Winchester is a truly amazing city that I was introduced to 5 years ago by my client, a retired corporate director at Valley Health.

My introduction to Winchester began as I took my first walk in Old Town, a remarkable center of culture, art, history, religion, health and dining, all within 3 blocks, accessible to and used by all. It is also where I met a dean at Shenandoah University who introduced me to the school, where I immediately volunteered as a student mentor. I fell in love with Winchester almost immediately, and I now call it home. Last week I cast my very first vote as a registered voter in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and I voted for Danielle Bostick for Mayor.

I was introduced to Danielle Bostick by another fairly new resident of Winchester who described her as “a force.” Having years of my own political and civic activism in New York State, I could see from my first meeting with Danielle that the description was accurate. Back in New York I became closely acquainted with a young man who quickly rose from local, to county to state government by simple hard work. The hard work he did was knocking on doors and meeting his constituents day after day, listening to them and speaking with them. I have done my share of door knocking while collecting petitions and let me assure you, it is very hard work, that usually takes place during the hottest time of the year. That same young man applied that same work ethic to serving his constituents in ways that no one previously had done. Danielle works hard, and Danielle will work hard for all residents of Winchester.

Perhaps the most amazing aspect of Winchester is Handley High School. Its reputation of quality education is well known, but what truly sets it apart from any high school I have ever seen is the mix of students from every background, regardless of race, ethnicity, origin or economic class. Unfortunately for some time the residents of Winchester who sent their children to Handley were not equally represented. It took a[n elected school board] referendum to fix that inequity. It took Danielle Bostick.

Danielle worked literally non-stop to get all of the signatures necessary to put the referendum on the ballot. Danielle even gave up a family vacation to pursue and achieve this lofty moral goal. Along with the hard work of Roya Milotte, Danielle got the referendum and the problem was finally fixed.

Winchester needs a better capital improvement plan. Winchester badly needs a plan for economic development. Winchester desperately needs to improve and support its fire department.

Winchester needs Danielle Bostick to be our mayor.

Judah Lerer is a resident of Winchester.

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The reason I voted for Danielle Bostick is that she already works and gets things done—the current Mayor— who does not live in Winchester— continued to let the fire department operate understaffed with skeleton crew and neglect— if not for the Bostick campaign it would be business as usual. She has great suggestions—- and puts her energy towards making it happen. Now we can have our comments heard before a city council that has open meetings... that did not happen before she filed a freedom of information request. Our school board is elected and has equal representation. Again she knocks on doors all over town. Honestly— I have to wonder if our current Mayor works in a bubble along old town with his restaurant or if he has a wish to include all of Winchester city at the table. This is not about blue or red this is about energy v sleep walking. With an economy to fight for our pleasant avuncular non resident Mayor should take note that this is not the time for business as usual. There is nothing usual about 2020. We are lucky to have her willingness to lead Winchester.

john brown

first welcome to Winchester and spend a little time getting to know more than city's elitists

bostick is running as a republiclan .. the last thing any of us need to do is to vote for a republiclan

Vote Blue no matter who


"Vote Blue no matter who." The most ridiculous statement ever.

john brown

No maga is the most ridicules statement but you fools fell for it.

john brown

and oh, "conservative" whatever that is anymore, I don't think tRump will be out of jail by 2024


Or people can vote based on values and actually check out her ideas.


Back when the democrats were respected my dad was best friends with Strom Thurman and Sam Irving. They along with my dad taught me to vote for the RIGHT person, not the party. I don't care if you are blue or red. I will vote for who I believe represents MY values. Bostick is that person because she gets things done. Not like our present mayor who can hardly run a meeting. Smith has had 4 years to fix the problem with the Fire and Rescue Department. It is only because Bostick is running that he even went to visit the new burn building. I like people who get it done, not sit on their butt and act all high and mighty.

john brown

and you would know high and mighty


That's right you do vote for the person who matches your values. But I can assure you that if you are a true republican, and hold republican values, and research Ms. Bostick's values, you will find yours and hers do not match. Or maybe you do not hold the values as represented by the republican party? Show me where she has ever espoused Republican values... I would greatly appreciate it.

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