to “affirm and assist” young, pubescent boys and girls, who do not have the maturity to make such dramatic, mutilating choices. When, in the history of serving young people with mental health issues, has the medical professional affirmed such behavior, based solely on one’s “feelings”? In the 1980-90s, when the fad was starving oneself or purging (anorexia and bulimia), when did a doctor tell the patient it was just fine not to eat and affirm and assist their sad and unrealistic view of themselves? What are we doing to our young?

In all the chaos around me, there is always hope and challenge. Hope in a God who cares and who is the Truth, the Way and the Life; who proclaimed boldly, “you shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free.” The challenge for me is to live the truth lovingly, kindly, and boldly in the midst of a crumbling civilization.

The challenge for you is to determine where you stand. As Ken Boa said recently, “There are only two kinds of people in the world: those who seek God and those who seek to avoid God, and both will be successful in the end.”

Mary Veilleux is a resident of Berryville.

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I don’t think you understand. This is not Mary’s first raging forum. Mary wears her bigotry proudly on her sleeve. Does she have a right to these opinions? Yes. However, any person with a small amount of decency has a right to call her on it. This is not a pleasant topic. Why do you think the discussion would be pleasant?

Mary threw down the gauntlet. She’s perfectly capable of defending herself on this same discussion. Her letter is full of hate, bigotry, and ignorance. Then she cries about her Christianity and runs and clings to the Cross for defense.

Mary is no Christian.


Those with nasty comments towards Mary is part of the problem. Day after day, when I check in to see what others think, I see nasty ugly ignorant comments from “Blackhorsegirl, spockhere, John brown, Jon boy and others. I, too had heard the comment from Max Horkmier, but didn’t know it was the crt. Why not try thoughtful discussion, instead of hateful rhetoric on a daily basis.

Doc Samson

"Why not try thoughtful discussion, instead of hateful rhetoric on a daily basis."

That would be great if it were possible. When one side is rabidly "anti" everything that doesn't fit their narrative, won't acknowledge that there might be even the slightest possibility they could be (gasp!) wrong about something, and remains willfully ignorant of, or just mocks out of hand, ANY sources outside of the MSM, and holds themselves in the highest regard while engaging in the exact behavior they condemn? Well, being "thoughtful" doesn't really stand a chance...

Mr Incredible

That would be nice, but liberals are incapable of it. They cannot defend their positions using logic, so they go after the poster on a personal basis. Sad actually.


Really? We use a word that is alien to you Trump followers: Truth that can be verified with solid facts. You members of Trump’s Cult of Lies and Conspiracies wouldn’t know what that means.

Mr Incredible

Thank you for proving my point. I know you can't help it.

Doc Samson

@Mr Incredible - [thumbup] I mean, you have to be impaired by some level of mental deficiency or illness to not see the EPIC LEVEL ironic hypocrisy on display...


It's sad to see that someone who claims to love God and their neighbors vilify anyone that says something they disagree with. Ms. Veilleux is only guilty of being honest and trying live a Godly life, and of course the worldly hate her for it! Pray for her and those who persecute her.


Mary is a bigot and attacks business that doesn’t involve her. I don’t find that Godly.


Do you know her personally? Who are you to judge?


It is not her I judge as I have no right. I judge what spews from her mouth. Did not Jesus say we will be judged not by what goes in our mouth but what comes out?

Mary will face judgement on her small mindedness and bigotry by a Power far great than I. She wants to wear her bigotry toward the transgender community on her sleeve? Well, it is my right to call her on that. She has the right to post on these comment forums and defend herself.


From my reading of her comments, she didn't judge or attack the person, but the endorsement of the disorder. Do you not recall the times Jesus sat with sinners and told them to "go and sin no more"? He didn't condemn them and neither did Mary in her letter! Transgenderism is a serious disorder which we shouldn't embrace as anything normal or good. Those who suffer from it need help, just as those who suffer from other disordered behaviors and addictions do. We have to keep in mind that all of us are fallen and we should be kind and charitable, which sometimes requires warning people from sinning. We have a duty to look out for our neighbors just as they should for us. Maybe we should spend more time praying for an end to suffering and the conversion / salvation of souls rather than engaging in hurtful and insulting ad hominems.


My mom always told me there were stupid people out there....and everyday I realize how correct she was.... in reading this paper and the daily posts and reactions I realize not only how stupid some folks are but they keep posting day after day and underscoring the point.


Mr. Vult, You appear as bigoted as Mary. What people elect to do doesn’t affect you. Or Mary. Why do you care? You have “issues” with the LGBTQ community? They have no affect on your life or Mary’s. It is Not a “disorder.” Any disorder is with the ignorance, prejudice, and bigotry directed toward people who are not like you,

Forget about them. Don’t think about them. Go on with your life. Try seeking the words of Jesus. Did you know He was a social disruptor? Yep, a real activist. Do you really think God would be pleased with such hate, ignorance, and bigotry slammed against people He created? It’s very clear the “disorder” is not in the transgender community.


I care because they are children of God, just as you and I are. I'm not going to "forget about them" because that's something Satan wants us to do. You are in serious error and I will certainly pray for you. Have a good day.


