I read your editorial, man. You know, the one appearing in the April 6 edition of The Winchester Star, wherein you maintain that we, that is all of us but you, have treated President Trump unfairly, vis-a-vis his health=care plan. You make a poignant plea that we just give Mr. Trump’s health-care plan a chance.

That’s right, twice in this so-called editorial — I repeat, twice — you unequivocally declare that the plan exists! Apparently Mr. Trump has shared this plan with you, and obviously no one else. So, this begs the question as to why you have not seen fit to share it with us, both his adoring public, and those of us who are more skeptical? That’s totally irresponsible, man!

What’s that you say? Oh yeah, that’s right, later in the editorial, in spite of having stated twice that it exists, you reverse yourself and state the plan exists only in his mind. (In fact, lately, he himself has said the plan will only be revealed after the 2020 election. don’t you read the papers. man?) So, what do you call this ploy of first stating — twice mind you — that the plan exists; and then reversing yourself and saying it doesn’t? Journalistic license?

The only thing that exists in his mind — that vast, sepulchral darkness — relates to greed, mayhem, licentiousness, cheating at anything and everything, where his daddy was born, trying to get back in Ann Coulter’s good graces, and, possibly, a plan to minimize his excessive drooling.

But, by way of your ploy you have achieved your obvious goal and scaled the journalistic heights! You no doubt have planted a seed in the minds of local rubes, his loyal minions, that Mr. Trump has a health-care plan; a great plan, mind you — and that but for the vile way he is treated we could all be in hog heaven, health care-wise.

Michael A. Rea is a resident of Winchester.

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In a way, typically both condescending and bitter, Mr. Rea distorts a previous Star editorial with such flair that CNN has probably already called him to offer him a job. Mr. Rea’s Prejudice against reason is alarmingly too familiar these days. I had read the editorial from April 6 before but after reading Mr. Rea’s regurgitation, I had to go back and read it again to see if we were reading the same article. It’s obvious that we weren’t. The editorial states clearly that Mr. Trump intends to have a plan regarding healthcare. Regarding ObamaCare, the Piece goes on to say, “He promises something better will be enacted in its place.” Like Mr. Rea, we all are interested in seeing what Mr. Trump comes up with. But that hasn’t happened yet, man. Go file a sharper point on your I hate Trump darts.

Spock Here

As long as he does the bidding of Vlad, the faux pro life evangelicals, and Fox news, he will remain. Jim Jones lives......


But he does have a plan! It's beautiful and it covers everyone! It's much cheaper than anything we now have! It will even cover windmill noise cancer! The only people privy to the plan are his crack team of investigators in Hawaii who are still sitting on the explosive news about Obama's birth certificate. Remember when Trump said they had information that was yooge??


Preach, Michael A. Rea!

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