The Frederick County Board of Supervisors (BOS) is in violation of its powers and duties by addressing and endorsing any resolution of withdrawal from the state of Virginia or the United States in the war against the COVID-19 pandemic, and using their BOS positions and the BOS platform for political interests and personal gain. This violation has been demonstrated during the June 9, 2021 BOS board meeting.

The BOS is the policy-making body of Frederick County Virginia — not an administrative or political body. Its powers and responsibilities, as conferred by Virginia general law, are to provide for the performance of all the governmental functions of the county in a manner consistent with the laws of the state of Virginia. Functions of the BOS include land use decisions, growth and development policies, operational policies, and the review and adaptation of the county's operational and capital budgets which set spending priorities.

The BOS support for Frederick County as a “constitutional sanctuary” county presents a conflict-of-laws environment with selective non-recognition of pandemic measures and refusal of participation within the nation at respective federal, state, tribal, and lower jurisdiction levels. It also creates a conflict-of-laws environment with non-recognition of present day established authority, e.g., “Don’t Tread On Me”, an expression of individual pursuit versus the pursuit of collective interests, e.g., the war against the COVID-19 virus.

Ironically, another motto that originated during the Revolutionary War era should be remembered and pursued — "United We Stand." It originated as part of a 1768 patriotic ballad, became a rallying cry during the Civil War, was invoked in World War II as unity among the Allied nations, and reemerged as Americans confronted a national crisis on September 11, 2001. The BOS has abandoned this motto, American history, and the on-going war against the COVID-19 virus.

The BOS support for a constitutional sanctuary is “brazen and illegal” as it abandons society as a whole, abandons federal and state authority, and abandons federal and state constitutions as governing documents. It further abandons the processes for citizenry disagreement and change of laws and constitutional amendments vetted within federal and state legislatures and determined in votes by the citizens of this nation and states.

The BOS exhortation of “… tyrants out of Richmond….” is misplaced. That characterization of "tyrants" is more relevant and appropriate for the BOS.

The BOS have violated their charter and have failed to recognize the authority of Virginia and the United States.

Phyllis Book is a resident of Lake Frederick.

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This is what happens when all the liberals hate paying the real estate prices across the mountain in the DC metro area. They go to Winchester and pontificate their "science" or better the lack thereof.

john brown

Happy Juneteenth everyone!

Not CRT but factual History.... the BOS's scare tactics about something , CRT, that is not being taught in any school in Fredderick County. CRT is a University level course exploring the factor of race and everything about race in the shaping of America.

Do yourselves a favor and turn off faux news. It's scaring you for no good reason.

john brown

Frederick County has to be a better place than their BOS lead you to believe.


Well-stated Phyllis. The members of the BOS need to read their own Core Values. Particularly the last three:

- A government that recognizes the importance of maintaining a highly trained public safety program to provide efficient services and protection to county citizens.

- A government that promotes the spirit of cooperation with its regional local government partners and, in particular, the City of Winchester.

- A government unit based on honesty, trust, integrity, and respect that understands the importance of clear communication and a willingness to listen.


What do you expect from a bunch of loser Republicans who lost a presidential election, continue to throw fits over it 7 months later, undermine our Democracy, and prefer to live in a fantasy world of lies and conspiracies.

They’re pandering to their voters who, at this moment, are down on their hands and knees searching for that half a brain cell they thought they possessed. Can’t find it? Doesn’t surprise me in the least. Fantasy, lies, and conspiracies is a world outside of reality. Brain cells exist is reality.

Catherine Giovannoni


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