There are too many points to counter in Mr. William Melvin’s letter of January 13, 2021. But I’ll highlight a few. He’s right, the world turned upside down — when Donald Trump was made Republican nominee for President of the United States. Now we have:

People caring for one another is called socialism.

People wanting to ignore the Constitution and its amendments, which state representatives shall be apportioned “…counting the whole number of persons in each State…”. Not whole number of citizens or any other group or portion of the whole.

People, including the current president, touting that an election was “rigged,” that “illegal” people (who is illegal? Non-citizens? Prisoners? Dead people? Who?) voted, when election official after election official and judge after judge and governor after governor state clearly and plainly that there was no fraud that would overturn the most recent presidential election.

A president who lies, inventing lies, stealing lies from conspiracy theorists hiding behind names like “QAnon.” More appalling is the gross number of people who believe him and the theorists.

People who see no bigotry in our country. People who don’t know their history well enough or are unwilling to learn how our social and political system has kept a number of non-White, and non-hetero persons from equality in education, voting, advancement, decent jobs, decent neighborhoods.

People so set in their ways they are unable to see that things “changing” around them have been there all along, but society has kept them hidden and ashamed. Until love and understanding takes hold and says, “it’s OK to be who you are.”

People who do not see that their tax dollars are going to waste when multiple investigations of Hillary Clinton and then Joe Biden and his son found no wrongdoing, and yet Republicans insist on more and more investigations hoping just the media attention will make the public believe “if there’s smoke there must be fire,” when in fact there is no smoke and there was never any fire.

In June 2020 a report of US Customs and Border Protection Summary: CBP arrests on average in a single day 23 wanted criminals and “encountered” 790 inadmissible persons at ports of entry. Evidently, everyone’s not going free.

A virus isn’t a person so it can’t be Chinese, American, English …. It’s just a virus. Calling it “Chinese” is being intentionally insulting to the people of that country and culture, which is most likely what the president intended.

Wake up America, is right. The great unsinkable ship Titanic America hit an iceberg when it elected Donald Trump in 2016 and has been taking on water ever since. A system of government where the least capable to lead are elected (Donald Trump) and cronies with no experience are put in cabinet and other positions of authority. Where a president can incite an insurrection based on completely ludicrous and false claims, continue to state he has done no wrong, and people still support him and refuse to punish him.

Brenda Morris is a resident of Winchester.

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Hush, pup. Adults are talking here. You're getting comments erased because they are abusive and harassing.

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Howling at the Moon!

Bernie Mac

Obviously, Typhoid Mary was unfairly blamed.

And the Spanish flu? That is racism. History must be rewritten.

And while we're at it, why was Mrs. O'Leary blamed for the cow kicking over the lantern?


We don't expect a goat to understand how the Spanish flu got its name, but it wasn't because it originated in Spain. It was used by the press to vilify Spain for maintaining neutrality during WWI.

Good try.




Mr. Melvin did not write his letter. On Facebook it was attributed to Dave Ramsey.


This is an interesting point that was broght up before. These letters are supposed to be verified and original. Can the Star please ensure the proper writer is credited (since this would appear to be from someone in the local Repub party and not just Joe citizen).


Dave Ramsey?


Gosh no, don't insult China for a virus that came from there, don't hurt their feelings. I mean thousands have been sick, died, lost employment, lost the right to be with dying lived ones, or attend funeral visitations. Masks have to be worn as daily attire, students were forced to give up sports, their school attendance. So many have lost so much, that can't be relived, graduations, weddings, reunions, ceremonies, but don't hurt the origin of the virus country's feelings.

Just unbelievable you would state that, I haven't even mentioned healthcare workers, hospitals, small businesses. You want to sacrifice a President but not hurt a Communist country who has reaped huge profits, everything is made there, & large retail stores remained open. America has been fighting Communism for decades, but, gosh no, don't insult the Chinese, unbelievable.

john brown

What's unbelievable and childish is calling it the China flu or as your wannabe dictator tRump called it the "kung flu"... trying to insult a whole nation of people for a virus they have suffered with as well is not productive in any way. you right wing bullies will never understand that level of common sense let alone deep thought.


I'm not a bully so save your name calling for the next child you address. You have no clue about anything other than to constantly be in attack, slanderous mode everytime you comment. You blame a whole party for Trump's actions, so don't act like you are behaving any better. Deep thought would not have led you to make any of the comments you make, otherwise you wouldn't have commented. Dictators shut down any mode of communication, & stream bias newscasts. Hmmm, I wonder which venues have done that, twitter, fb, snapchat, parker, etc. We are seeing the beginnings of a dictatorship, that's the first thing they do, alienate & cut off communication. Since you're throwing the word dictator around, you might try using some deep thought, let alone common sense.


wow... someone's mad. We could give you a cape and you can be super-mad


Bryan, no anger here, just self control, otherwise I'd be driven to angrily, mockingly, slanderously comment everyday. I'll let my record of commenting speak for itself, while I read the daily cultists comments.

john brown

And America has been fighting hate filled cultist stupidity for four years



john brown

Spot on Ms. on! As you can see the treasonous tRumpinski's have had their widdle feeling hurt yet again. We might not have snow but the tRump snowflakes will do...lmao


BREAKING: @jsolomonreports says DC police rejected his FOIA request for records pertaining to their investigation of the siege of the U.S. Capitol. Reply says release of the records would be 'personally embarrassing'  

Solomon says @FBI, @NYPD, and @USCP had prior knowledge of plans for violence at U.S. Capitol, including intel threatening murder of police officers. If this was a planned attack, you can’t accuse the President of inciting a spontaneous attack. This was planned days before.

