I’ve been asked recently why I chose to run for a seat on the Frederick County Board of Supervisors, representing the Shawnee District. I hope this piece will provide a sense of who I am, why I am running, and what I would like to achieve.

My wife and I moved here in 2014 and fell in love with the community, with all it has to offer for virtually any interest, situated in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley. Born and raised in Arizona, I couldn’t believe there were this many trees — and that there were four distinct seasons in a year, not just “hot” and “less hot.”

I made the decision to run for office early this year because I wanted to give back to the community where I live and to be an active participant in its future. During my career, I’ve worked for a number of businesses as the key financial officer, gaining valuable insight into what makes an organization successful. In addition, I’ve volunteered my time for numerous nonprofits that provide critical services, including the United Way, city service commissions, and education committees. More recently, here in the Shenandoah Valley, I’ve worked for Apple Country Head Start, served as CEO of the Top of Virginia Regional Chamber, and serve currently as interim CEO of Blue Ridge Hospice.

I believe that, by working together and with a shared vision for Frederick County, we all can have a role in making positive changes for the growth of our community. Right now, we are in a fight for our lives and we must focus on keeping our families safe. Our future will be determined by the actions we take now, and by how willing we are to make shared sacrifices. As supervisor, I pledge to keep people informed and to hear all ideas, reaching across political lines in order to facilitate open discussion and to reach decisions by consensus. While I’m running as a Democrat, my promise is to serve all the people who live in Frederick County and the Shawnee District.

Finally, we are going through unprecedented cultural and economic changes and must recognize the equal rights of all people. These changes will not take place overnight, but must be thoroughly crafted and woven into our American society. I’m committed to ensuring that everyone is treated fairly and with respect.

I invite you to contact me at with your thoughts and ideas, and to learn more about my vision for the future of Frederick County. Together, I am convinced that we will not merely overcome our current challenges, but will thrive.

Richard Kennedy is a Stephens City resident and Democratic candidate for the Shawnee District seat on the Frederick County County Board of Supervisors in the Nov. 3 election.

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>>While I’m running as a Democrat, my promise is to serve all the people who live in Frederick County and the Shawnee District.

That is what Jennifer Wexton said and we all know she only listens to one side and votes close to 100% with Nancy Pelosi! Same with Wendy Gooditis. She votes almost 100% with Northam. Neither could care less what the people think. Both have their partisan agenda.


Ah yes- how dare a democrat vote with the democrats! I can see why youre outraged. Meanwhile the dotard in chief today suggested postponing the election because its too dangerous to vote in november...nearly 3 months later than he insists on opening schools for our school children. And Moscow Mitch has introduced a bill that disallows you to sue an employer if you catch covid because of improper safety measures, yet it allows an employer to sue you for complaining. And this is the party youre suggesting we trust? Laughable and sad

Spock Here

Of course they don't trust him, but that doesn't matter...Owning those lib socialists is more important than anything else.

Doc Samson

Easy, Karen! Let's think this through: 1) Kids aren't very susceptible to the virus and teachers/staff are capable of taking precautions, 2) Older people, who are very susceptible to the virus DO tend to vote, 3) GreatScott never said to trust ANY party but rather, pointed out that Democrats don't stray from how their DNC/Chinese supporters tell them to vote. Hope that calms you down a bit...

Bernie Mac

Failure to denounce the riots, arson, looting and violence perpetrated by the Democrat-supported mobs is a deal breaker. Do not vote for Richard Kennedy.


Changing Presidential election dates when you’re severely behind in every national poll (never happened before in our history- not during any world war, civil war, pandemic etc...) and worrying about protecting business owners from liability on Covid deaths....yet not at all concerned about protecting workers who’ve been laid off/lost their insurance during a pandemic...NEVER ever again vote republican- if you value your life or our democracy.

Doc Samson

"must recognize the equal rights of all people." And who, in Frederick County, does not do this? I'd like some actual data, please...


I guess you missed the non-discrimination policy that was passed, then rescinded a month later?

Doc Samson

That isn't data, Bry... Try again... "yawn"


Anyone running for office as a Democrat in 2020 has to share their values even if they won't say so. What are those values? Higher taxes, more government, more socialism, tearing down of history, changing names, defunding of the police, and shutdowns with no end in sight. Please do not vote for Richard Kennedy. Wrong for Frederick County.


Do you seek progress or regress?


Neither. A false choice.


The democrats have shown their vision of America a socialist Living H#%&. Don't bring it to Frederick county!


Please define socialism

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