Millions of American boys, along with millions of others worldwide, became better men because of the Boy Scouts. For them, the more than century-old organization helped build character and taught valuable skills.

But more than 12,000 boys in the scouts became victims of the adults they and their parents trusted. According to the Boy Scouts of America, that is the number of youths who were molested by about 7,800 abusers within the organization.

Now, the BSA has filed for bankruptcy protection. Why? Because of the enormous amount of money being sought in lawsuits filed by some of the victims of abuse.

BSA officials filed under Chapter 11 bankruptcy law, meaning that the organization can continue to function but may have to sell off assets to pay victims. The amount needed may top $1 billion.

What does all this mean to boys now and in the future, and to their parents and guardians?

One of the victims, Houston resident James Kretschmer, summed it up in a comment to The Associated Press. He said the bankruptcy “is a shame because, at its core and what it was supposed to be, the Boy Scouts is a beautiful organization.”

But, he added, “anything can be corrupted.”

Precisely. Sexual predators are nothing new. But, until recent years, they were brought to justice relatively rarely. Why that was allowed to be so is a question older Americans need to ask themselves.

In fact, organizations with the most lofty of motives — think the Roman Catholic church and public schools, as well as the Boy Scouts — sometimes are viewed by predators as the best places to find victims.

What needs to be remembered, however, is that institutions seeking to build character and knowledge are engaged in wonderful work. They are too valuable to be cast aside because of a few rotten apples.

Nevertheless, parents and guardians of youngsters involved in activities such as scouting must be ever-vigilant to spot, expose and punish those rotten apples.

Scouting will recover — we hope. It or something very like it can do great things for many young people. A few thousand evil predators should not be allowed to prevent that.

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Liberals have to make up excuses for anything that doesn't fit their template of social experimentation.


Scouting will never recover. Once the malignancy of sexual perversion metastasized through its ranks after being "accepted" by the national leadership, the very Judeo-Christian principles upon which scouting had been founded were now unable to be celebrated because the long assumed trust that an all-male organization could function without any concerns of sexual abuse was forever obliterated.


San Francisco values destroys yet another institution. The writing was on the wall when the courts played legislature and forced the Boy Scouts to admit the godless and abhorrent. The Protestant churches did the same. Slow steps led to complete ruin in the churches today. For when you allow one behaviour to be suddenly thought normal upon what can you deny all others. Girl scouts are in ruin too. THey got massive overhead in pensions and other court cases so theyve sold off many land endowments to pay for this. And now you see with commercials they are nothing but a left wing activist group that makes children pawns in failed leftist ideology. Thunberg comes to mind. Sad. We were warned when they denied these activist elements decades ago. Now we see the fruit. Cheers


Yes, please let us know how you can tell when someone’s gay or has pedophilic tendencies which happen in both homosexual and heterosexual people


Does it bother you to label a ped0 hetero- or h0m0-? I bet it does. For virtually Every catholic m0lestation case was h0m0sexual based. As are the boy scouts. It isnt den mothers doing these abominations.


There is evil in this world and it lurks in dark corners. It should be exposed and shunned. Scouting is not the only group preyed upon. I recall with great fondness the fellow scouts and their Dads, the growth in kindness, skills, and maturity that was inherent in this great organization. Yes, it is sad that a few rotten humans threaten to bring down this iconic group that produced so many fine young men, but to demonize the Boy Scouts of America is, like so many knee-jerk reactions, just plain wrong.


Boy scouts long ago lost their soul. The mormons recently capitulated too with agreeing to allow h0m0sexuality if the h0m0sexuals would help to attack anti mormonism.


But it wasn’t JUST the predators. I was the managers, their supervisors who knew of them and did nothing, or overlooked it, or transferred the predators to another location! They are just as a guilty as the actual abusers. This is true for the Boy Scouts and the Christian churches (not just the Catholics). There was a moral, cultural flaw at the heart of all of this: male supremacy, male sexuality, male authoritarianism.


Homosexual males preyed on boys. Never should have allowed them into the BSA.


Please share with us your ability to identify gay males by looking at them.


I can. But before I want you to tell me what determines gender if not for genitalia?




WHy are you leaving out that its male h0m0sexuals doing this? Its not girls being m0lested.

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