@jsolomonreports says that inside sources leaked maps, internal documents helping to assist rioters enter and navigate the Capitol building.  Cites U.S. Attorney’s decision to bring a conspiracy case.

“I’ve been in fast food lines that went slower than this impeachment.” What Pelosi & McConnell knew & when is still a gap in our knowledge. Says team at @JustTheNews will continue to investigate. 

Rush to judgement? Three crucial questions remain unanswered about Capitol siegeWhat did Nancy Pelosi know? A prior plot or spontaneous riot? Were there inside facilitators? 


The idea that people planned and coordinated parts of this with reconnaissance and pipe bombs just adds to the treason. He still had to rile up an unruly mob of rubes to march to the Capitol building, where mob mentality could mix with curious onlookers and staged militia “actors” who could blend in but be the eyes/ears/and brains that lead the chaos and confusion right up the steps and into the building. Some were stupid “own the libs” tourists taking their ambush photos for posterity. But there were also very sinister people, looking to harm, kill and overthrow. And regardless of what officials thought would happen when their coordination lead to the terrorization of our highest leaders, significant property damage at one of our most sacred buildings, and the death of 5 people. Time to pay the piper.


"...The idea that people planned and coordinated parts of this with reconnaissance and pipe bombs just adds to the treason...." Are you including the BLM mobs of violence and looting in this statement as well? There is evidence that pipe bombs and bricks were strategically planted for those folks as well.

john brown

what evidence on the bombs? ..please share your inside scoops... or are you lying again


This site really needs to make it easier to format a post for readability. smh.


Some of us feel the government helping to care for people is it’s job and a wise expenditure of taxes. I would suggest, Mr. Conservative, that she you receive the. Ext check from the government in Biden Covid bill, you do one of three things:

1). Donate the money to charity. That’s a truly noble cause.

2). Return the check to the U. S. Treasury

3). Just shred it.

Why would you want money from the government? Why would you want money from a government you feel is illegitimate? You pro Trump/an election was stolen/we hate Biden yada yada will likely be first at the bank to cash that check.

Steve Cunningham

Blackhorsegirl Jan 10, 2021 10:39pm

Oh, and no one hates here. I am a Christian and I don’t hate. It requires too much energy and focus on the part of the hater and, to be honest, no one deserves so much of my time for a negative emotion.



First of all, PEOPLE caring for one another is not called socialism, that's charity. The GOVERNMENT taking care of people is called socialism.

Secondly, as you libs like to point out, the Constitution is a living document, subject to change with the times. in 1790, most people in the US had immigrated here. Not so much now.

Illegal aliens do not deserve the same rights as legal citizens of the United States. They are breaking the law by being here.

Thirdly, by changing the rules for a national elections that chip away at the security of our election process, it has been weakened and subject to fraud. There were claims of fraud in previous elections where changes to the process have been made. On BOTH sides.

The right has QANON and Fox News, the left has George Soros and the MSM.

There is bigotry and racism everywhere. However, when bigotry or racism is claimed when it doesn't exist, it weakens the cry when actual bigotry and racism does exist.

Politicians as a whole are dirty. They may go into politics with high ideals, but the money that they make from lobbyists and foreign influence is corrupting them. Hunter Biden's laptop is very interesting, as is the fact that the entire Justice Dept. of the United States worked to help Hillary hide her shenanigans.

23 wanted criminals and 790 "encounters" are a drop in the bucket compared to the actual numbers of illegal aliens making it through. We don't need a wall. What we need are hefty fines and imprisonment of those businesses and people who hire those illegal aliens. That won't happen because politicians on both sides make money from those people and businesses, and sometimes even have them under their own employment.

Viruses and diseases have always been named for their place of origin. It's not about racism or bigotry. It's about a threat from a regime that is intent on taking down the United States economically and militarily. Why else would they consistently steal our ideas and technology?

In summary, both sides are guilty. We as citizens need to reign in our elected officials to do our bidding, not enrich themselves at the cost of our freedom and country. Because that's what is happening, everywhere.


Very well put. Would you publish this for more people to read by submitting it to the paper?


As to the origin of the virus, the swine flu was aptly named. Should this virus be called the Batistan flu?

john brown

Did hunter biden run for office? you tRumpsters can not see the irony of you bringing up hunter when beavis and butthead tRump, princess ivanka her unic jared have traveled the world grifting on behalf of wannabe dictator tRump...oh the irony of it

Doc Samson


Bernie Mac

Problem - If an employer is presented with an I9 form and legal identification, why should he be fined if the ID is fake and the government does not verify the I9? It has been my experience that the government drops the ball on I9 verification.


Where are you going with this?

Bernie Mac

If you read Conservatives post you will notice that he suggests fining employers for hiring illegals.


I know goats understand very little about the concept of employment, so I will attempt to use smaller words...

People who hire illegal immigrants will mostly fall into two categories: paying them under the table or not knowing their visas expired.


Well Done, Ms. Morris!!

Spock Here


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