Most folks know it’s time to vote in Virginia. So, let’s see what’s at stake. How’s it going?

Prices are rising dramatically on nearly everything. We’ve killed energy independence. Staggering entitlement legislation is being promoted, which we claim costs nothing. There’s Afghanistan. Indisputably, we have open borders with tens of thousands invading and disappearing. We have allegedly scientific COVID mandates where 100-plus employees are dangerous but under 100 aren’t. We’ve offended our oldest allies now publicly distrustful of our commitments. We pay folks not to work and tout the economy as booming. Our supply chain is crippled where goods don’t show up. Violence and crime continuously rise. That’s partially how it’s going.

Hold on, you say. That’s Washington. We’re Virginia. Exactly. Washington’s recycled candidate for Virginia’s governor is precisely why understanding what’s coming out of Washington is critical to elections here. Because it’s the current Washington crowd who want their handpicked man to also run Virginia — again, to keep on doing in Virginia how it’s being done in Washington. The Washington-insider, professional politician candidate is philosophically and past performance-wise of the very same ilk as our current Washington politicians in power. That’s been this recycled candidate’s consistent history. And Washington-connected heavy-hitters fund him, too, from all over the U.S.

So, this is about the other guy? Yes — the outsider; the non-politician; the candidate who has actually earned a living and created real jobs for others; the man not beholden to the Washington group; a person focused on Virginia rather than Washington’s agendas. But why would we put Virginia in the hands of someone who has not spent his life making a living on political contributions? Well, looking at the crowd of which Washington’s candidate is an integral part and how things are clearly headed these days, Virginia might want to break that cycle and stop parroting what Washington does. It’s either a recycled, Washington political activist as governor, or someone not from that crowd.

Of course, it’s more than that. The other guy — the not-from-Washington guy — Glenn Youngkin — is for reducing government intrusion and taxes; schools where parents have a say affecting education, without being investigated; protecting children, born and unborn; supporting, not defunding law enforcement; creating jobs, not punishing small business job creators. He’s for that governance. However, the Washington candidate historically is not for that governing style and has already created a record in Virginia that was quite the opposite concerning education, law enforcement, families, and sustainable jobs.

Many people vote for one group of politicians no matter what the record, facts, or leadership failures show. But surely there are millions of Virginians who want to vote for a gubernatorial candidate who is not a group-think leader, particularly a Washington group thinker. So, when voting, which crowd do we want in Richmond? The Washington crowd again, or a new, Virginia-focused leader?

C R Torpy is a resident of Frederick County.

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Doc Samson

Translation: Pr0g-Leftists support this - - but not individual rights... unless you're trying to rid yourself of unborn life. Weird.

Doc Samson

The fact that, despite reality, the Pr0g-Left cannot stop shilling for this debacle of an admin is disturbing...

Catherine Giovannoni

Virginia has twice rejected Donald Trump doesn't want Trump-endorsed candidates. The entire Republican slate is made up of loyal Trumpers. Just this week, they held a rally with Trump advisor Steve Bannon and pledged allegiance to a flag carried in the cop-killing January 6th insurrection. No thanks. Meanwhile, under our Democratic administration, Virginia has been rated the best state for business -- twice in a row. Businesses have noticed and are locating good jobs in Virginia, see, e.g., Amazon building offices and campuses just down the road in Tysons. That's because Democrats have invested in building an educated workforce and the inclusive social policies that businesses want for their diverse workforces. Virginia has a large budget surplus, built up after the last Republican administration left a deficit. Jobs are plentiful. Virginia has the best vaccination rate in the South. Voting is easy and Virginia's votes have been shown to be accurate. Rail is being built -- creating jobs, keeping congestion off our roads, and making it pleasurable to travel our Commonwealth for work or leisure. Our Democratic Attorney General is tough on crime, having cleared up a backlog of thousands of rape kits (with attending prosecutions) and securing over a billion dollars for Virginians ripped off by consumer fraud and the opioid crisis. The list goes on and on. To keep Virginia moving forwards, please vote for McAuliffe, Ayala, Herring, and local Democrats.


With Republican legislatures across the nation debating new laws and policies to allow the Republican dominated legislatures to determine the outcome of contested elections, voting Republican becomes a final act of submission to end the two centuries of democracy in America. It's absolutely true that what has come out of Washington from the previous administration is critical to elections here. The Big Lie, the Stop the Steal, the Insurrection and brazen denial of reality in the hands of the radical right is a prelude to a new era of tyranny and despotism.

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