Regarding Tuesday’s letter “Winchester needs to get with the times,” the author wrote that after some time she decided to move to Winchester to enjoy a slower pace and retirement. I would question the ‘some time’ it took to investigate the area before moving here. I, too, am a relative newcomer to the area, it has been just 13 years this month. My wife and I made numerous trips to the area before deciding it would make an inviting place to settle down and enjoy a slower, Southern pace and, yes, finally, to retire to. We visited several restaurants, drinking establishments, historic sites, stores and malls. We walked the Old Town mall repeatedly striking up conversations. We certainly didn’t want to relocate to an area we had questions about. Would anyone? In my research prior to relocating here I discovered that Winchester was the site of three major Civil War battles, numerous times changing control between Union and Confederate forces, and there were also engagements at Kernstown, twice, and also at Cedar Creek. Based on this research I was not surprised nor disturbed to discover that streets might have Confederate names attached. Quite truthfully it seems incredible that anyone moving to a town as immersed in Civil War history should find that strange. Coming from New Jersey and moving South what’s strange is how sweet ‘sweet tea’ really is. What’s disturbing is ordering Dr Pepper as a morning drink with breakfast. Why move somewhere and then you immediately decide the town should change? Street names are simply names, no more no less. As towns grow and streets are added, the populace at the time in that location settle on names and move on. Let’s follow that advice and move on. Don’t let inanimate objects disturb us regardless of current events. Hopefully we can move on from this current frenzy of condemning all things Southern and work on corrective measures to overcome past events that no one today had a part in. With all the problems facing the world, our country and our town, are we really saying that changing a street name will solve anything? Stop replaying the past, work together now to solve real issues not “feel good” solutions.

Brian Daly is a resident of Frederick County.

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Again, it's not about confederate monuments or street names! It's about radical people who are anarchist that hate America...

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Oh shush, your cult leader is playing you like a rare violin, and you have fallen, hook, line, and sinker.


Hush, coward.

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It sure was a wonderful "feel good moment" to have those "calling all racists" rally to sully our July 4 weekend, wasn't it?


Thank you, Mr. Daly, for your opinion that captures the thoughts of many others in this area. The history that happened here in Winchester, good and bad, is a large reason so many visit and move here. It happened. This area was ground zero for much that happened during the civil war. That cannot be changed by renaming streets and removing 100+ year-old monuments. You can’t remove what happened. Where do you draw a line to limit being offended? Many of us are offended/outraged by the lack of civility, outright violence, and lack of humanity shown for living people, and believe this has little to do with names or monuments.

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Like the white supremacist groups, and the woman aiming a rifle at a black woman and kid that her husband had just tried to run over, oh and who can forget that video of some "deplorables" yelling at Native Americans to "go back where you came from." I know I was offended and outraged, because those had nothing to do with "heritage" or "history."

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