So, back in March, the governors including our Dr. Northam, basically told the president that "our states will reopen when we feel we’re ready to reopen." Virginia reopened a while back, and my daughter’s COVID test result is now at 24 days and counting. Originally, she was told it would take 4-6 days for the result, which became 6-10 which ballooned to 10-14. She says others she knows who were tested on July 8th still haven’t gotten their results either. That’s 26 days and no result. How does this happen Dr. Northam? My daughter’s delayed test result has prevented her from starting work as an Occupational Therapist at a Veterans Health Care Clinic. Last Monday, she was supposed to be helping older and disabled American veterans. Let’s take a step back and look at a few things going on right now. Shenandoah University is co-producing a movie and EVERYONE associated with the movie is getting tested three times a week. I doubt these results are taking 24-plus days. The NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL and college sports teams are testing players every other day or more and getting results back in a day or two. Heaven forbid if sports stars can't earn their millions of dollars while millions of people are out of work and my daughter can’t start her first career job. There’s also a lot of people who need negative test results in order to GO BACK to work. But,  hey, they don’t play baseball, let them wait while the Florida Marlins players get tested and get the results 15 times in 30 days. Let the middle class and poor wait almost four weeks for a result only to have the company say the test result is meaningless since it took so long. Each governor, Republican or Democratic, should have been prepared before opening up their state and obviously a lot of them were not. Evan Goodenow’s article in Monday's Winchester Star detailed the health detectives [local contact tracers] going back 10-14 days before a positive result. So when someone receives a positive test result after 26 days, the detectives would have to go back in time 40 days. Forty days. Jesus was lost for 40 days and 40 nights and the governor of Virginia has been lost for 40 years. I’m hoping that Evan Goodenow will write as good an article on the COVId test labs as he wrote on the health detectives. And you wonder why the COVID virus is still here?

Scott Miller is a resident of Frederick County.

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Doc Samson

Funny how more and more doctors are coming forward with info/data that directly contradicts the WHO/Fauci/Gates/FaceBook/Twitter censorship conglomeration and give credibility to Trump -

Spock Here

Ah, and such an "esteemed" and non partisan doctor. Right up your alley, eh? Demon sperm anyone?

"Dr. Vladimir Zelenko is just one week out of what he has described as an emergency heart surgery to remove a tumor.

But the country’s most famous proponent of hydroxychloroquine is already back online: He’s promoting the unproven drug as a treatment for COVID-19 and tweeting conspiratorially about what he sees as the political reasons it’s not being widely prescribed. “Battleground states will begin to ban hcq use because it has the dangerous side effect of getting Potus reelected,” read a tweet sent from Zelenko’s main Twitter account Friday morning, implying that widespread use of the drug would vindicate Donald Trump’s focus on it as treatment for Covid-19.

In another tweet sent later that morning from Zelenko’s main Twitter account, he wrote sarcastically that hydroxychloroquine is safe but “causes psychotic breakdown” at the New York Times and Washington Post, and in “creatures name Soros and Gates, a reptile named Fauci, and humanoid mutants named antifas.” Ari Feldman Look for the other sources that call his "study" a scam. Funny, indeed.

Doc Samson

And yet none of what you attempt to do there has anything to do with the effectiveness of the treatment, does it? But hey, you do you, Spock... [rolleyes]

Spock Here

I am confident that this drug isn't helpful. If I am ill and my doctor recommends it, I will ask him/her why. If the doctor responds like this quack did, I'll pass. If, however, the doctor is reasonable and measured and gives a clear reason why or why not, that would be different. But you go ahead and listen to the quack doctor, with a con "study" that proved nothing, and the quack president, who is ignorant and mentally ill, why you go right ahead. Do exactly what they say. Enjoy, and you do your ownself.

Doc Samson

Your confidence is... illogical in the face of facts. Of course, we know that because CNN didn't tell you to believe it, you won't -


There are Covid-19 tests that give results in about 15 minutes. I know this for a fact as a family member had one a week ago and had to have immediate results for international business travel and taken the day before departure. I don't know if these rapid tests cost more but they do exist and should be available to all.

Spock Here

It is not only Virginia. The inaction and unpreparedness of our Federal Government has trickled down. Governor of MD has been quite vocal.

Doc Samson

"The inaction and unpreparedness of our Federal Government has trickled down"

Wait, what?! Spock DOES believe in trickle down? [lol] Of course, we all know it's only because Orange Man Bad is in office and it's bad news. All that good economic news prior to this? Yeah, that was Obama... [lol]

Doc Samson

Trickle down? Thought you didn't buy into that? Oh, wait, it's bad news that can be blamed on Trump! Carry on!



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