On Nov. 3, I plan to vote for President Trump and Vice President Pence. I also plan to vote for Daniel Gade for the U.S. Senate. Mr. Gade supports the issues that have been, and will be, successful for President Trump.

In 2016 under President Trump’s leadership, our economy rapidly grew until the “nobody has the perfect answer pandemic” occurred. A renewed Trump leadership is the best chance for the economy to come back as the pandemic gradually subsides. Republicans have the best record for managing a successful economy as well as creating an environment for more jobs. The economy is my number one reason for voting for President Trump and his team.

Other, almost equally important reasons for my vote, include: 1) President Trump’s Supreme Court nominations as well as his numerous other judicial appointments. These outstanding appointments are people who believe in the original intent of our constitution. 2) His management of foreign affairs including the movement of the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem as well as his leading the, just beginning, cooperation between Arab states and Israel. 3) His strong support for the military, including the reduction and some troop withdrawal from the Middle East and Europe. 4) His willingness to frequently engage an unfriendly press. 5) His confirmed intent, with some success, to address bureaucratic inefficiencies in Washington. 6) His willingness to take on our immigration morass. 7) A strong, well trained and well-paid police force are high priorities. This is usually not a federal responsibility but President Trump is demonstrating strong leadership in stressing this issue. Those who oppose strong law and order (particularly those who want be voting Republican) are working against the very citizens who need a strong, well trained and responsive police force, particularly high crime inner-city people. 8) I highly favor President Trump’s public education initiatives, charter schools and the like, for communities where public education has failed its constituents. These alternatives are resisted by the same politicians and bureaucrats whose constituents are most in need of education alternatives. Finally, 9) His stamina in being an effective president while under constant attack by nefarious political opponents as well as a disingenuous mainstream media. The prime example is the costly, unsuccessful, hateful and politically motivated, Mueller investigation. This investigation is a blot on the integrity of U.S. civic responsibility.

The angry, progressive, Socialist minded Democrat opposition offers minimal positive response to the multiple reasons why I and many other patriots plan to vote straight Republican in the November elections.

George White lives in Frederick County.

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john brown

Vote Blue down the ticket to save America.


"T is a liar, a looser, bankrupt, in debt, bully, bad businessman, disrespectful of women and others. He is anti-science and surrounds himself with “yes” men. His supporters are poor judges of character." Words of a nasty angry socialist!

Spock Here

nasty and angry potus was on full displlay Tues night. I'll bet he really convinced undecideds that he was the man....


No, the words of someone who isn't licking the boots of the Dear Leader hoping to one day be invited to his table. That table was never going to be opened to you. No one likes a bootlicker, especially the owner of the boots.

john brown

As a great actor once said "you can't handle the truth" about the slimeball that is tRump. A sign of personal low self esteem.

Doc Samson

While Trump is certainly better than the alternative, he leaves quite a bit to be desired from a true Constitutional perspective. I do find it amusing how so many who decry "career politicians" and all that they represent continue to vote for... career politicians and all that they represent. Everybody wants to complain but no one wants to change their voting habits to effect true change. [lol]


Thank you, Dr. White, for your seasoned and thoughtful advice. You remain one of the best common sense voices in our Valley region. All the best, Sir.


T is a liar, a looser, bankrupt, in debt, bully, bad businessman, disrespectful of women and others. He is anti-science and surrounds himself with “yes” men. His supporters are poor judges of character.

Bernie Mac

"Orange man bad"


What did we say, goat boy? Anonymous cowards don't get to talk.

Bernie Mac

Grow up, Bryan.

Spock Here

Again with the irony?

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