Winchester is home to my family of five, our family-run business, and our community outreach. This is where I am engaged in life! When Sarah and I moved to Winchester in 1997, we saw a community that was small enough for good connections and relationships yet large enough for diversity in many things. I have always worked to contribute to our community by getting involved in local organizations as well as in local government. My involvement has run the gamut from the Board of Architectural Review, Preservation of Historic Winchester, Winchester/Frederick County Joint Economic Development Commission, Top of Virginia Regional Chamber, and just completing my second full term on the board of Winchester Public Schools. These experiences have allowed me to see both the positive attributes of our community and region as well as the areas requiring more focused and coordinated effort. Now I am looking to make a greater difference with your support to be on our City Council.

Through my professional experiences in redevelopment, I have realized that the need for quality housing opportunities is not meeting demand, and our ability to attract and retain our desired workforce is lacking. We need to look at more creative solutions to support new housing concepts. We also need to revisit our current zoning and building code to be more supportive of the options that are currently working and expand them while focusing incentives in other areas to encourage a greater range of housing options.

The strength and diversity of a community’s economy are also critical in managing effective growth. My goal in running for City Council is to create and sustain smart growth in our community. Growth is not just measured in economic terms but also in the growth of opportunity and inclusiveness. We need to uncover the barriers to smart growth in every corner of our community to create greater participation as well as prosperity.

I believe that public education is the best investment any community can make in itself in creating connection, pride, and opportunity for our workforce and sustained community growth. Education is also the most influential factor in the development of our youth and creating a greater sense of inclusion. That is why I will continue to support the goal of expanded Pre-K as well as adult and career education in Winchester.

Creative housing solutions, smart and diverse growth and quality extended education for all will help Winchester come out of the current economic downturn with strength and vitality. This will be my strength and focus on your City Council. If you’d like to connect and chat about your ideas or concerns, please feel free to contact me. I’d love to speak with you.

To find out more about my experience and my commitment to our community, please go to

Richard Bell is a Winchester resident and a candidate for City Council in Ward One

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Funny thing about wanting diversity....You can't force it, otherwise you are being racist.


Many of us would like to see better healthcare to include a better managed hospital and top tier doctors. If you look at yelp, healthgrades or google etc. you will find folks that live here have a very low opinion of many doctors, clinics and the hospital. Overall healthcare in this area is poor and many us go to NOVA for more serious issues. I realize that this is a very general statement and there are some good doctors but far and few between most are lacking. The hospital here is a joke in my opinion.


What does this have to do with a Confederate general who died 143 years ago. It's getting really old! I know socialism anarchists need a cause to justify crime and the destruction of USA. Do everybody a favor and grow up!


I am not a socialist nor an anarchist. I am grown up. Perhaps, when you reach the eighth grade, you will realize the childishness of your comments.

Bernie Mac

The old "I know you are but what am I?" response. Are you sure you are grown up?


I am rubber; you are glue. What you say bounces off of me and sticks to you. lol. [wink]


I think his platform and ideas look to be beneficial for the community, Doc. While I understand that you would rather dig up Nathan Bedford Forrest and have his moldering corpse sit in the council, Winchester needs more ideas for life and livelihood.

Doc Samson

More ideas... or just Leftist approved ideas? More ideas? How about just ideas that have been proven to work? I know, that involves facts as opposed to feelings, and y'all don't like that. Also, your "understand" statement is wrong... as usual. [rolleyes] But we all know that won't stop you from being... you.


Your errors make you who you are, Doc.

Doc Samson

Get woke, go broke... More SJW pablum that, if implemented, will result in high cost/low yield results...

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