I am impressed with how unimpressive Glenn Youngkin is.

I will start with what I think he has going for him, namely his faith. I truly believe character is more important than policy when it comes to being a leader, and for the most part, I believe men and women of faith are more likely to have the kind of character I look for in a leader. Many people today brush aside millennia of wise teaching on how we should interact with each other in a community. The Bible repeatedly advocates justice for all, including the unborn.

That being said, Youngkin has not distanced himself from former President Trump. If there ever were a president who lacked character, Trump is the one. I don’t know why Youngkin has not pushed Trump aside. Whether for political reasons or failure of common sense, it is wrong in my opinion. Either way, if Youngkin wants to be my candidate, he will relegate Trump to a sideline comical — but still dangerous — voice.

I am an evangelical Christian and I will never, ever vote for someone who keeps ties with the most ignorant, obnoxious, consciously lying, egocentric president in my lifetime. Nixon doesn’t hold a candle to Trump.

I also cannot understand the lack of humility that Youngkin has for the medical profession in our warnings and recommendations regarding COVID-19. We as medical professionals do not have any reason at all to not believe what our infectious disease experts say. Is 700,000-plus American deaths, and the fact that delta virus is still active, not enough to silence those with their very small knowledge base and their very small compassion base like Youngkin. It is very possible that hundreds of thousands of lives would have been spared death from COVID-19 if people had listened to knowledgeable leaders — leaders unlike Youngkin. This is especially distressing since Youngkin is pro-life. I am radically pro-life, but not just on the issue of abortion — also on reaching out to children in homes in demoralizing conflict; women who are victims of domestic violence; the demeaning racism that is still very prominent in modern America; the marginalized would-be immigrants on our southern border who want a better life, not mainly for themselves, but for their children.

The God of the Old and New Testament has a very big heart for the oppressed, the marginalized, the alien and the poor. I am a follower of that God. Well-respected conservatives, like George Will, say that immigration at our southern border will improve our economy. Even if it didn’t, I would open the border widely with efficient, effective vetting. I would not want to allow the 1 or 2% of drug dealers into our country, but I would not want to deny the 98 or 99% of desperate immigrants who will be hard-working and grow our economy. I am not xenophobic like Trump seems to be. Hopefully, Youngkin is not either.

Dr. Andrew White is a resident of Winchester.

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Glen Youngkin says: NO to teaching our children about racism; NO to protecting children from weapons of mass shootings; NO to protecting children from Covid 19 vaccination. Youngkin idolizes Trump who represents so much of why he is running. We rejected Trump, a narcissitic pathological liar. Why would we want to elect a governor who emulates Trump. We don't need our state governed by the minority Republican Party who believe they are the supreme beings.

Doc Samson

Wow, now THAT'S independent thinking right there! Independent from facts and logic, I guess... [lol]

john brown

One thing we all know about youngkin.... honesty and integrity mean absolutely nothing to him....but can be said about every card carrying tRump republican

john brown

youngkin, like his mentor tRump, are poor little rich kids born on home plate and will swear to you they hit a home run. youngkin and tRump are white privilege on steroids. Oh, to be white and privileged in tRumpsavania

VOTE BLUE! done the ballot.

Catherine Giovannoni

Dr. White is correct to be concerned about Glenn Youngkin's ties to former-president Trump. Just last night, at a rally led by Trump-advisor Steve Bannon, Donald Trump AGAIN endorsed Mr. Youngkin. At that rally, attendees pledged allegiance to a flag flown at the deadly,, cop-killing, January 6th insurrection. Fascist symbolism clear enough for you? Glenn Youngkin says that Trump is why he's running and that he's honored to have Trump's support. We need to show America that Virginia rejects Trumpism. Please vote for for McAuliffe, Ayala, Herring, and local Democrats.

Old Western Man

[rolleyes] such drama [yawn]

Prog hate for the National Anthem, Pledge of Allegiance, and American flag... well all American flags, is well documented. No need for you to assert your contempt, it is a defining ideological trait.

john brown



Trump, Trump, Trump...notice that while the liberals try to link all GOP candidates to the 45th president, while at the same time distancing themselves by as much distance as possible from Joe Biden. Terry McAuliffe was even caught on a Zoom call with big dollar liberal donors telling them that they need 'to distance themselves from Biden, because he is unpopular in VA'

Catherine and her far left liberal trolls will continue to promote the January 6th 'insurrection' by a couple of hundred maniacs, while not mentioning her party's summer of love insurrection that caused billions of dollars in damage, ruined many small businesses and were super spreader COVID events.

The liberal hypocrisy here is very obvious and honestly quite telling of liberals only desire to hold power over the little people, while doing nothing to help the middle class.

Inflation is at a 30 year high

Illegal immigration is at an all time high

Democrats with a super majority cannot pass Biden's signature legislation

Biden miserable failed in the Afghanistan withdrawal and left Americans stranded

Democrat inaction has caused severe supply chain issues

Joe and Hunter Biden shared a financial account to accept and spend foreign funds

In 9 month the Biden Administration has failed miserably with their COVID message

Let's end the liberal destruction of American and vote for Glen Youngkin, Winsome Sears, Jason Miyares and anyone but local Democrats!!

Mr Incredible

Wow, did you really just say that saying the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag is fascist? Apparently, the TDS and biden's continued failure of a presidency is too much for your psyche. Seek help.

Doc Samson

Oh, dear! You... you really believe this stuff, don't you? With you and yours, it's like a real time descent into full-blown TDS ala BlackHorseFace and ol' jb! Fascinating. [thumbup]

Old Western Man

Well Dr., I'm guessing it is the 74M votes in 2020 and the continuous enthusiastic support of a burgeoning 2024 campaign despite institutionalized slander and libel, is why Republican politicians aren't so quick to abandon Trump.

Fess up Doc, you were never going to vote Republican. You just wanted to plant your dissembling "concerns" in what appears to be a tight gubernatorial election. Guilt by association doesn't seem to be a very credible Christian strategy. JS

Evidently though, your compassionate evangelical soul is just fine with the recent years in Virginia of burning, looting, and murdering from political brownshirts sanctioned by elected Democrats; infringements upon one's individual rights by elected would-be fascists and eugenicists, forced church and business closures, pandemic mandates of your person, school systems indoctrinating your children with racist theories and sexually explicit grooming materials, disparaging and defunding law enforcement, and unvetted early release of violent criminals, etc.; but you do you and take solace with your part in sustaining such Democrat acts of virtue by campaigning against someone who isn't even on the ballot. (smh)

john brown

"why Republican politicians aren't so quick to abandon Trump" ... no it's they are dirt bags like tRump. Face it, at this point we all know who and what tRump is. If you still support the pathological lying traitor tRump, it is more a reflection of who and what you are.

Mr Incredible

"Unimpressive"? Good. Unimpressive people probably won't try to insert the government into everyone's lives day after day after day. Unimpressive people probably won't try gun grabs or force legislation to allow abortion until birth, nor shut down your businesses and force you to take the government cheese over a virus that has a 98% survival rate. "Unimpressive" people don't tell the State Police to stand down while democrats riot. "Unimpressive" people don't allow confused boys into the girls locker rooms " Unimpressive"? I prefer the term "normal". It's way past time to get away from the democrats, and get back to normal.

john brown

It's a scary place you live mr unreliable.... very scary

Doc Samson

Yes, it's called "reality" and useful idiots like you have made it scary indeed... [beam][lol]

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