After learning of the successful bombing of our fleet at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941, Japanese Admiral Yamamoto, commander of the Japanese fleet, was quoted as saying, “I fear the only thing we have accomplished is to arouse a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.” The admiral is right.

Several years ago I wrote a commentary that was printed in this paper about tearing down an old house in order to build a new one on the old foundation.

Assume that a person has a beautiful lot on a hilltop with a fantastic view, but he doesn’t like the old house. He wants a new house on the old foundation, but in order to build the new house he must first tear down the old one.

That is what I believe the Socialist Democrats have in mind for our country. Tear down our democracy and replace it with a socialist “utopia.” Not if I can help it.

The Democrats have 24 people who want to be president. The Republicans have one. None of the Democrats have ever been president, but the Republican has.

Several nights ago President Trump held a rally in Orlando, Fla., to announce his reelection campaign — 150,000 people requested tickets to the event. Over 20,000 people were allowed into the hall and thousands more stood outside in the rain. Fantastic.

I have a red MAGA hat which I often wear. I have had dozens of compliments from total strangers saying they like my hat but not one person has ever said they don’t like it.

One of the male Democratic candidates has a husband, and if elected he would move into the White House as a wife. What would the rest of the world think? Frightening, isn’t it? We would have to repaint the house as black instead of white.

There are loud noises coming from Democrats who want black folks to be paid reparations for ancestral slavery. Great, but who should pay for it? Why not only Democrats since they were the slave owners in the south and fought a war to preserve their rights own slaves. Republicans fought for their freedom.

Many Democrats want to impeach President Trump simply because they hate him and their hatred is a cancer on our society. Nancy Pelosi has lost all control in the House, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has taken over. How pathetic. And dangerous.

So wake up America before it is too late. Help save us from socialist tyranny and other forms of organized crime.

Jack Lillis is a resident of Frederick County.

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Spock Here

"Other forms of organized crime" Like what? You are really attacking a left fringe group, in my opinion, not the moderates, but whatever. A "black" whitehouse? I don't get that, but I'm thinking a big batch of Raid, as well as bleach, will be needed in 2021


I would add that both Ireland and New Zealand have PMs with same sex spouses.


Move in as a wife? What an ignorant fool you are, Jack Lillis. Oh, and your hat? It looks silly.

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