If you have been listening to the Democrat Party’s talking points about inclusivity, diversity, and equality, you may actually believe it. That is, if you are unwilling to look at the factual examples of these mixed messages.

With the latest comment by Tom Perez, DNC Chair, (actually bragging on stage) it is now revealed yet again that the Democrat Party’s first guiding principle is one that practices the art of hypocrisy.

Perez indicated publicly that they lowered the bar of requirements to encourage persons of color to participate in the Democrat primaries. What a low blow to those diverse candidates that have come and gone, like Harris, Booker, Castro, and Messam. Essentially, Perez is saying that persons of color could not compete on their own merit, so in order for us to have a more diverse group on stage to validate our fictitious talking points we needed to lower our standards.

Contrast the last Democrat debate with the six white individuals on stage with the Republican debate conducted four years ago to date, where they had Ben Carson, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz on stage. All men of character and intelligence.

I am so glad that the truth has been revealed to the voters. We do not need to lower the standards of the highest office in the land for the sake of “being inclusive.” President Barack Obama won the presidency based on his debate and messaging skills, not because of skin color.

What we need is an individual of character who has strong values, morals, and intellect; who does not possess the ability to talk out both sides of his or her mouth at the same time (Biden is now excluded). And, whose primary concern is the good of our nation.

This whole Identity Politics messaging (a Saul Alinsky tactic) has been fabricated by the liberal media, bought and paid for by the DNC to keep us divided so that they can prevail, and yes ... control us by taking away our liberties.

Want proof? Look no further than the numerous gun restriction bills just introduced in Richmond in the first week in office. These bills only effect legal and honest gun-owners, not criminals. And again, we have audio proof that this same demented group referred to legal gun owners as “kooks.”

If a Republican had said what Perez revealed, this would be 24-hour news for seven days straight. And don’t you know it, it would be President Trump’s fault. This again shows the deliberate bias and outright discrimination of the mainstream media, and frankly how they are deliberately leading us astray. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me!

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s not be fooled again. The Democrat-Socialist-Progressive party is no longer the Democrat party we once knew 50 years ago. It is exactly as you have witnessed during the last three years, a party that will stoop to new lows to take away the American Dream.

David A. Eddy is a resident of Middletown.

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5DS at its finest. Trump 2020


I have lived in a politically correct society where words like "diversity" and "tolerance" were bandied about, but which were really just control mechanisms. It was as close to hades as I wish to get.

Spock Here

I certainly don't like Tom Perez, but the exclusion from debates is a matter of donors and polling, which is bad enough, but not "lower standards", whatever that implies. I will say hypocrites reign on both sides: the third time I was called out as a RINO, I left. And am still waiting for "an individual of character who has strong values, morals, and intellect" to lead republicans. The one currently in charge displays none of those traits.


As if the Republican Party is any better!! Hypocrisy reigns, corruption, lies, power hungry. Fox News is not fair and balanced. It is a megaphone for conservative, regressive Republicans. Trump has remade the Republican Party into an embarrassment.


Trump is not a Republican. He's an American who is concerned about Americans, not illegal aliens or criminals. America is the greatest country in the world and it's high time our leaders realized that instead of cow-towing to foreign nations and putting us at a disadvantage with trade, we actually benefit from it. TRUMP 2020 and Beyond!


Who's towing cows?


You can have the job, Engels. Make sure to figure out which end is which.

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