There was a time in my youth when my favored candidates were Democrats. Yet, like my youth, that time is no more.

First, owing to space and time limitations of this forum, I shall state up front that each statement I offer here is backed by solid publicly available sources just as available to you as to me. So, yes, I can source all of my data.

Today I can no longer vote for any Democrat who supports that party’s platform. If one word can justify my decision, it is the word “opposite.” You will soon see why. (From this point forward, “they” and “their” = Democrat leadership.)

They swear an oath to support and defend our Constitution. They then do the opposite. They have set about to destroy that foundational document. They now attempt to gut the Electoral College with a National Popular Vote movement despite the fact that our Constitution includes provisions for amendment and ratification. Existing legal means, though, do not satisfy Democrats. Hence their attempt at subversion.

Again, they do the opposite of that oath. In this case — it not serving their goals — they ignore Constitutional demands for “due process” and established judicial application of precedence. In their current effort to impeach the president, they have ignored nine precedents of three former impeachment cases. That is the opposite of established law.

More opposites? They deny “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” to the most vulnerable of us each time they promote and provide funding for abortion. And please, do not allow yourself to fall for the “spin.” Revisit Biology 101. One cell is life. Two or more cells is life! Destruction of living cells is destruction of life! Destruction of human life denies “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

More opposites? Democrats collect votes on promises. Once elected they fail to deliver. They promise to improve education. Yet data clearly shows failure, especially in our largest cities. Our students do not meet basic reading or basic math skills. (Yes, I have volumes of data on this!)

Democrats promise economic stability and growth. Yet, cities like Detroit and states like Illinois go bankrupt despite having long track records of vote-winning Democrat office holders. And Democrat mayors and councils of cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle allow their streets to become rat-infested, feces-soiled, drug paraphernalia-littered crime havens. This is the opposite of what civil leaders are required to do to assure the health and welfare of the citizens. Eight of America’s 10 largest cities — all with Democrat mayors — are drowning in municipal debt.

Democrats decry the plight of immigrants yet do the opposite of promoting solutions! The 116th Congress has stymied and refused funding for legislative solutions. Democrats have proposed non-citizen voting and even voting for 16-year-olds. Both are the opposite of law and common sense.

Altogether, these “opposites” reveal why the dreams of my youth have become a septuagenarian’s reality.

Frank Tilton is a resident of Lake Frederick.

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The entire country is moving onward in a progressive way. The repugs had their chance and they failed. Even the state of Virginia has flipped. There is one little spec where a few holdouts are still talking to themselves and it’s in the Winchester Star.


The NYT says VA flipped blue because of waves of immigration.


"ping"- A symptom of low octane.

Ping indication of being full of gas.


But Dimmiecrats give free stuff to “the people” and use ‘em big ol’ words like “tolerance” and “justice.”. Even if you moonwalk like Michael Jackson, you will be forgiven by the party if you toe its line while you’d be booted right on out of society otherwise. Them media shillers and Hollywooders jus’ love ye to death, no matter how stupid you are...if you a Dimmiecrat. So, I’m for them!

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