No, I’m not. I do not pass judgment on how other people choose to live their lives. Even the small minded, prejudiced, and bigoted have a right to their opinion even if it’s wrong.

If you have pastors or preachers spewing this same garbage and misleading their flock, I truly fear for their souls. At the end of the day, they will be harshly judged.


“Take CRT for example. I never heard of the Frankfurt School or the German social scientist Max Horkheimer until a few weeks ago…”

Hmmm. Let’s just examine this a bit closer, Mary. Just for giggles. You are how old, and never once heard of this theory, but it has suddenly emerged as the greatest threat to our democracy in these last few weeks? Do i have that correct? And where exactly did you divine the details of this scary, evil theory’s truth? Did God come to you in a dream? Was it told to you through meditation from a higher power? It’s an AMAZING coinkydink that you and so many conservatives like you have stumbled upon the most shocking and revelatory information that truly threatens our nation and its citizens….all at the exact same time. What are the chances, one might ask? 100% if you worship at the alter of Trump, apparently. I hear your critical race theory fear mongering, and i raise you one mr. potato head (with a side of “happy holidays”.)

(Jesus, Mary, and Joseph….prayers go out to all the morons and rubes who follow their leaders like lambs to a slaughter….they know not what they do.)

john brown

Hopefully this nonsense was written prior to the opening testimony of the Capitol Police Officers. the so called kkkhristians believe in their god donal tRump, how crazy stupid is that.


Yep, she needs all the help she can get Divine or otherwise. His woman is deranged. Hasn’t she written in another head spinning, mouth frothing, spittle spewing piece of garbage before. I think she simply rearranged the sentences. ✍️


God bless Mary Veilleux!

Chris 22602

Truth: This country protects the right to have different religious beliefs. Fact: some Christians are not opposed to transgender people. Fact: that’s their constitutionally protected right. Fact: By the constitution’s protections your rights ain’t no more important than theirs. Fact: indigenous people of the United States have a word for people who feel both male and female and it’s called two-spirit. Fact: we didn’t learn about that in school because white people committed genocide against indigenous Americans, but you wouldn’t know that because your history books lied to you, which is why we need to teach the truth in schools to put a stop to bigots like you.

Mr Incredible

Funny, as of late, liberals are doing a better job of erasing the American Indian from the landscape than the American Army ever did. "Redskins". "Indians". The Tomahawk Chop in Atlanta. The Chiefs mascot. Locally, liberals grouse about Sherando. Liberals are making it all go away, just like Stalin made people and opinions he didn't like go away. Maybe it's time to look in the mirror


After the unprecedented daily lies from the Trump administration, Mary tries to make an argument using truth and God? Incredible!! Mary, how do you feel about Trump telling the country that the pandemic was a hoax? He was on audio telling Bob Woodward that this thing is serious. Mary wouldn’t know the truth if it hit her in the face. I’m getting tired of folks who were complicit in supporting this stuff to stand behind God and religion. What hypocrites! Sorry, I must have got up on the wrong side of the bed. If you haven’t been vaccinated, do us all a favor by stopping at your pharmacy and doing so. Let’s end this thing. It’s going to be a beautiful fall in the Valley. Let’s not mess it up by having an uptick in the virus.



Mr Incredible

As noted in the previous comments, liberals have the amazing ability to actually see something take place in front of them, or see someone quoted word for word, and still deny what they see and read.


Those remain ignorant of history are destined to repeat it.

Doc Samson

" liberals have the amazing ability to actually see something take place in front of them, or see someone quoted word for word, and still deny what they see and read"

I'd say the classic "liberal" no longer exists. As for Progressive Leftists and your description? Yeah, that's their super power! It truly beggars belief...


Great letter Mary! As you can see, the local socialist drones attack like killer bees. All they see is red.

Catherine Giovannoni

Yet another example that all the Republicans have are phony culture war issues. CRT! Transgender children! Dr. Seuss is being cancelled! There's a war on Christmas! They changed Mr. Potato Head! Fox is great at keeping foolish people outraged over one after another of these silly "controversies." They have zero real impact on people's lives, they just distract the gullible and keep them voting against their own interests. Meanwhile, Biden Bucks arrived this month in families' bank accounts, Democrats are getting shots in arms, infrastructure built, and jobs created. I feel sorry for the author of this letter.

john brown


It is all you got when your leader is a pathological mentally ill tRump.


If Mary is concerned about truth, How about renaming CRT to "A Documented History of Racial Injustice in America".

Spock Here



Well, you just stepped in your own poo because CRT is promoted as THEORY, not fact or actual history.

Doc Samson

@Deus - [thumbup][thumbup][thumbup][thumbup][thumbup][thumbup][thumbup][thumbup][thumbup][thumbup][thumbup][thumbup][thumbup]

Oh, almost forgot - [thumbup]





Unfortunately, Mary, I doubt you would know truth if it stood in front of you. You simply disagree with what some others think 🤔

The so called “feelings” of others don’t concern you. Why do you think about them or in this article rage about them? Mind your own bigoted business.


God is for people who still need a parent. Don’t be a child, grow up.

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