This is a tit-for-tat response to a Sept. 1 Open Forum titled “What do the Taliban and the left have in common?”

I get no pleasure out of comparing one of our worst enemies to my fellow Americans. However, I believe the four dark years of Donald Trump were largely a result of progressives remaining silent. We now know, we must put up a defense. So, in all fairness, let’s compare the Taliban to the right.

Both are strict conservatives seeking to bring their religious morality into government. The Taliban believe government must follow the words of Allah as written in the Koran. The conservative Republicans believe our government must return to Judeo-Christian values. But our founders were clearly Omnist, who understood both the need for individual religious liberty and a separation between church and state.

Conservatives are labeled racist because they strive to prevent equality in terms of human rights. When in power, they roll back any progress previously made by minorities. Trump did it through his presidency and the Taliban are doing it now. Chauvinism and prejudice in all conservative groups are obvious by simply noting the lack of diversity in the faces of the men in power.

The Republican party’s main principle reads, “We believe in American exceptionalism.” But, every conservative group around the world thinks they are the ones who are the most exceptional. This is an arrogant belief that goes against America’s principles. Britain assumed they were exceptional and treated us unfairly. So, our founders sent them a letter declaring that we “ … assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle … ” So, treating all people as an equal is the American way and the only way people will peacefully coexist. Conservative groups however, don’t seem interested in coexisting.

Conservatives don’t get along with each other. In Afghanistan as the Taliban moved into power, a recent report revealed that internally, they can’t agree on how to form a government. The first sign of a new chapter in their endless civil war came from Isis-K. Suicide bombers brought pain and suffering to innocent people by blowing themselves up in a crowd of people. About the same time, one very confused conservative from North Carolina drove his old pickup truck into Washington. His goal was to be the exceptional patriot and a martyr for Trump’s big lie. On Jan. 6, the Trump supporters chanted, “Hang Mike Pence,” who is also a conservative. Endless internal conflict within conservative groups, leads to new factions, each obsessing over some bias. Proud Boys and QAnon are the latest.

Meanwhile, here in Frederick County, there seems to be internal conflict on our conservative Board of Supervisors. Far-right members are outraged over the teaching of a nonexistent Critical Race Theory. The idea has been made up by the fake conservative media.

Ken Kovach is a resident of Frederick County.

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Yes, we now need to protect our federal buildings and employees from Trump’s thugs and criminals.

Fortunately, these criminals will not find overwhelmed brave police officers fighting off a weaponized mob. Our Democracy will be ready.

Being cowards, I doubt those big tough guys who seem able to only plot a murder contract on a helpless woman won’t even show. Republicans: this is who you are. Traitors, criminals, and a severe danger to our Democracy and our Constitution.

Ken Kovach

Today, your tax dollars are being spent to put a fence up around the Capitol. Why? To keep innocent people safe from the misinformed conservative Republicans.

Doc Samson

It never ceases to amaze me that in this age of full access information, Prog-Lefties remain so blissfully and pridefully oblivious to reality. Keep stuffing your eyes and ears with CNN/MSNBC smoke and mirrors! [lol] [thumbup] Just because they don't report it, doesn't make it not true...


I wrote the truth. I live in the truth, you know that which can be proven with verifiable facts.

I don’t live in cults of lies and conspiracies like you. Fling your lies and garbage. I know I’m right and I speak the truth.

Doc Samson

Infallible are we? [rolleyes] [lol]


Jealous? Living the truth is freedom.

Doc Samson

Gosh! Golly! And, that's a hard "no" to that question. Your second statement I agree with. Unfortunately for you, history will sort it out and place mockery and condescension where it rightfully belongs. [beam]


Half the country has sought and achieved self smear by wallowing in fantasy cults of lies and conspiracies, believing the outrageous lies that a fair, safe, and secure election was stolen when all you had was a 74 year old overgrown child and poor loser. This poor loser threatened a coup, considered martial laws, threatened state officials to illegally overthrow an election in his favor, threatened governors to not certify a legal election in their state, considered using the military to overthrow an election and keep him in power, encouraged criminals to attack our Capital, stop a certification that was ceremonial at best, threatened to kill the Vice President, and did million of dollars of tax payer damage including defecating on the floor and smearing feces on the wall where it took those in hazmat suits to clean it.

Do you know what a failed coup is? Practice. Our Democracy is under threat from 50% of our population of empty headed cult believing Trump Trash. They’re already considering building another fence to protect the Capital from a threat of you people on September 18th. With this Covid threat, they’ve proven more dangerous.

What empty lives they live to wallow in such fantasies and believe such fairy 🧚 tales.

They are anti women-look at Texas-anti democracy-look at their racist voting laws. 50% of our nation are non patriots, traitors, racist and bigots, and a total danger to our county, our Democracy, and our Constitution.

The faster we vote them out, the safer we will be. Nope, they did this to themselves and deserve what they get which appears to be gasping for breath and dying in our countries’s ICUs.

Mr. Bridge, stop your whining. It’s unbecoming. This is who you are. Be a man about it or go hide under the bed and suck your thumb.

Charles Bridge

Don't even know where to begin on this one. Just a collection of loosely based comparisons to try & smear half the country. For starters women (as well as men) were better off during the last 4 years than they were before & after Trump was in office. Just look at the stats. Much lower unemployment, higher wages, more disposable income and greater consumer confidence. Even better that the stats for men & women are the ones for black & hispanic people. With 95% negative coverage Trump was slammed for his every move. Now that a democrat is in the White House they tell us all is well. Giant double standard!

john brown

"Much lower unemployment, higher wages, more disposable income and greater consumer confidence" wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong ....tRump took President Obama's unemployment rate from 4.6% to 3.9% before it ballooned to over 8%. President Obama reduced Bush's unemployment rate from 8% to 4.9%, a 60% reduction and tRump took it from 4.6% to 3.9%, 20% reduction before it ballooned to 6.9%. During tRump's term job losses average a negative .5% yearly and during President Obama's 8 years, job growth averaged a positive 1%. Get off of the faux news lies.


Mr. Bridge if you don't know where to begin, then you have no idea where to start.

john brown

The right are the amerikkkan taliban...they are anti woman, anti science and pro violence to achieve their white nationalist goals


No, truth. Do I need to explain that word to you, Mr. Western, as I’m sure it’s an alien concept?

Old Western Man

[yawn] pablum

Catherine Giovannoni

All we have to do is look at Texas to see how similar both groups are.

Spock Here

Logan Dorn apparently wants to be the leader of the American Christian Taliban : 'A Christian extremist flouting what he calls his "freedom of speech" is refusing to apologize to several women he harassed at a beach by telling them "the truth" that in his estimation their bathing suits were "pornographic" and not appropriate. The man says he felt a "righteous anger" and a "boldness by the Holy Spirit to go in to confront" them.'


Both the Taliban and the many flavors of the USA right treat women as less than equal human beings. Both would have their dogma become the law of the land. Both need to be frozen out of a free and dignified society. The Taliban differs from the right in that it embraces a delusional view of theocracy while the right embraces lies and rejects truth. Both hold science in contempt.The delusional and toxic right is the threat to the USA - not the Taliban.

Spock Here

Excellent Mr. Kovach, thank you.




Yes, Mr. Nuri, bingo! We can, also, say what else is new and scary.



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