Our country is engaged in so many critical issues, that heads spin and political parties spin narratives too often created to avoid the unvarnished truth at the center of these concerns. We consider impeaching the president, argue for fair-trade practices, immigration policy, gun issues, health plans, and climate change. Lurking in the background of all of these issues — who can we trust to examine these concerns?

Our attorney general seems dedicated to prevent us from an unbiased view of Robert Mueller's study of the administration's controversial actions. Our secretary of State refuses to cooperate with Congress by sharing documents they have a right to see.

In recent months there have been two very different bodies dealing in foreign affairs: 1) Gulliani and the amigo group, and (2) the legitimate body of experts in Washington. Donald Trump has blocked potential witnesses in his administration to testify to Congress. The result of these dangerous departures from law and order have led not to truth but to chaos just as Trump likes it.

A quite normal response to mind-boggling information is to buy into the narratives created by political parties for political gain — not necessarily for truth. The White House has led the way with their creation of false assertions. One of Trump's most important attacks has been on the press, which he and his supporters suggest is corrupt, and anti-Trump. Many in his base of support are willing to disregard the thousands of confirmed Trump lies to believe it is the press that lies. The Trump world believes the investigations, first Mueller then impeachment, are "witch hunts." He has consistently come down on the side of Vladimir Putin where ever possible.

The appeal of the Trump view of life asks for sympathy for a man who has been viciously persecuted by Democrats and progressives since he first decided to run for president. While soft hearts might be moved, they might consider how this poor, tortured man has promoted the separation of children and parents on our southern border or his smear campaigns on those daring to question his behavior.

Adam Schiff has nearly completed a second narrative for our consideration. He presents a picture from the limited facts he has been able to obtain from individuals willing to defy Trump and make it clear that we have a president devoted only and completely to what serves his personal wealth. His treatment of Ukraine, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and his disregard of the rules of law such as his relation to an equal division of government — Congress. If Trump didn't see the truth in the impeachment's narrative, why has he tried so hard to deny it?

Jim Wright is a resident of Winchester.

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Why don’t you just march right over there and demand your truth, Jim? I’m sure you can talk some sense into them.

Spock Here

Hmmm, if I was not guilty of anything, I’d move mountains to proclaim my innocence. What are Trump's cronies hiding?


Maybe people who are in a position of having first hand experience with the situation (like yourself) are providing evidence that he did nothing illegal?

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