Never in the history of our republic has a Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives ripped up a copy of the State of the Union address immediately after it was delivered. Viewed by a large number of shocked Americans, Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s angry act was an indication of just how frustrated the Democrats are with President Trump’s first term, and how desperate they are to stop him from getting a second.

Despite Democrat efforts to thwart him, by spying on his campaign, carrying out the unsuccessful Mueller investigation and failing to remove him from office by impeachment, the president has been successful in creating a full-employment economy, getting tax reform and criminal justice reform passed, improving trade arrangements with Canada, Mexico and China, closing a porous southern border, significantly rebuilding our armed forces, and even getting the U.S. Embassy moved to Jerusalem!

COVID 19 appeared to provide an unexpected additional opportunity for the Democrats to derail the Trump success story. Here, again, despite their efforts to ridicule the Trump administration as incompetent, the American people have understood the complexity of the President’s task and have appreciated the strong leadership and hard work that he, Vice President Pence and the Coronavirus Task Force have displayed.

And although he was condemned by the Democrats and the World Health Organization for his actions, the President banned travel to the United States from China, where the virus was first discovered, on Jan. 31 and shortly thereafter from Europe. These decisions are generally recognized as having saved tens of thousands of American lives.

The anger and desperation of the Democrat Party leadership is growing by the day, and I am concerned that it will result in attempts to win the November election by encouraging practices that will destroy the integrity of our national elections.

While the House has deliberated about allowing non-citizens to vote, governors such as Virginia’s Northam have signed legislation ending voter ID requirements, and Democrats in both houses of Congress have seriously considered doing away with the electoral college system, a national mail-in ballot scheme for the November presidential election should be of greatest concern to us.

Nestled in the $3 trillion corona virus bill recently passed by the House, is Speaker Pelosi’s proposal to establish a national “voting by mail” system, with $3.6 billion to pay for it. Its mission is to nationalize ballot harvesting, eliminate signature verification and voter ID laws, allow for same-day voter registration and send millions of ballots before November, to every registered voter in the nation, including those who have died or moved away, and, if they are on the voter rolls, even those who are not American citizens.

Ballot harvesting is the process where a third party collects and turns in ballots on behalf of another person. Ballot harvesting fraud involves political operatives who target and exploit the vulnerable — homebound individuals or those in nursing homes.

We must not allow Democrat anger and desperation about President Trump to destroy the integrity of our election system, which is the envy of the world! Pelosi and the Democrats can’t get away with this!

Dave Stegmaier is seeking the Republican nomination for the Shawnee District seat on the Frederick County Board of Supervisors.

Dave Stegmaier is Republican candidate for Shawnee District Supervisor

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This borderline delusional. The GOP has worked hard to make voting difficult and painful. Vote by mail is an example. Five states use vote by mail exclusively and have zero problems. The military has voted by mail since the civil war. EventRump election commission could find no evidence of voter fraud. tRump - and anyone who supports him - should be voted out of office. The GOP no longer has the best interest of 'we the people' as part of their agenda.


The problem with MASS mail-in balloting is that the voter rolls are so out of date because of political opposition to clearing out the data for people that don't live there anymore, have passed, or don't vote at all. Political operatives from BOTH sides practice illegal ballot harvesting, we've seen proof of it. The integrity of the ballot is what is important. The military has a proven process for handling mail in balloting. Pushing that out to the population is a whole new ballgame. People should vote in person with a valid photo ID and they should be registered to vote and least 1 month before an election, otherwise they don't get to vote. Voting is an important right for citizens, and should be treated as such. Every measure to ensure the integrity of the ballot should be made.

Bernie Mac

Tony - That is a lie! The Republicans have been working to maintain the integrity of our voting system. Meanwhile, Democrats are devising new ways of voting that can be exploited by their more unethical party members. The protests this past week show that people can get out when motivated. Mail-in voting should be for military only.


Ah yes, republicans (like tRump himself- who just did so in the last election) who vote by mail are civic minded patriots, and democrats who vote by mail are sinister, vote-stealing criminals. Thanks for clearing that up for us, oh wise one. How about Republicans who are caught stealing from their own Donald, Ivanka, Don jr, and Eric...and are forced to disband them? I know looting is wrong, but is it okay to steal when you’re a billionaire republican? I was hoping to start a charity snd then use the money i raise to pay off judgements against me and buy paintings of myself to hang in my own businesses, but i’m hero like Trump and i’m sadly not republican, so i’m unsure if i qualify. Thanks for your help with this! Good luck come november✌🏼


I believe half the nation must be huffing gas or something. Honestly.

Spock Here

Yes, you are indeed the "wrong choice." But glad you got comrade in chief's letter with your talking points laid out--they sound like every other cultist' try to be original

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