Super Tuesday is fast approaching. On March 3, Virginia voters will help select the next nominee for the Democratic candidate for president. Virginia is the fourth most populous state of the 14 having their primaries that day, so the Virginia vote will be very critical.

Super Tuesday may well determine whether we as a nation will have to endure four more years of Donald Trump, his corrupt administration and his dangerous attacks on the very fabric of our democracy.

Of critical importance is the question, “Who is best suited to defeat Donald Trump?”

One day after the Nevada caucus, Bernie Sanders has the lead and a great deal of momentum going into South Carolina, but we also have just learned that he is the favorite of Trump and Russia to win the Democratic nomination. He was advised of that fact by national security agents a month ago, but, like his medical records, chose to keep that to himself.

There is obviously a good reason Trump and Russia prefer Bernie: they see him as the candidate least likely to gain the support of moderate and independent voters because of his self-declared socialist brand name, his unwavering and at times frenzied ideological language (e.g., “revolution,” etc.), his inflexibility, and his aversion to hearing others’ more moderate, less ambitious goals and plans.

Those of you old enough to recall the Beatles’ “Magical Mystery Tour” song may easily relate it to Bernie: “Roll up for the Magical Mystery Tour… we’ve got everything you need…we’re coming to take you away, take you today!” Sounds great, like most fantasy rides. The problem is, the U.S. already now spends one out of every five dollars in tax revenue just to pay on the interest on the national debt (which, by the way, has soared to over a trillion dollars under Trump).

Bernie’s Magical Mystery Tour will only result in Trump being able to throw both him and us right under the bus.

But another threat to the hope of ridding this nation of Trump once and for all is the other extreme standing on the stage for the Nevada debate last week, i.e, Mike Bloomberg and his unlimited millions or even billions to spend as he pleases to buy the nomination. As Elizabeth Warren declared that evening, this is just not right.

And Bernie was right about one thing: We really don’t need our democracy turned into an oligarchy over night.

And the Beatles were also descriptive about Bloomberg: Money can’t buy you love. And by the looks of his first debate, he has a long way to go in that department.

So, to conclude, this is an appeal to more moderate or realistic Democrats on March 3: please support Joe Biden as the best hope to unite our party and the nation.

And if not Biden, check the box for Elizabeth Warren, who has proven to be a lethal street fighter who could take down Trump in debate, just like she did with Bloomberg.

Stephen Armstrong is a resident of Winchester.

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Nanny Bloomberg....the helicopter mommy dearest that all America needs. Not.

Spock Here

It was our intelligence people who raised the alarm...again...about Russia. But we all know that we believe only what president dementia tells us to believe.


Funny, they didn't raise the alarm about Uranium One or the Clinton Foundation's cozy relationships with whoever was on Secretary Clinton's foreign itinerary of the day. It was Obama who castigated Mitt Romney for saying that Russia was a big threat. It was Obama's administration that helped Russian develop its own version of Silicon Valley (which it then blamed for attacking American elections...but only after Hillary lost). If anyone is demented, it is the left that so conveniently forgets things like these as it rails at Trump with a frothing TDS.


You funny

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