What is the most important issue facing Frederick County? Why is that important to you? Your vote for supervisor will provide the answer.

I believe that the most important issue facing Frederick County is the population growth. That issue affects everything else including education expenses, schools, fire and rescue, the sheriff’s department, roads, and zoning. The county population has risen in the last 20 years by more than 50%, or more than 31,000 people. Expected population growth in the next 20 years is between 30,000 to 40,000. How do we pay for that growth?

I have offered a plan to address that growth by having the capital costs of development borne by those moving into the county. The details of that plan I have addressed in multiple board meetings. At the same time, current residents would not have to subsidize that growth with increased real estate taxes to pay for the growth. My opponent has offered no plan other than supporting increased real estate taxes to pay for growth even though the real estate taxes have risen almost 45% in the last five years. Her record includes supporting more than 15% annual increases in the proposed school budget each year, which does not include any money for county operations.

I have supported educational needs, which account for more than 62% of our budget by supporting the renovations of James Wood and Indian Hollow. I also saved $7 million on the building of the new Aylor school. In addition, I have asked for full transparency and accountability on the school budget with full detailed disclosure on what is in that budget. These are your taxpayer dollars. As a former teacher, we should address increase teacher personnel needs and salaries versus adding more administrative positions. Unfortunately, the School Board and my opponent have refused to provide that information.

During my tenure, I have:

• Worked with EDA to find a grocery store replacement for Food Lion.

• Supported affordable senior housing on St. Paul’s on the Hill.

• Lobbied the General Assembly to prohibit tractor trailer parking in neighborhoods.

• Advocated for towers to hold broadband capability in a new radio system. 

• Advocated for lower taxes and reasonable spending.

• Advocated for hiring additional fire and rescue staff to reduce response times.

• Advocated for additional resources for the volunteer fire stations.

• Advocated for purchase of sheriff cars and school buses.

• Held Town Hall meetings to get your input.

• Worked to make Frederick Heights Park useable.

• Removed the dumpsters on Morning Glory.

• Kept the Greenwood recycle center open.

• Improved safety with a Brookland Heights speed sign.

You can find more information at www.blainedunn.com or on Facebook at BlaineDunnSupporters.

I would appreciate your vote to allow me to continue to serve you as your Supervisor in Red Bud.

Blaine Dunn is a resident of Frederick County and incumbent candidate seeking the Frederick County Board of Supervisors' Red Bud District seat. 

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They are all jumping on the band wagon now since election time trying to convince people that they did so much. The most accomplishments that they did was bring Washington DC to us. No more affordable housing and taxed more but they don't

want to claim any of that, If something was brought to the table it was to further a gain in their lives and not others. Need to replace most of our council and start looking out for the residents of our City and County and if you do not build they will

not come. Make all haappy


Dunn loves to tout that he "worked with EDA to find a grocery store to replace Food Lion"...which means nothing. Nothing was accomplished- there is no grocery store.


Sir. This is not an overly impressive justification for re-election. Your flagged accomplishments appear to fall into the category of normal / routine operations for someone in a supervisors position. On the other hand what have you done to focus the overall board on local county concerns rather than running off like Don Quixote and wasting taxpayers' time on issues beyond the board's purview


Funny think dmjc, is that before Blaine was elected as Red Bud Supervisor that none of this was seen as normal/routine.

The county Public Works made a decision to close the Greenwood Convenience site. Most supervisors would have folded with the staff recommendation. After receiving citizen input Blaine went to work to convince the Public Works department to to reverse that decision and keep the Greenwood Road facility open.

The Frederick Heights park was built over 40 years ago and had sat unused for over 20 years until a conversation with a constituent led Blaine into action and using proffer funds and Parks & Rec funds was able to turn that unused park facility into a usable facility that is being used every single day by residents of Frederick County.

In the years before Blaine Dunn was elected as Red Bud Supervisor, I was unable to get any coordination with either Gina Forrester nor Phil Lemieux.

You ask what has Blaine done to "focus on overall board on local county concerns", Please re-read Blaine's letter to see where he has focused on local county concerns. Blaine Dunn has spent his entirety on the Board of Supervisors focusing of fiscal responsibility and through that you should be thanking him for getting services funded and keeping our taxes low!!

Please vote for Blaine Dunn for Red Bud district supervisor!!


You mean like asking for responsibility from the School Board for all the money THEY waste? Well we know where that criticism comes from. The Liberals on the school board even refused to share the budget with the one conservative on the board. There is no reason to hide things unless there is something to hide. I think it is every citizens purview to look into wasteful spending. What do you really have against that?


The budget is (and always has been) available on the website for all to see.

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